The following is a list of jobs in Final Fantasy Tactics, featuring in both the original PlayStation version, and The War of the Lions remake.

The game also features an Action Ability called Esper that belongs to a Nether Shaman (Hell Magician (PS name)), a job that doesn't exist.

Job tree[edit | edit source]

Original version[edit | edit source]


The War of the Lions version[edit | edit source]


Playable jobs[edit | edit source]

Generic jobs[edit | edit source]

Sprite Original Name WotL Name Original Prerequisites The War of the Lions Prerequisites
FFT-job-squireM.gifFFT-job-squireW.gif Squire
FFT-job-chemistM.gifFFT-job-chemistW.gif Chemist
FFT-job-knightM.gifFFT-job-knightW.gif Knight Squire (Lv.2)
FFT-job-archerM.gifFFT-job-archerW.gif Archer Squire (Lv.2)
FFT-job-whitemageM.gifFFT-job-whitemageW.gif Priest White Mage Chemist (Lv.2)
FFT-job-blackmageM.gifFFT-job-blackmageW.gif Wizard Black Mage Chemist (Lv.2)
FFT-job-monkM.gifFFT-job-monkW.gif Monk Knight (Lv.2) Knight (Lv.3)
FFT-job-thiefM.gifFFT-job-thiefW.gif Thief Archer (Lv.3) Archer (Lv.3)
FFT-job-oracleM.gifFFT-job-oracleW.gif Oracle Mystic Priest (Lv.2) White Mage (Lv.3)
FFT-job-timemageM.gifFFT-job-timemageW.gif Time Mage Wizard (Lv.2) Black Mage (Lv.3)
FFT-job-geomancerM.gifFFT-job-geomancerW.gif Geomancer Monk (Lv.3) Monk (Lv.4)
FFT-job-dragoonM.gifFFT-job-dragoonW.gif Lancer Dragoon Thief (Lv.3) Thief (Lv.4)
FFT-job-mediatorM.gifFFT-job-mediatorW.gif Mediator Orator Oracle (Lv.2) Mystic (Lv.3)
FFT-job-summonerM.gifFFT-job-summonerW.gif Summoner Time Mage (Lv.2) Time Mage (Lv.3)
FFT-job-samuraiM.gifFFT-job-samuraiW.gif Samurai Knight (Lv.3), Monk (Lv.4), Lancer (Lv.2) Knight (Lv.4), Monk (Lv.5), Dragoon (Lv.2)
FFT-job-ninjaM.gifFFT-job-ninjaW.gif Ninja Archer (Lv.3), Thief (Lv.4), Geomancer (Lv.2) Archer (Lv.4), Thief (Lv.5), Geomancer (Lv.2)
FFT-job-calculatorM.gifFFT-job-calculatorW.gif Calculator Arithmetician Priest (Lv.4), Wizard (Lv.4), Time Mage (Lv.3), Oracle (Lv.3) White Mage (Lv.5), Black Mage (Lv.5), Time Mage (Lv.4), Mystic (Lv.4)
FFT-job-dancer.gif Dancer Female Unit, Geomancer (Lv.4), Lancer (Lv.4) Female Unit, Geomancer (Lv.5), Dragoon (Lv.5)
FFT-job-bard.gif Bard Male Unit, Summoner (Lv.4), Mediator (Lv.4) Male Unit, Summoner (Lv.5), Orator (Lv.5)
FFT-job-mimeM.gifFFT-job-mimeW.gif Mime Squire (Lv.8), Chemist (Lv.8), Geomancer (Lv.4), Lancer (Lv.4), Mediator (Lv.4), Summoner (Lv.4) Squire (Lv.8), Chemist (Lv.8), Geomancer (Lv.5), Dragoon (Lv.5), Orator (Lv.5), Summoner (Lv.5)
FFT-job-darkknightM.gifFFT-job-darkknightF.gif Dark Knight*(In the original PlayStation version, this was not a generic job, but rather a special job unique to the guest character, Goffard Gaffgarion. In the The War of the Lions version, however, his job name changed to being a Fell Knight to distinguish it from the generic Dark Knight job.) 20 kills, Knight (Mastered), Black Mage (Mastered), Dragoon (Lv.8), Samurai (Lv.8), Ninja (Lv.8), Geomancer (Lv.8)
FFT-job-onionknightM.gifFFT-job-onionknightF.gif Onion Knight Squire (Lv.6), Chemist (Lv.6)

Special jobs[edit | edit source]

These jobs are available as a controllable character after acquiring them along the storyline's progression or as a sidequest. Their special job replaces the base Squire job. Guests can modify their equipment and abilities in between battle sessions, however, they cannot be controlled, nor can they participate in non-storyline battles. After the character joins the party, they are fully controlled in any battle.

Sprite Original Name WotL (War of the Lions) Name First Available
FFT-Agrias.gif Holy Knight Guest: Beginning of Chapter 2
Joins: Bariaus Valley / Balias Swale (Ch.2)
Mustadio.gif Engineer Machinist Guest: Zaland (Ch.2)
Joins: Goug (Ch.2)
FFTRafa.gif Heaven Knight Skyseer Guest: Yardow (Ch.3)
Joins: Riovanes Castle, Part 3 (Ch.3)
FFTMalak.gif Hell Knight Netherseer Joins: Riovanes Castle, Part 3 (Ch.3)
FFT-Meliadoul.gif Divine Knight Joins: Limberry Castle, Part 3 (Ch.4)
Orlandeu.gif Holy Swordsman Sword Saint Joins: Bethla Sluice / Fort Besselat Sluice (Ch.4)
Beowulf.gif Temple Knight Templar Joins: Sidequest after Lesalia (Ch.4)
Reis.gif Dragoner Dragonkin Joins: Sidequest after Lesalia (Ch.4)
FFT Cloud Sprite.png Soldier Joins: Sidequest after Zarghidas / Sal Ghidos (Ch.4)
FFT-BalSpr.gif Sky Pirate Joins: Sidequest after Bervenia (Ch.4)
FFT-Luso.png Game Hunter Joins: Sidequest after Orbonne Monastery (Ch.3)

Non-playable jobs[edit | edit source]

Guest jobs[edit | edit source]

These jobs are only available as guests to the party. While one can modify their equipment and skills to some extent, they cannot be controlled and only appear during storyline battles. They don't appear during random encounters.

Enemy jobs[edit | edit source]

Other jobs[edit | edit source]

The following jobs are story related jobs used during the cutscenes and serve no purpose in battle as the majority of them possess no action abilities. Curiously, the developers did take time to give them a job description.

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