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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition is a radio drama dedicated to Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It was aired in January and February 2003. There is a complete version which was released by DigiCube in form of four CDs. The first one was released February 26, 2003. One CD represents one volume, while one volume consists of three chapters (except for volume one, which consists of four) and an extra chapter. The background music played in the drama was originally from disc 2 of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Original Soundtrack. In live radio broadcasts, the song "Shiroi Hana" plays during the epilogue. A premium edition contains a poster and a calendar.


The plot is slightly different from the original game, and the main characters are immediately transferred to Ivalice after Mewt Randell reads Alta Oron Sondus Kameela. Nono appears much earlier in the storyline than before. At the first battle with the bangaa, it was forbidden to use Magic instead of using items. Because of this, Montblanc receives a Yellow Card after casting Fire to a bangaa. After that, one of the bangaa received a Red Card and was sent into prison because he had hit Nono, a non-participant, with Aero.

Another difference is that Doned says that Marche is Ritz's boyfriend, but Ritz insists it is a lie. Unlike the original game, Ritz, Mewt and even Doned's arrival are shown. Upon Doned's arrival, he meets up with a Judge.

Nono's airship's name is revealed, which is called the Brilliante. When the Brilliante was about to be fixed by Nono along with Montblanc, a lever got stuck and caused an explosion. The Brilliante was then used to go to the Bervenia Palace. This was mentioned again in Hurdy's sidestory from Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift.

Later in the radio drama, Marche, Montblanc, Ritz, Shara, Doned, Judgemaster Cid, and Babus joined forces against Queen Remedi. During the battle, Montblanc knew Time Magic and Ritz knew Spirit Magic. The team also summoned Totema based on their race. Instead of summoning Exodus like in the game, Ritz summons Mateus, while Cid summons Adrammelech.

At the ending, instead of meeting with Biggs, Cid Randell invites a drinking friend. Later on, a voice, presumably Montblanc, says to Marche that he hopes to see him in a dream.


Volume 1[]


Catalog #: SSCX-10081/2

Release Date: February 26, 2003

  1. Chapter 1: Ivalice
  2. Chapter Two: Engage!
  3. Chapter Three: Realized Dreams
  4. Chapter Four: Clan, Quest and the First Job!
  5. EX-One: Marche's Training Diary

Volume 2[]


Catalog #: SSCX-10088

Release Date: March 26, 2003

  1. Chapter One: On a Different Wavelength
  2. Chapter Two: An Alchemist Ezel
  3. Chapter Three: Famfrit
  4. EX-Two: Reminiscing the Past

Volume 3[]


Catalog #: SSCX-10092

Release Date: April 23, 2003

  1. Chapter One: Undesirable Person, Desired Person
  2. EX-Three: Important Thing of Ritz
  3. Chapter Two: In Prison
  4. Chapter Three: What Moves Darkness

Volume 4[]


Catalog #: SSCX-10094

Release Date: May 21, 2003

  1. Chapter One: Miscalculation
  2. EX-Four: Anxious Feeling of Disturbance
  3. Chapter Two: Conquer Weakness Exceeding Fantasy
  4. Chapter Three: In the End, There is Snowfall
  5. Extra Track: FFTA Radio CM Collection*
*The CM Collection contains commercial of the radio drama, the game Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Original Soundtrack.


Voice cast[]

The voice actors was introduced during the credits, by the voice actors themselves. Each voice actor stated which character they played, and then their own name. The Song The Place We Should Return To was played.

Character Voice actor
Marche Radiuju Yuka Imai
Mewt Randell Asami Sanada
Ritz Malheur Yumi Kakazu
Doned Radiuju Hiromi Ishikawa
Montblanc Kumiko Yokote
Nono Masako Jō
Judge Akimitsu Takase
Shara Rie Kanda
Babus Swain Kumi Sakuma
Mog Knight Ryoukichi Takahashi
Eaglets Katsuhiro Harasawa
Bangaa Tribe Satoshi Katougi
Madam Kiri Kiri Segawa
Remedi Yoshiko Sakakibara
Ezel Berbier Wataru Takagi
Cid Randell Yasuyuki Kase
Llednar Twem Hikaru Midorikawa
Famfrit Mitsuaki Madono
Ultima Kaho Kōda
Adrammelech Toshiyuki Morikawa


  • Script: Atsuhiro Tomioka and Kiyoko Yoshimura
  • Music Composers: Nobuo Uematsu, Hitoshi Sakimoto, Kaori Ohkoshi, and Ayako Saso
  • Producer: Kensuke Tanaka
  • Assistant Producer: Kyoko Saito
  • Coordinators: Shinji Nakashima & Nobutaka Kasama
  • Recording: Director Tomohiro Yoshida
  • Recording Engineer: Satoshi Fujimura
  • Sound Effect: Daisuke Jimbo
  • Recording Studio: TAVAC
  • Recording Management: RAKUONSHA
  • Art Direction: Tadashi Shimada
  • Design: Tadashi Shimada & Norie Kadokura
  • Photography: Hiroshi Shibaizumi & Shinji Motomatsu
  • CD Production Producer: Yusuke Hasegawa
  • CD Production Manager: Akiko Honda & Yuichiro Komiyama

Behind the scenes[]

The spell chants in the radio drama are taken from the spell chants in the PlayStation version of Final Fantasy Tactics. The war of the Lions remaster no longer features them.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Radio Edition is the second audio drama released under the Final Fantasy franchise, after Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

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