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The following is a list of statuses from Final Fantasy Tactics.

List of statusesEdit

Status effects are divided into the following categories found within the status effects tutorial on the Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions: Action States (results of action), Beneficial Effects, Status Ailments, Physical States (due to HP loss), and Other (can be beneficial or detrimental). The player can learn how the various status effects can be removed. They can also check the help messages for abilities, items, and the status effects themselves.

Action statesEdit


The unit is readying an ability. Initiating another action will disrupt the effect.
—Description (PSP)

The "afflicted" unit is preparing to execute an ability, such as a magick or Aim. A unit that is charging an attack cannot evade attacks. A unit physically attacking a unit with Charging has their physical attack increased by 50%, increasing the damage dealt and the accuracy of skills which factor in physical attack (suck as Arts of War skills).


The unit is reciting poetry or dancing.
—Description (PSP)

The unit is continuously singing or dancing. A unit that is performing cannot evade attacks. The only way to end performing is to manually cancel the ability on the affected unit's next Active Turn.


The unit has assumed a defensive stance, enabling it to respond quickly to attacks.
—Description (PSP)

The unit has taken a defensive posture, doubling their evasion stats. This status lasts until they take another turn.


A unit who has selected the Dragoon's "Jump" ability will leap high upwards, going offscreen, and cannot be targeted while in this condition. The unit will return to the field later in a given turn, landing in the tile they targeted.

Beneficial effectsEdit


The unit floats above the ground, and can move unhindered over water.
—Description (PSP)

Units with Float are positioned 1h above the ground, and are unaffected by move penalties. They are also immune to earth-elemental attacks. Once applied, Float does not wear off, whether applied through Time Magick or passively added with the movement ability or an accessory.


The unit enjoys the grace of the gods, and should it be KO'd, will rise again on its next Active Turn.
—Description (PSP)

When a unit with Reraise gains 100 CT and gets KO'd, rather than have their death counter decreased by 1, they will instead revive with 10% of their maximum HP (rounded up) and take their turn as normal, removing Reraise. Reraise does not naturally wear off outside of the affected unit being revived.


The unit can move without being detected. Initiating an action will remove the effect, as will the mystic's Harmony ability.
—Description (PSP)

If a unit with Invisible attacks another unit, all of the target unit's evasion stats are ignored, whether the performed action is physical or magical in nature. In addition, units with Invisible are ignored by the AI. Invisible is removed whenever the affected unit performs an action or is attacked.


The unit enjoys the grace of the gods, steadily recovering HP.
—Description (PSP)

At the end of each of their turns, a unit with Regen recovers one-eighth of their maximum HP. It lasts for 32 clock ticks.


The unit enjoys heightened resistance to melee attacks.
—Description (PSP)

A unit physically attacking another unit with Protect has their effective physical attack reduced by one-third. This not only reduces the damage dealt by most physical attacks, it also decreases the chance of skills like Arts of War connecting. It lasts for 32 clock ticks.


The unit enjoys heightened resistance to magick attacks.
—Description (PSP)

A unit magickally attacking another unit with Shell has their effective magickal attack reduced by one-third. This affects the damage of most attack spells, as well as the accuracy of status spells and percentage damage attack. It lasts for 32 clock ticks.


The unit's actions are hastened, increasing its Speed.
—Description (PSP)

The unit gains 50% more CT each clock tick. This does not directly affect the unit's Speed. It lasts for 32 clock ticks.

Status ailmentsEdit


The unit has fallen into a deep sleep and will miss its Active Turn. Remove with Remedy, Esuna or by dealing damage.
—Description (PSP)

Units afflicted with sleep will not gain CT, evade, or be able to use their reaction abilities. They also are completely immune to Speechcraft. A unit attacking another unit afflicted with sleep will have their physical attack raised by 50%. A sleeping unit wakes up whenever they take any type of HP damage, magickal or physical.


Poison courses through the unit's body, steadily reducing its HP. Remove with Antidote, Remedy, or Esuna.
—Description (PSP)

A unit inflicted with Poison glows green. At the end of their turn, they take damage equal to 1/8 of their maximum HP. Poison lasts for 36 ticks.


Darkness clouds the unit's sight, rendering it blind. Remove with Eye Drops, Remedy, or Esuna.
—Description (PSP)

If a blind unit uses a physical attack against a target, all of their evade rates will be doubled.


A film of oil coats the unit, increasing vulnerability to fire. Remove with Remedy.
—Description (PSP)

A unit afflicted with Oil becomes weak to fire attacks, doubling the damage they take. After any fire attack hits the affected unit, it is removed; otherwise, Oil is infinite in duration.

Due to a glitch, Oil doesn't work in the original version. This was fixed in the remake.


The unit has been turned to stone and cannot move or act. Remove with Golden Needle, Remedy, or Esuna.
—Description (PSP)

Stone causes a target to stop moving. The target's CT does not increment, and the target cannot do anything or take damage. Additionally if all characters are turned to Stone, the game is over.

Guest characters are immune to Stone. This prevents players from turning those Guests who require escort to stone in order to "protect" them from enemy attack.


The unit cannot tell friend from foe, attacking indiscriminately. Remove with Remedy, Esuna, or by dealing damage.
—Description (PSP)

Confused characters are shown randomly flailing their arms. They will take random actions, some of which make no sense (such as commence an action on an empty space); there are cases where these random acts come at a player's chagrin (like a Ninja's Throw Knight Sword command or a Chemist throwing away an Elixir).

Evasion percentages of targets attacked by a Confused unit will be doubled. Confusion also prevents the use of reaction abilities and special effect-generating move abilities like Move-HP Up and Move-Get Exp. Confusion will be cancelled if the afflicted character takes damage.


The unit's voice is lost, preventing the casting of magicks. Remove with Echo Herbs, Remedy, or Esuna.
—Description (PSP)
FFT Silence Status Symbol

A character inflicted with Silence has a balloon with "..." above their head.

The character cannot use White Magick, Black Magick, Time Magick, Mystic Arts, Summon, Speechcraft, Sky Mantra, Nether Mantra, Bio, or Ultima.

Sing is not disabled by Silence, nor are any of the Templar's Spellblade attacks.


The unit has been cursed and turned into a toad, limiting available actions and reducing strength. Remove with Maiden's Kiss, Remedy, Toad or Esuna.
—Description (PSP)

Frog status limit the unit's action to Attack command only and no reaction ability will be activated. When a unit is under Frog status attacks, it deals damage equal to [PA * Br/100]. Attacking a Frog will receive 1.5 times Physical Attack bonus. But weapon attacks that normally have a vertical 3 tolerance when attacking from above will only have a vertical 2 tolerance if the target is a frog. Berserk status has no effect on frogs' attack damage.


The unit's actions are slowed, reducing its Speed.
—Description (PSP)

When a character is inflicted with Slow their sprite moves more slowly. The character's effective speed is halved (round down). Slow lasts for 32 ticks.


The unit is frozen in time and will miss its Active Turn. Remove with Choco Esuna.
—Description (PSP)

When inflicted with Stop a character stops moving. It freezes the character's CT meter. Stopped characters cannot evade or use reaction abilities, including Blade Grasp and Abandon. Stop will wear off on its own after 20 ticks, and it can be removed with Choco Esuna.

KO does not remove this status automatically. The status will sustain forever until actively healed.


The unit is unable to move, though it can still act. Remove with Esuna.
—Description (PSP)

Immobilize is caused by the Time Magick spell of the same name. While under the status, the unit cannot move, and at the end of an AT, a unit will have its CT decremented as if the unit had moved.


The unit is unable to act, though it can still move. Remove with Esuna.
—Description (PSP)

Disable makes a unit unable to act, evade, or use reaction abilities, including Blade Grasp and Abandon. At the end of an AT, a unit with Don't Act will have his CT decremented as if he had acted. It can be cured by Choco Esuna, Esuna, Remedy, Purification and Dragon's Gift. Disable lasts for 24 ticks.


The hour of the unit's death draws near. When the count reaches 0, the unit is KO'd.
—Description (PSP)

When Doomed, a red counting bubble starting at three will appear upon the unit, same counter that appears when the unit is KO'd; the unit will be KO'd when reached the fourth active turn. Doom status can be negated by Reraise or equipment which protects from instant death when the doom counter reaches zero. If the unit is undead and the counter reaches zero, the Doom effect instead is lifted. In all these cases the unit will lose its turn when the effect is lifted.


The unit wanders in search of blood, its flesh decaying. Remove with Holy Water.
—Description (PSP)

A unit Vampire under the status can only use the attack Vampire and will automatically use it to any enemy. All evade percentages will drop to 0, and the character will be unable to use reaction abilities and certain movement abilities like Lifefont and Accrue EXP. Monsters are immune to Vampire. If there is no enemy but ally within the Vampire units' moving range, they will go for the ally instead. If all members of Ramza's party are afflicted by Vampire, the game is over.


The unit is a living corpse. Healing effects deal damage instead. Remove with Holy Water.
—Description (PSP)

HP cannot be restored by normal means.


The unit's Bravery has fallen extremely low, turning it into a chicken.
—Description (PSP)

Chicken occurs when a character's Bravery is below 10. The character literally turns into a chicken, and runs away from all units, each turn restores its Bravery by 1. The status is removed when the Bravery stat is above 10. Characters attacking a chicken will receive a Physical Attack bonus (new PA = [PA * 3/2]).

Weapon attacks that normally have a vertical 3 tolerance when attacking from above will only have a vertical 2 tolerance if the target is a Chicken.


The unit is spellbound and has joined the enemy ranks. Damage inflicted will disrupt the effect.
—Description (PSP)

Charm causes a character to perceive enemies as allies, and allies as enemies. For instance, a charmed enemy can cast harmful Summon Magic on other enemies. However, the (original) allies of a charmed unit will not perceive it as an enemy. For example, if one of the player's Summoners becomes charmed, they can cast an offensive summon on the player party while charmed, but other units in the party cannot cast an offensive summon on her. If a unit on team A is charmed by a unit on team B, Mimes on team A will not mimic that unit's actions while she is charmed, but Mimes on team B will. The only effect of charming an allied unit is to put that unit under AI control until Charm is removed.

Charm can only affect units that are of the opposite gender as the caster. Both genders can affect monsters with Charm. Physically attacking the victim clears the status.


The unit has switched sides. The switch will become permanent at the end of the battle.
—Description (PSP)

A Traitor leaves their party and joins the opposing party. When afflicted, the target's portrait will either display Guest if the target joins the player's party, or Enemy if they defect to the enemy's side. Guest targets can be recruited into the party permanently. The AI will never try to invite the player's units, even under Confusion, and even if Invite is the only option possible. Any number of units may be Invited during a battle.

Physical StatesEdit


The unit is severely wounded and near collapse. Remove by restoring HP.
—Description (PSP)

The unit's HP is below 20% of its maximum. Critical doesn't do anything by itself; it simply serves as a visual indicator of the unit's health, and is required to activate "Critical:"-type reaction abilities.


The unit has lost consciousness and cannot act. Remove with Phoenix Down, Raise, or Arise.
—Description (PSP)

A unit is KO'd when their HP reaches 0. While dead, a unit's CT still increases; whenever it reaches 100 and they would gain an active turn, the counter above their head instead drops by 1 (from 3). If they gain an active turn while the counter is at 0, they will either turn into a crystal or become a treasure chest. This count restarts every time the unit is KO'd.


After a unit has been left KO'd for three turns, it may become either a crystal or a treasure chest (with the exception of Ramza; if he is KO'd and three turns pass, it's Game Over). Crystals allow an active unit to either fully restore HP and MP or acquire some of the deceased's abilities upon stepping in its tile. If a unit has reached the crystal status, it is considered dead and may not return. It cannot be targeted.


After a unit has been left KO'd for three turns, it will become either a crystal or a treasure chest (with the exception of Ramza; if he is KO'd and three turns pass, it's Game Over). Treasure chests will grant an item, weapon or piece of equipment to the unit who steps on their tiles.

This status will not occur in monsters who are killed by a unit with the Poacher ability; the poached monster disappears and the player can later buy a new item in the Poacher's Den.

Units who become treasure chests are considered dead and may not return. They cannot be targeted.



The unit's thirst for destruction has been unleashed, rendering it incapable of conscious thought. Remove with Esuna.
—Description (PSP)

A unit with Berserk has their effective physical attack increased by 50%, but cannot be controlled and instead attacks nearby enemies. They cannot use their reaction abilities, as well as certain movement abilities such as Lifefont. This status never naturally wears off.


The unit no longer believes in the gods, dramatically reducing Faith.
—Description (PSP)

The unit's Faith is considered to be at its minimum value. This is a key distinction from actually having 0 Faith, as the Netherseer's Nether Mantra skills will not affect a unit with 0 Faith, despite normally gaining power when targeting a unit with low Faith. It lasts for 32 clock ticks.


The unit is preternaturally devout, raising its Faith. Can be cancelled by the Mystic's Harmony ability.
—Description (PSP)

The unit's Faith is considered to be at its maximum value. This is a key distinction from actually having 100 Faith; the Netherseer's Nether Mantra skills, while normally less powerful the more faith the target has, deal full damage with Faith. It lasts for 32 clock ticks.


The unit is enveloped in a reflective barrier that bounces magicks back at the caster.
—PSP Description.

Magicks marked with ☇ are reflected, with the target tile changing from the target to a tile in the same position as if the target were casting that spell. It lasts for 32 clock ticks.

Dummied statusesEdit

Dark/Evil LookingEdit

This enigmatic status is left unused, it colors the unit in a dark shading and freezes the unit's animation as if it were afflicted by Stop. The afflicted unit can still move and act.


The unit is in a fully defensive stance.
—Description (PSP)

Wall is a dummied out status effect that protects the unit from anything, making all attack's hit rate against the unit 0%. This includes HP and MP restoration, HP and MP damage, status affliction and status healing, along with stats increase or decrease. The status doesn't protect from abilities that costs a small amount of HP each time they are used, such as Squire's Chant and Construct 8's Task skills, etc.


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