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Support abilities (サポートアビリティ, Sapo-to Abiriti?) in Final Fantasy Tactics are learned via Job Points. Each character can equip one support ability. Support abilities usually only let a character equip things that their current job will not allow, though they do provide abilities that can protect them in certain circumstances, as well as provide some stat boosts.

Support abilities[]

Name Description JP Cost Job
Equip Axes Equip axes, regardless of job. 170 Squire and special jobs
Beastmaster Adds an ability to all monsters in neighboring tiles with an elevation difference of 3h or less. 200
Defend Defend oneself against an attack. Adds the Defend command. 50
JP Boost Increase the amount of JP earned in battle. 200
Throw Items Throw items within an increased radius, even if not a Chemist. 350 Chemist
Safeguard Prevent equipment from being destroyed or stolen. 250
Reequip Change equipment mid-battle. Adds the Reequip command. 0
Equip Heavy Armor Equip helms and armor, regardless of Job. 500 Knight
Equip Shields Equip shields, regardless of Job. 250
Equip Swords Equip swords, regardless of Job. 400
Equip Crossbows Equip crossbows, regardless of job. 350 Archer
Concentration Make attacks unblockable. If an enemy is in the targeted tile, it will always be a hit. 400
Arcane Defense Take less damage from magickal attacks. 400 White Mage
Arcane Strength Inflict greater damage with magickal attacks. 400 Black Mage
Barehanded Deliver more powerful unarmed attacks, even if not a monk. 200 Monk
Poach Deliver slain monsters' remains to a poachers' den. 200 Thief
Defense Boost Take less damage from physical attacks. 400 Mystic
Swiftness Shorten charge time. 1000 Time Mage
Attack Boost Inflict greater damage with physical attacks. 400 Geomancer
Equip Polearms Equip polearms, regardless of job. 400 Dragoon
Equip Guns Equip guns, regardless of job. 800 Orator
Tame Force a critically wounded enemy/monster to become an ally. 500
Beast Tongue Gain the ability to use Speechcraft against monsters, even if not an Orator. 100
Halve MP Reduce MP consumption by half when using magicks. 1000 Summoner
Equip Katana Equip katana, regardless of job. 400 Samurai
Doublehand Wield a weapon with both hands, increasing its destructive power. 900
Dual Wield Wield a weapon in each hand, attacking twice each turn, even if not a ninja. 1000 Ninja
EXP Boost Earn more EXP for the same actions. 350 Arithmetician
HP Boost Increase maximum HP by 20 percent. 2000 Dark Knight
Vehemence Increase attack power by 50 percent and decrease defensive power by 50 percent. 400

Dummied content[]

CT 0 is a dummied ability that still has a JP cost assigned to it. Its effect while equipped removes the charge time from every abilities. No units make use of the ability, and it appears more to be a debug tool than an ability intended to be in the game.

Name Description JP Cost Job
CT 0 Reduce charge time to zero. 3000 Dummied