Final Fantasy Type-0 Kōshiki Settei Shiryōshū Aku no Hishi is an art book for Final Fantasy Type-0. It was published on February 23, 2012. In addition to artwork, it also features a timeline of events in the world, and some developer interviews.

The chapter and subchapter names feature English and Japanese names. Its English names are based on the official localization but notably uses the Japanese names for the Four Symbols (e.g. "Genbu" instead of "Black Tortoise").

The Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Collector's Edition Art Book is an 80-page English art book partially based on this art book, featuring fewer but many of the same artworks. It was released with the North American and European Collector's Editions of the game.

Contents[edit | edit source]

Artworks[edit | edit source]

(アートワークス, Ātowākusu?), p.004

This section features promo and concept art from Final Fantasy Type-0. Various staff comments are featured alongside the artwork. Some artworks are marked 未採用 (misaiyō?, lit. not accepted) for unused concepts (marked below as "unused"), 初期稿 (shoki kō?, lit. early draft) for early concept (marked below as "early").

The section ends with an interview of the Art Team: Yusuke Naora, Yusaku Nakaaki, and Kazuyuki Ikumori.

Visual[edit | edit source]

(ビジュアル, Bijuaru?), p.006
Key Visual[edit | edit source]
(キービジュアル, Kī Bijuaru?), p.006
Image Illust[edit | edit source]
(イメージイラスト, Imēji Irasuto?, lit. Image Illustration), p.014

Character[edit | edit source]

(キャラクター, Kyarakutā?), p.026

The character titles are written in Japanese in the book, but for brevity have been listed by their localized names in the below section. Most characters have a final concept titled 決定稿 (Ketteikō?), which are labeled below as "Finalized Draft", and a CG render titled CG.

Class Zero[edit | edit source]
(クラスゼロ, Kurasu Zero?), p.026

Each character has a primary render, and a second render titled 臨戦態勢 (Rinsen Taisei?), which are labeled below as "Battle Stance".

Suzaku[edit | edit source]
(朱雀, Suzaku?), p.040
Byakko[edit | edit source]
(白虎, Byakko?), p.072
Soryu[edit | edit source]
(蒼龍, Sōryū?), p.084
Genbu[edit | edit source]
(玄武, Genbu?), p.094
Strangers[edit | edit source]
(謎の存在, Nazo no Sonzai?, lit. Mysterious Beings), p.098
Eidolon[edit | edit source]
(軍神, Gunshin?), p.104

Enemy[edit | edit source]

(エネミー, Enemī?), p.114

World Map[edit | edit source]

(世界地図, Sekai Chizu?), p.132

Back Ground[edit | edit source]

(背景, Haikei?), p.134