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The following is a list of all statuses found in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

List of statusesEdit


FFTA Addle Status Symbol

Causes the unit to be unable to access A-Abilities.


A unit's critical hit rate is increased.


FFTA Astra Status Symbol

A unit is given a one-time immunity from status-ailment inducing abilities.


FFTA Auto-Life Status Symbol

A unit with this status is automatically revived when their HP falls to zero.


Unit will rush towards and attack whatever enemy unit is closest to it using only the Attack action.


FFTA Blind Status Symbol

Reduces hit chances for actions that target enemies. Can be cured with Esuna or Eye Drops.


FFTA Boost Status Symbol

Increases Physical Attack until the next action is taken.


FFTA Charm Status Symbol

Unit acts as though it is on the opposite team, attacking its own team and healing the opposite. Wears off once the unit takes damage.


Units become invisible.


FFTA Confuse Status Symbol

Unit performs a random action, either against the player's team or the enemy team.


FFTA Control Status Symbol

Usable only by nu mou that have the appropriate Beastmaster A-Ability. Gain control of a monster until the Beastmaster's next turn.


FFTA Cover Status Symbol

Covering unit takes damage for the Covered unit.


FFTA Defend Status Symbol

A unit's physical defense and magic resistance are temporarily increased.


FFTA Disable Status Symbol

Unit can move, but can't use any A-abilities. Some, but not all, R-abilities are also disabled.


FFTA Doom Status Symbol

Delayed instant death. The bubble above the unit will indicate the number of turns left before it is automatically KO'd.

Expert GuardEdit

FFTA Expert Guard Status Symbol

A unit will not take HP or MP damage for one turn.


Turns the unit into a frog, rendering it only capable of using Move, Attack, and Wait commands (no A-Abilities).


Increases the units speed. Shown on the screen by the unit marching faster than the others.


FFTA Hibernate Status Symbol

Inflicts Sleep status on a Defender unit in exchange for being cured of status ailments.


FFTA Immobilize Status Symbol

Renders the unit unable to move, but still allowing it to take Actions. Lasts 3 turns.


Unit is unable to Move or take Actions and is effectively just another obstacle on the field unless revived with the white magic Life or a Phoenix Down.


Reduces unit's Magic Power, making magic less powerful.

MPow UPEdit

Increases unit's Magic Power, making magic more powerful.


Decreases unit's Magic Resistance, making it more susceptible to magic.

MRes UPEdit

Increases unit's Magic Resistance causing magic to be less damaging.


Unit counts as KO'd for the purposes of winning/losing. Petrify affects units similar to KO in that they cannot Move or take Actions, but is cured by Gold Needle.


Unit loses HP every time it is their turn. Cured by Esuna or Antidote.


FFTA Protect Status Symbol

Increases Weapon Defense.


Quicken is slightly different from other status effects in that there is no representation of it on the afflicted unit as Quicken forces the afflicted's turn to come right after the user.


FFTA Reflect Status Symbol

Reflects all magic back at the caster. A similar effect can be gained with the "Return Magic" R-Ability.


FFTA Regen Status Symbol

Unit recovers HP each turn. Effect does not wear off when HP is full.


FFTA Shell Status Symbol

Increases unit's Magic Resistance.


FFTA Silence Status Symbol

Renders the unit unable to use magic A-Abilities. Can be cured with Esuna or Echo Drops.


FFTA Sleep Status Symbol

Puts the unit to sleep, causing it to be unable to Move or take Actions. Anything targeting the unit automatically has 100% accuracy, and any damage the unit takes will wake it up. Healing the unit will not cause it to wake up, however the player could attack its own units to force them awake.


Reduces the unit's speed, making its turns come around less quickly.

Speed DOWNEdit

Reduces the unit's speed, making its turns come around less quickly.


Completely stops the unit, making it unable to Move or Act. Damage will not cause the unit to come back into time.


Reduces Weapon Attack, causing physical attacks to become less damaging.

WAtk UPEdit

Increases Weapon Attack.


Reduces Weapon Defense, making physical attacks more damaging.

WDef UPEdit

Increases Weapon Defense.


Treats the unit as Undead for the purposes of weaknesses and healing. Can be removed via Holy Water.


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