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The following is a list of statuses in Final Fantasy Type-0.

The game divides status effects into two types: positive and negative. All negative statuses can be cured by Esuna and items unless stated otherwise.

List of negative statuses[]


The target is set on fire, taking 1/8th of their HP in damage every five seconds with a recoil effect.


The target is electrocuted, taking 1/128th total HP damage every two seconds with a recoil effect.


The target is frozen, rendering them unable to move or act until Freeze wears off.


The target loses HP over time, drained by 7.5 per second. The Regen status in cancelled. When Poison is inflicted on a target already Poisoned, the duration will be reset.


Exclusive to party members. The target is unable to use spells or Eidolons during its duration.


Exclusive to enemies. The target is unable to move or take action, and the damage they take increases. As soon as the victim crouches, Killsight or Breaksight will be displayed and damage inflicted doubled.


The target is unable to move or take action. While stopped, automatic HP recovery will not function, nor will extended effects of other negative status effects such as Burn. Haste is cancelled.


Exclusive to Gilgamesh in Chapter 6, it is purely cosmetic.

Attribute Resistance Down[]

Exclusive to enemies. The target's resistance to a type of damage is lowered. This can be lowered further if another status effect reducing resistance is inflicted.


Distinct from the gameplay mechanic itself. Any attack against the target will trigger Killsight as though a properly timed attack was used, variably dealing heavy damage or instantly KO'ing them, depending on their current HP. Party members will always be KOed. It can be cured with Esuna, but not via items. Queen's uniquely applied Killsight cannot be cured or prevented, but Eight's can be avoided by equipping an appropriate accessory.


Exclusive to party members. The target has no HP left and must be revived before they fade from the battlefield after about 15 seconds. Only Raise, phoenix downs, or Reraise can restore them from this status. Entering a town from the world map revives everyone, and is the only way to do so if they are removed from the battlefield.

List of positive statuses[]


Physical damage is halved, and characters will not fall or recoil from attacks. Stun value will not increase, and critical strikes will not be taken.


Exclusive to party members. Target will not fall or recoil from attacks.


Exclusive to some enemies. Damage from spells is negated.


Exclusive to party members. The character cannot be targeted by enemies, but can still take damage. Wears off when struck by an attack.


The target recovers HP over time, at a rate of 0.56% max HP per second. Poison status is cured.


Exclusive to party members. The target will automatically be revived at full HP when killed, also granting Invincibility for several seconds.


The target takes no damage, and will not fall or recoil. Any statuses that can be cured by Esuna are still curable.


Exclusive to party members. The target's physical attacks inflict double damage.


Exclusive to party members. The target's spells inflict double damage.


Exclusive to party members. Casting time for magic is halved.


Exclusive to party members. MP costs are negated.


Exclusive to party members. Greatly increases movement speed. Stop status is cured.


Exclusive to party members. At the start of missions, random party members may be highlighted yellow. These characters will have the Primed buff all throughout the mission, which simulates the effects of Aura, Trance, and Protect (except immunity to recoil), but the buffs can't be stacked. Primed is lost upon being KOed.


Exclusive to enemies. It bestows the same effects as at least one of Aura, Haste and Endure. The effects triggered vary depending on the enemy. Once the status ends, the Killsight status will be triggered for six seconds. Enemies that ambush the party can start with Rage status. On Finis difficulty, nearly all enemies are permanently enraged.