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Below is a list of all the armor that appear in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.



Helmets are sturdy metallic pieces of headgear can be equipped by Soldiers, Paladins, Warriors, Templars, Defenders, Dragoons, and Mog Knights.

Helmet Cost Defense Mag Resis. Special Effect
Bronze Helm
FFTA Bronze Helm.PNG
500 4 2 None
Helm of copper and leather.
Iron Helm
FFTA Iron Helm.PNG
1200 5 3 None
Heavy, but very sturdy iron helmet.
Opal Helm
FFTA Opal Helm.PNG
2500 7 3 None
Formal helm worn in ceremonies.
Cross Helm
FFTA Cross Helm.PNG
0 9 4 None
This helmet is made to cover the whole face.
Diamond Helm
FFTA Diamond Helm.PNG
0 11 5 None
This helmet is pricey but very reliable.
Parade Helm
FFTA Parade Helm.PNG
0 13 4 None
Helm with a large crimson plume. Used in ceremonies.
Hanya Helm
FFTA Hanya Helm.PNG
0 12 8 None
Frightful helm in the shape of a demon.
Bangaa Helm
FFTA Bangaa Helm.PNG
0 16 6 None
Strong and sturdy helmet used by bangaa.
Genji Helm
FFTA Genji Helm.PNG
0 15 6 None
Foreign helm made with exquisite craftsmanship.

Female-only ornament[]

This set consists of delicate ornaments can be equipped only by viera job classes and Ritz Malheur. They tend to neutralize a large number of negative status effects.

Ornament Cost Defense Mag Resis. Special Effect
FFTA Cachusha.png
0 2 5 [Null] KO/Petrify/Confuse/Berserk/Stop/Charm/Sleep
Words of blessing adorn this red women's ornament.
FFTA Barette.png
0 2 5 [Null] Zombie/Dark/Silence/Frog/Poison/Slow/Immobilize/Disable/Doom
Women's hairpin adorned with good luck stones.
FFTA Ribbon.png
0 2 5 [Null] All status ailments
This women's ribbon wards off all ailments.

FFTA Tiara.png

0 8 20 None
Gilt tiara given to the most beautiful of women.


Hats are lightweight headgear that all jobs can equip, except for the Paladin, Dragoon, Defender, and White Monk.

Hat Atk Def Mag Pwr. Mag Rst. Cost Skills (AP)
Feather Cap
FFTA Feather Cap.PNG
0 2 0 4 350 None
Sturdy cap with a long feather.
FFTA Circlet.PNG
0 3 0 3 1800 None
Ornament meant to protect the wearer from harmful magic.
Green Beret
FFTA Green Beret.PNG
2 0 0 2 800 Animist/Archer: Block Arrows (300)
This hat is given to those with a special mission.
FFTA Headband.PNG
5 6 0 2 3000 None
This headband serves to focus the spirit.
Wizard Hat
FFTA Wizard Hat.PNG
0 3 1 10 0 None
This pointed cap is a classic wizard's hat.
Gold Hairpin
FFTA Gold Hairpin.PNG
0 4 2 12 0 None
Effect: [Null] Silence
Hairpin with fine goldwork. Made by a sorceress.
Thief Hat
FFTA Thief Hat.PNG
0 8 0 6 0 None
Effect: [Null] Immobilize /Disable
+7 to Evade
Hat said to have belonged to a notorious thief.
Black Hat
FFTA Black Hat.PNG
0 4 4 16 0 None
Black pointy hat made of magical thread.
White Hat
Cat-Ear Hood.png
0 4 0 14 0 None
White hat with furry ears. Made of magical thread.
Acacia Hat
FFTA Acacia Hat.PNG
0 2 5 2 0 None
Effect: +2 to Speed, +5 to Evade, +1 to Move, +1 to Jump
Odd, light yellow hat that grows with its wearer.


Heavy Armor[]

This type of armor focuses mostly on Defense and can be equipped by the Soldier, Paladin, Warrior, Templar, Dragoon, Defender, and Mog Knight jobs.

Heavy Armor Atk Def Mag Rst. Cost Skills (AP)
FFTA Cuirass.PNG
0 28 2 400 None
Chestplate made of tightly woven fibers.
Bronze Armor
FFTA Bronze Armor.PNG
0 30 6 1000 None
Armor made of intertwined copper plates.
Iron Armor
FFTA Iron Armor.PNG
0 34 3 1500 None
Heavy armor with steel on the chest.
FFTA Platemail.PNG
0 38 3 3000 None
Full-body armor made of metal plates on chainmail.
Gold Armor
FFTA Gold Armor.PNG
0 42 6 6000 Mog Knight: Last Haste (300)
Expensive armor plated in gold.
Diamond Armor
FFTA Diamond Armor.PNG
0 40 3 0 Paladin/Defender: Weapon Def+ (300)
This armor is set with sparkling diamonds.
Opal Armor
FFTA Opal Armor.PNG
0 42 3 0 None
Beautiful opal armor with exquisite curves.
Carabini Mail
FFTA Carabini Mail.PNG
0 38 8 0 Templar: Bonecrusher (300)
Light armor made of iron fused with mythril.
Mirror Mail
FFTA Mirror Mail.PNG
0 36 8 0 None
Effect: Auto-Reflect
Lighter armor imbued with a magical reflection aura.
Dragon Mail
FFTA Dragon Mail.PNG
0 40 8 0 None
Effect: [Half] Fire
Armor made of metal fused with dragon scales.
Genji Armor
FFTA Genji Armor.PNG
0 46 12 0 Paladin: Reflex (300)
One-of-a-kind armor from a foreign land.
FFTA Maximillian.PNG
3 46 10 0 None
This armor bears the crest of "The Last Knight."
Adaman Armor
FFTA Adaman Armor.PNG
0 58 3 0 None
Armor of beautifully tempered green adamantite.
Materia Armor
FFTA Materia Armor.PNG
0 52 16 0 None
Extremely hard armor made of materite.
FFTA Peytral.PNG
5 29 2 0 None
Effect: +5 to Magic Power, +2 to Speed, +5 to Evade, +1 to Move, +1 to Jump
Heavy, but sturdy armor. Made for war chocobo use.


The Clothing genre of body armor offers more of a balanced defenses against magic and weapon attacks compared to heavy armor. They are also the largest class of body armor and can be equipped by all jobs except for the Paladin, Dragoon, and Defender.

Clothing Atk Def Mag Rst. Cost Skills (AP)
Leather Garb
FFTA Leather Garb.PNG
0 14 4 300 None
Sturdy clothing made of layered leather.
Chain Plate
FFTA Chain Plate.PNG
0 28 4 900 Juggler/Red Mage: Catch (300)
Shirt of linked iron rings.
Adaman Vest
FFTA Adaman Vest.PNG
0 30 3 2500 Alchemist/Thief: Maintenance (300)
Shirt woven of adamantite alloy.
Survival Vest
FFTA Survival Vest.PNG
0 34 6 2500 Beastmaster/Blue Mage: Immunity (300)
Light cotton wear for absorbing shocks.
FFTA Brigandine.PNG
0 37 6 3700 Thief/White Monk: Counter (300)
Clothes made so the metal strips won't rub together.
Judo Uniform
FFTA Judo Uniform.PNG
0 34 8 6000 Blue Mage/Gadgeteer/Morpher: Damage > MP (300)
Effect: [Null] Doom
Fighting clothes preferred by monks.
Power Sash
FFTA Power Sash.PNG
2 34 10 7000 Assassin/Juggler: Return Fire (300)
Twisted rope for tying back loose clothing.
Gaia Gear
FFTA Gaia Gear.PNG
0 24 12 0 Gadgeteer/Hunter/Sniper: Auto-Regen (300)
Element: Earth
Effect: [absb] Earth
These blue clothes have been blessed by the earth.
Minerva Plate
FFTA Minerva Plate.PNG
0 28 14 0 None
Effect: [null] Dark
Women's clothes worn by the goddess of victory.
Ninja Gear
FFTA Ninja Gear.PNG
0 30 6 0 Beastmaster/Ninja: Last Haste (300)
Fighter: Bonecrusher (300)
Effect: +1 to Speed, +2 to Evade
Ninja clothes made using special secret techniques.
Dark Gear
FFTA Dark Gear.PNG
0 32 3 0 Sage: Weapon Def+ (300)
Effect: [Null] Stop
+2 to Speed, +1 to Evade
Black clothes used for night operations.
0 35 10 0 Fighter/Gladiator: Strikeback (300) (Fighter, Gladiator)
Effect: [Null] Death
Clothes worn by an ancient hero king.
Mirage Vest
FFTA Mirage Vest.PNG
0 32 16 0 White Monk/Sage/Fencer: Reflex (300)
Element: Holy
These clothes shimmer mystically in the light.
Rubber Suit
FFTA Rubber Suit.PNG
0 28 16 0 None
Effect: [Null] Lightning
Women's insulated clothing.
Bone Plate
FFTA Bone Plate.PNG
0 42 8 0 None
Element: Dark
Effect: [absb] Dark
Clothing made of connected monster bones.
FFTA Onlyone.PNG
0 34 24 0 None
Sturdy tunic. The only clothes you'll ever need.
Brint Set
FFTA Brint Set.PNG
0 28 16 0 None
The latest from the famed designer "Brint."
Galmia Set
FFTA Galmia Set.PNG
0 26 18 0 None
Galmia's latest creation. Uses lavish chocobo hides.
Judge Coat
FFTA Judge Coat.PNG
0 38 28 0 None
Every kid in Ivalice wants one of these judge coats.
Temple Cloth
FFTA Temple Cloth.PNG
2 36 16 0 None
Effect: +2 Magic Power
Uniform of a long-gone order of knights.


Robes mostly focus on magic defense and are equippable by the Paladin, White Mage, Black Mage, Illusionist, Blue Mage, Defender, Bishop, Templar, Time Mage, Morpher, Sage, Elementalist, Red Mage, and Summoner jobs.

Robe Def Mag Atk Mag Rst. Cost Skills (AP)
Hempen Robe
FFTA Hempen Robe.PNG
15 0 22 400 None
Simple, hempen robe.
Silken Robe
FFTA Silken Robe.PNG
15 0 28 1000 None
Smooth robe made of the finest silk.
Magus Robe
FFTA Magus Robe.PNG
15 0 30 3000 None
Hooded robe favored by mages.
Mistle Robe
FFTA Mistle Robe.PNG
19 0 30 5000 None
Effect: [Null] KO, [absb] Holy
Good-luck robe dyed with mistletoe juice.
Blaze Robe
FFTA Blaze Robe.PNG
19 0 30 0 None
Effect: [absb] Fire
This robe would not burn in the middle of a fire.
Thunder Robe
FFTA Thunder Robe.PNG
19 0 30 0 None
Effect: [absb] Lightning
This robe turns lightning into power for its wearer.
Flurry Robe
FFTA Flurry Robe.PNG
19 0 30 0 None
Effect: [absb] Ice
Robe woven with a snow flurry.
White Robe
FFTA White Robe.PNG
21 0 38 0 White Mage: Turbo MP (300 AP)
Effect: [half] Fire/Lightning/Ice
Pure white robe that protects from black magic.
Black Robe
FFTA Black Robe.PNG
21 2 36 0 Black Mage/Bishop: Return Magic (300 AP)
Effect: [enhn] Fire/Lightning/Ice
Lacquer-hued robe that strengthens black magic.
Light Robe
FFTA Light Robe.PNG
25 0 40 0 Bishop/Summoner/Illusionist: Half MP (300 AP)
This beautiful robe prevents exhaustion.
Lordly Robe
FFTA Lordly Robe.PNG
28 0 42 0 Elementalist/Illusionist: Absorb MP (300 AP)
Time Mage: Last Quicken (300 AP)
Robe worn by all the leaders of old.
Red Robe
22 0 31 0 None
Stylish robe made for red mages.
Sage Robe
FFTA Sage Robe.PNG
24 0 52 0 Black Mage: Geomancy (300 AP)
Soft cloth robe given to accomplished sages.
Magic Robe
FFTA Magic Robe.PNG
24 6 36 0 None
Sky-colored robe only worn by the honest and humble.
Silver Coat
FFTA Silver Coat.PNG
30 0 38 0 None
This coat has a mystical silvery shimmer.
Reaper Cloak
FFTA Reaper Cloak.PNG
32 0 36 0 None
Element: Dark
Robe stained black with blood.


Shields are one-handed defensive equipment that can be used with a one-handed weapon (or a two-handed weapon with the ability Monkey Grip). They can be used by the Soldier, Paladin, Warrior, Sage, Fencer, and Mog Knight jobs, as well as anyone with the Shieldbearer S-Ability.

Shield Def Mag Rst. Evade Cost Skills (AP)
Bronze Shield
FFTA - Bronze Shield.png
0 2 4 400 Soldier/Warrior/Fencer: Shieldbearer (300 AP)
Simple shield of worked copper.
Round Shield
FFTA Round Shield.PNG
0 4 5 1000 Sage/Fencer/Mog Knight: Shieldbearer (300 AP)
Attacks seem to slide off this rounded shield.
Opal Shield
FFTA Opal Shield.PNG
2 6 7 2000 Soldier/Warrior/Mog Knight: Shieldbearer (300 AP)
Opal shield with a brilliant white luster.
Ice Shield
FFTA Ice Shield.PNG
0 6 9 0 None
Effect: [absb] Ice, [half] Fire, [weak] Lightning
This magic shield gives off a thin, cold aura.
Flame Shield
FFTA Flame Shield.PNG
0 6 9 0 None
Effect: [absb] Fire, [half] Ice, [weak] Water
Magical symbols of fire cover this shield.
Aegis Shield
FFTA Aegis Shield.PNG
5 5 10 0 None
Element: Holy
Effect: [null] Petrify
Holy shield once used against a horrible foe.
Genji Shield
FFTA Genji Shield.PNG
10 7 10 0 None
Shield from a foreign land. Part of a set.
Sacri Shield
FFTA Sacri Shield.PNG
5 5 10 0 None
Element: Holy
Effect: [null] Blind, Silence, Poison, Slow, Disable, Immobilize, Frog, Doom, and Zombie.
Shield borne by the knights of heaven.
Shijin Shield
FFTA Shijin Shield.PNG
0 10 7 0 None
Mythril shield dedicated to the four shijin gods.
Choco Shield
FFTA Choco Shield.PNG
0 0 10 0 None
Feathered shield made of tanned chocobo hide.
La Seraphica
FFTA La Seraphica.PNG
0 5 15 0 None
This shield of good luck was a gift from the gods.
Reverie Shield
FFTA Reverie Shield.PNG
5 10 10 0 None
Shield that changes color depending on its angle.

Other appearances[]

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