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The Final Fantasy Tactics Daizen is a guide book for Final Fantasy Tactics for the PlayStation by JK Voice and published by ASCII on August 22, 1997. A revised second edition was published by Enterbrain on October 6, 2000. Often referred to by fans as the "Black Book" (黒本, Kurohon?) in reference to its black binding, the book is infamous in Japan for having various errors, most famous of which incorrectly stating that the Masamune and Genji equipment can be stolen from Messam Elmdore (which was not possible in the Japanese release). Some conjecture this guide is the reason for the move toward the written and published in-house Ultimania series.

One of the other more notable errors is the party roster quote of Frideswide (フランソワ, Furanswa?, lit. Francois), それはね、ヒ・ミ・ツ (Sore wa ne, hi- mi- tsu?, lit. That is a se-cre-t), while the guide claims it is それはね、ヒ・ミ・ツ。えへへ、下着つけるの忘れちゃった! (Sore wa ne, hi- mi- tsu. Ehehe, shitagi tsukeru no wasure chatta!?, lit. That is a se-cre-t. Hehe, I forgot to put on underwear!).

Each of the five main sections of the book are referred to as a "Volume". An English name for the volume is written in the margins of a page, while at the top of a page is the section name.


Volume 1[]

(システム分析編, Shisutemu?), p.006


Black Mage and Time Mage, listed as "Wizard" and "Time Sorcerer".

(ジョブ考察編, Jobu Kōsatsu-hen?), p.048

This section covers each job and their abilities.

Volume 3[]

(バトル攻略編, Batoru Kōryaku-hen?), p.98


(シナリオ解明編, Shinario Kaimei-hen?), p.130

The game covers the four chapters of the story. Each chapter has a map, character relationship diagram of things that go down in the chapter, a flowchart, and guide of the story events.

The English chapter names are not given in the guide.

Chapter 1 The Meager (持たざる者, Motazaru mono?), p.143
Chapter 2 The Manipulative and the Subservient (利用する者される者, Riyō suru mono sareru mono?), p.159
Chapter 3 The Valiant (偽らざる者, Itsuwarazaru mono?), p.177
Chapter 4 In the Name of Love (愛にすべてを, Ai ni Subete o?)


(ランダム&ディープ, Randamu to Dīpu?), p.229

This section covers random battles, Deep Dungeon, and special battles.

Volume 5[]

(データ解析編, Dēta Kaiseki-hen?), p.252

This section covers all Items and Enemies, special enemy units, as well as miscellaneous other things including the Sound Novel.

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