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Reaction abilities (リアクションアビリティ, Riakushon Abiritei?) in Final Fantasy Tactics are learned via Job Points. Each character can equip one reaction ability. Except for Parry and Reflexes, which provide passive boosts to evasion, reaction abilities only activate when their trigger condition is met, and the chance for activating depends on the user's Bravery stat in percentage: the braver the unit the higher the chance. Reaction abilities usually provide counterattacks or grant beneficial status effects.

Reaction abilities that involve casting certain status effect spells on the users themselves neither consume MP nor require Charge Time. Trigger depends on amount of Brave; the higher the character's Brave, the more likely it is to trigger. The status effect is not permanent and can be dispelled.

Reaction abilities[]

Name Description Trigger JP Cost Job
Counter Tackle Counterattack with a tackle. Physical Attack 180 Squire
Auto-Potion Use a Potion to restore HP. HP Loss 400 Chemist
Parry Block physical attacks with the equipped weapon. Physical Attack 200 Knight
Adrenaline Rush Increase Speed. HP Loss 900 Archer
Archer's Bane Dodge arrow and bolt attacks. Bow/Crossbow Attack. 450 Archer
Regenerator Receive the blessing of HP regeneration. HP Loss 400 White Mage
Magick Counter Counterattack using the same magick with which the user was attacked. Magick 800 Black Mage
Critical: Recover HP Recover HP when critically wounded. Critical 500 Monk
Counter Counterattack with a physical strike. Physical Attack 300 Monk
First Strike Attack preemptively before being attacked. Physical Attack 1300 Monk
Vigilance Assume a defensive stance. HP Loss 200 Thief
Gil Snapper Receive gil equal to the amount of damage taken. HP Loss 200 Thief
Sticky Fingers Catch thrown items and add them to the party inventory. Throw 200 Thief
Absorb MP Recover MP equal to the amount used by the opponent. Magick 250 Mystic
Critical: Quick Receive an immediate turn when critically wounded. Critical 700 Time Mage
Mana Shield Damage is dealt to MP rather than HP. HP Loss 400 Time Mage
Nature's Wrath Counterattack with a geomancy skill. Physical Attack, Geomancy 300 Geomancer
Dragonheart Recover from KO status.
Effect: Reraise.
Physical Attack 600 Dragoon
Earplug Avoid the effects of Speechcraft. Speechcraft 300 Orator
Critical: Recover MP Recover MP when critically wounded. Critical 400 Summoner
Bonecrusher Deal damage equal to own maximum HP when critically wounded. Critical 200 Samurai
Shirahadori Evade non-ranged physical attacks. Physical Attack (bow and crossbow attacks excluded). Bugged: Bow and crossbow attacks NOT excluded 700 Samurai
Vanish Become transparent. Physical Attack 1000 Ninja
Reflexes Block attacks with greater ease. Physical Attack, Some Magicks 400 Ninja
Cup of Life When HP is restored, distribute any excess among one's allies. HP Restored 200 Arithmetician
Soulbind Split any damage taken with the opponent who inflicted it. HP Loss 300 Arithmetician
Fury Increase physical attack power. HP Loss 550 Dancer
Bravery Boost Increase Bravery. Physical Attack 500 Dancer
Magick Boost Increase magickal attack power. HP Loss 450 Bard
Faith Boost Increase Faith. Magick 500 Bard

Dummied content[]

There is a dummied reaction ability found in the game data that has no effect. Its name and description suggest it would have granted the Reflect status to the unit if it was hit by magick.

Name Description Trigger JP Cost Job
Reflect Conjure a magick-reflecting wall.
Effect: Reflect
Magick 200 Dummied