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Movement abilities (ムーブアビリティ, Mūbu Abiritei?) in Final Fantasy Tactics are learned via Job Points. Each character can equip one movement ability. Movement abilities allow characters to move across battle fields easier than they would usually be able to without them, while some give positive effects simply by moving.

Movement abilities[]

Name Description JP Cost Job
Move +1 Increase Move by 1. 200 Squire
Treasure Hunter Discover items hidden on tiles upon moving to them. 100 Chemist
Jump +1 Increase Jump by 1. 200 Archer
Lifefont Recover HP upon moving. 300 Monk
Move +2 Increase Move by 2. 560 Thief
Jump +2 Increase Jump by 2. 500
Ignore Weather Traverse any marsh, swamp, or poisonous fen unimpeded by weather conditions. 200 Mystic
Manafont Recover MP upon moving. 350
Teleport Warp instantly to destination tiles. May fail when attempting to travel to distant locations. 650 Time Mage
Levitate Move while floating a height of 1h above the ground. 540
Ignore Terrain Move unimpeded through watery terrain. 220 Geomancer
Lava Walking Walk across and even stop on the surface of lava. 150
Ignore Elevation Move to tiles of any height, regardless of Jump attribute. 700 Dragoon
Swim Swim through and even act in deep water. 300 Samurai
Waterwalking Walk across and even stop on the surface of water. 420 Ninja
Accrue EXP Obtain EXP upon moving. 400 Arithmetician
Accrue JP Obtain JP upon moving. 400
Fly Fly over enemies as well as any other obstacles. 5000 Dancer
Jump +3 Increase Jump by 3. 1000 Dancer
Dark Knight
Move +3 Increase Move by 3. 1000 Bard
Dark Knight

Other movement abilities[]

Cannot enter water and Waterbreathing are monster-only abilities that possess JP costs. The skills cannot be set or seen normally by the player unless the player hacks the ability to their units via a Gameshark.

Name Description JP Cost Job
Cannot enter water Unable to enter water. 200 Monsters
Master Teleportation Warp instantly to destination tiles. 0 Elmdore
Waterbreathing Move and stop even when fully submerged in water of depth 3. 200 Mindflayer Family

Dummied content[]

Stealth is a dummied out ability that is unfinished and has no effect. The description suggests it would put the user in Invisible status by default until the unit took action.

Name Description JP Cost Job
Stealth Move while transparent and invisible to the enemy. 800 Dummied