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Early promotional artwork of Final Fantasy Type-Next, featuring Ace and the city of Hong Kong.

Final Fantasy Type-Next is the codename for a potential new entry in the Type series, next to Final Fantasy Type-0. Director Hajime Tabata had expressed his hope for creating this project, but it was never confirmed as being in production. Tabata revealed artworks for the project during the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD launch event in Hong Kong on March 19, 2015. There has been no further news,[1] and Hajime Tabata left Square Enix 31st October 2018.


The game appears to have its based settings heavily inspired by feudal Japanese cultures. It is currently unknown if it will be a direct sequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 or not, but the poster boy of the game appears to resemble Ace, as he also appears in the secret movie "Rise from the Ashes" in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. As well as wearing clothing highly reminiscent of Ancient Japan, the man has a stylistic device on his back similar to a tenne, a flowing wrapped scarf that floats its body behind one in an overhead arch, that in Japanese Buddhist art, like a halo, wings, or even the similar velificatio, represents a human being or similar being having transcended into a divine plane of existence, and those of such transcendence becoming known as tenbu, who task themselves with upholding and spreading Buddhist dharma. The tails of the Vermilion Bird made of fires also visible on the man's back.

It's worth noting the images with Hong Kong in the background were created for the event and have nothing to do with the game's concept and setting.


Rumors of a a sequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 began prior to its release, when Square Enix trademarked titles such as Final Fantasy Type-1 and Final Fantasy Type-2. This movement was interpreted as a security measure.[2] Development on a sequel to Final Fantasy Type-0 began in 2011, after the release of the original. Its initial form was an experimental project for eighth-generation consoles, but development was soon scrapped when the production team for Final Fantasy Type-0 was transferred to work on Final Fantasy XV. The work done for the project was used as experience for the team while working with the DirectX 11-based engine technology of Final Fantasy XV.[3][1]

In 2014, during the run-up to the release of Type-0 HD, Tabata commented that he would like to work on Final Fantasy Type-1 after finishing work on Final Fantasy XV, and later explained the conceptual Type series as a means of publishing Final Fantasy games too experimental for the main series. He hoped to continue with the Type series if Final Fantasy Type-0 HD was commercially successful.[4][5] A special post-credits scene included with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD hinted at a sequel, but it was not confirmed that production had begun despite the team's wish to do so. During an event in Hong Kong to promote Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, specially-created concept art was shown, further teasing a future project.[1] The secret movie was created by Visual Works, Square Enix's dedicated CGI department. It was created using the company's latest dedicated motion capture technology.[6]


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