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This page lists the version differences between various releases of Final Fantasy Type-0.

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit


  • Japanese release on October 27th, 2011.

Version differencesEdit

Final Fantasy Type-0 HDEdit


  • North American release on March 17th, 2015.
  • Japanese release on March 19th, 2015.
  • European release on March 20th, 2015.

Version differencesEdit

PlayStation 4 and Xbox OneEdit

Type 0 Ace

Ace in the "Rise from Ashes" teaser, exclusive to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

  • Remastering in high definition for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
  • Increased blood levels.
  • Multiplayer functions are omitted. Connectivity with the Square Enix Members site, which was an avenue to obtain multiplayer-exclusive rewards via Internet connection in the PSP version, is also omitted. Achievements and rewards exclusive to multiplayer mode have been modified to be available in single-player mode.
  • Four difficulty modes are added—Cadet (Novice), Officer (Intermediate), Agito (Advanced), and Finis (Expert).
  • Inclusion of dual audio tracks in Japanese and English.
  • Inclusion of a teaser, "Rise from Ashes", that reflects a concept for a possible sequel.
  • Inclusion of a new alternate costume for the playable characters.
  • Improved battle speed and controls for the playable characters.
  • Remastered soundtrack for the HD version. "Choosing How to Die" has vocals added. An English version of "Colorful - Falling in Love" and a new vocal theme song, "Utakata", were also recorded.
  • Achievements and trophies for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.
  • RTS missions are replayable from the title screen.
  • Modified controls for console controllers:
    • The camera and toggling between lock-on targets are controlled by the right analog stick, while it was controlled by the D-pad on the PSP.
    • Sheathing and bringing out a character's weapon only requires the left shoulder button, without the right shoulder button as done on the PSP.
    • The sub-commands only require tapping their respective D-pad buttons, while on the PSP, they were controlled by holding the left shoulder button and tapping a respective face button. The "Use Item" action, which was assigned to Select on the PSP, is also added to the D-pad.
    • The "Harvest Phantoma" action is assigned to the button assigned for normal attacks, instead of any of the three non-canceling buttons on the PSP.
  • Improved sound effects, such as footsteps, gunshots, and when navigating through menus. The flute melody for Deuce's normal attack has also been changed.
  • Kazusa's swimsuit model and Emina's lingerie model were removed from Historical Personae.
  • Scenes that happen during lectures are not voiced.
  • Player Data Summary no longer briefly displays when entering an area.
  • Ultima, Triad Maneuvers, the Vermilion Bird spell, and Eidolon attacks can all passively break the damage limit.
  • On Xbox One, the current signed-in profile is shown on the bottom left in the title screen.
    • Pressing Y will change profiles.

Patch updatesEdit

Version 1.01Edit
  • Reduced motion blur effect.
  • Improved camera control while moving.
  • Fixed various other issues.

Microsoft Windows (Steam)Edit

  • Upgraded graphics resolution options for high end PCs.
  • Improved in-game battle camera.
  • Steam achievements and trading cards.
  • Scalable motion blur settings.
  • New character speed boost. The player can press L3 button/left stick to adjust character movement speed (normal, fast, and fastest).
  • Customizable dynamic screenshot mode.
  • Pause menu actually pauses the game.
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