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This article lists the enemy abilities used in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, which enemies use them, and what the ability does.


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Enemy abilities[]


Ability Description Enemies
Absorb Damage Gain HP equal to 10% of damage taken. Adamantitan, Crushatrice, Demon Wall, Ghoul, Golem, Great Tortoise, Headless, Ice Flan, Luchorpan, Mamatrice, Malboro King, Lightland Warden, Nagaraja, Neukhia, Nidhogg, Rafflesia, Red Marshmallow, Tonberry King, Yellow Jelly, Yowie, Zahak, Zombie
Absorb MP Gain MP equal to the MP cost of offensive magick that targets the user. Ice Flan, Mimic, Red Marshmallow, Yellow Jelly, Zombie
Abyssal Slash Summons a horrific abyss that causes damage and Stop status to its targets. Illua
Acid Inflicts a random negative status. Ice Flan, Yellow Jelly
Angel Whisper Restores HP and grants Reraise. Sprite
Annul Reduces target's MP to 0. Illua
Antidote Cures Poison. Werewolf
Apocalypse Inflicts Confuse to units in a small area. Neukhia
Archer's Bane Avoid all bow-based basic attacks. Ahriman, Antlion, Baknamy, Bloody Orb, Brown Chocobo, Cockatrice, Floating Eye, Grenade, Hoppy Bunny, Plague, Sprite
Archmage Raises Magick and Resistance. Hoppy Bunny
Assault Inflicts non-elemental damage and Immobilize. Loup-garou, Werewolf
Attack Up Increases Attack. Antlion, Axebeak, Cockatrice, Hellhound, Ice Drake, Worgen, Zahak, Zombie
Avoid Traps User will not spring traps. Ahriman, Baknamy, Bloody Orb, Chocobo, Cockatrice, Luchorpan, Tonberry King, Werewolf, Yellow Jelly, Zaghnal


Ability Description Enemies
Bad Breath Inflicts Blind, Poison, and Silence to all units in a cone in front of user. Great Malboro, Malboro
Beguile Inflicts Charm and Doom. Upsilon
Bewildered Cloud Inflicts Confuse to all surrounding units. Rafflesia
Bewitching Gaze Inflicts Charm and Slow. Ahriman, Plague
Bile Inflicts non-elemental damage and lowers Defense and Resilience. Antlion, Pit Beast
Binding Circle Inflicts Slow and reduces Speed. Plague
Blind Inflicts Blind. Alraune, Dreamhare, Luchorpan
Blinding Cloud Inflicts Blind to surrounding units. Rafflesia
Blink Counter Counter attack and knock back the attacker after being the target of an offensive action. Black Chocobo, Golem, Great Malboro, Headless, Hellhound, Loup-garou, Mutadragon, Nidhogg, Zaghnal, Zombie, Illua
Blizzaga Inflicts major Ice elemental damage. Ice Flan
Blizzara Inflicts moderate Ice elemental damage. Ice Flan
Blizzard Inflicts minor Ice elemental damage. Ice Flan
Blood Price Users uses HP instead of MP for spells. Deathscythe, Ghost, Mimic, Wraith
Blur Avoid hand-cannon and gun-based basic attacks. Antlion, Dreamhare, Pit Beast, Yellow Jelly
Bonecrusher Counter attack after taking damage, always dealing more damage than taken. Great Malboro, Grenade, Headless, Hellhound, Luchorpan, Gaiasea Warder, Pit Beast, Wendigo, Zahak, Illua
Bone Shatter Inflicts non-elemental damage and delays target's next turn. Golem, Headless, Wendigo
Brute Strength Raises the potency of the next user's physical attack. Golem, Headless, Wendigo
Butcher Knife Reduces target's HP to 1. Tonberry, Tonberry King


Ability Description Enemies
Catastrophe Lowers Defense and Resistance of all units in a small area. Neukhia
Charged Attacks Attacks consume MP, but does additional damage. Hellhound, Ice Drake, Loup-garou, Mooglebane, Wendigo, Zombie
Charge Ray Bestows Neukhia Charge on Neukhia Wisp. Neukhia
Chilling Blow Inflicts Ice elemental damage and Immobilize. Hellhound, Wolf, Worgen
Choco Barrier Bestows Protect and Shell to surrounding units. Black Chocobo, Chocobo, Green Chocobo, White Chocobo
Choco Beak Inflicts non-elemental damage to one target. Black Chocobo, Brown Chocobo, Chocobo, Green Chocobo, Red Chocobo
Choco Cure Restores HP to surrounding units. Brown Chocobo, Chocobo, Green Chocobo, Red Chocobo, White Chocobo
Choco Esuna Removes negative statuses from surrounding units. Green Chocobo
Choco Flame Inflicts Fire elemental damage. Black Chocobo
Choco Guard Bestows Regen as well as raising Defense and Resistance to all surrounding units. Brown Chocobo
Choco Meteor Inflicts non-elemental damage to units in a small area. Red Chocobo
Choco Recharge Restores MP. White Chocobo
Cloying Breath Inflicts Sleep and Slow. Cassie, Malboro King
Concentration Increases chance to hit. Floating Eye, Great Tortoise, Lamia, Luchorpan, Werewolf
Consumption Inflicts non-elemental damage to units in a large area. Neukhia
Counter Counter attack when targeted with an offensive action. Adamantitan, Ahriman, Alraune, Antlion, Axebeak, Baknamy, Black Chocobo, Bloody Orb, Cassie, Chocobo, Cockatrice, Deadly Nightshade, Deathscythe, Dreamhare, Fire Drake, Ghost, Great Malboro, Malboro, Great Tortoise, Green Chocobo, Headless, Hellhound, Ice Drake, Ivory Wyrm, Lamashtu, Lamia, Malboro King, Mimic, Oversoul, Rocktitan, Sprite, Toughskin, Wendigo, Werewolf, Wolf, Zaghnal, Zombie
Critical: Berserk Gain Berserk when user is in Critical. Axebeak, Baknamy, Banshee, Cockatrice, Deadly Nightshade, Fire Drake, Lamia, Lilith, Red Marshmallow, Werewolf
Critical: Evasion Increases Evasion when HP is in Critical. Cockatrice
Critical: Haste Gain Haste when user is in Critical. Black Chocobo
Critical: Quicken User acts next when HP is in Critical. Bomb, Chocobo, Cockatrice, Floating Eye, Great Tortoise, Green Chocobo, Red Chocobo, Thunder Drake, Tonberry, Tonberry King, Worgen
Critical: Vanish Gain Vanish when HP is in Critical. Hoppy Bunny, Pit Beast, Wraith


Ability Description Enemies
Dark Inflicts minor Dark elemental damage. Ghost, Wraith, Zombie
Dark Elixir Takes away 95% of target's HP and MP. Halved Accuracy. Asha
Darkga Inflicts massive Dark elemental damage. Deathscythe, Oversoul, Wraith
Darkra Inflicts moderate Dark elemental damage. Deathscythe, Ghoul, Wraith
Death Dive Inflicts heavy non-elemental damage and KO's user. Floating Eye
Death Strike Increases chance to score a critical hit. Antlion, Axebeak, Baknamy, Black Chocobo, Floating Eye, Ghoul, Golem, Green Chocobo, Luchorpan, Red Chocobo, Werewolf, Zaghnal
Deep Sleep Inflicts Sleep and Stop. Deathscythe, Oversoul
Defense Up Raises Defense. Ahriman, Antlion, Banshee, Black Chocobo, Cockatrice, Great Tortoise, Headless, Hellhound, Ice Drake, Lamia, Nidhogg, Rocktitan, Toughskin
Demonic Gaze Inflicts Confuse. Ahriman, Plague
Destroyer Raises Attack, Defense, Magick, and Resistance. Golem, Mutadragon, Gaiasea Warder, Lightland Warder
Devour Inflicts non-elemental damage to units in a large area. Crushatrice, Mamatrice
Dimensional Rift Tears holes in the fabric of time, reducing all units' HP in targeted area by 75% in the process. Illua
Dispelja Removes buffs from all enemies. Neukhia
Doom Inflicts Doom. Deathscythe
Dragon Force Increases Attack and Magick. Asp, Fire Drake, Nidhogg, Zahak
Drain Touch Drains HP from target to restore own HP. Ghoul, Zombie
Draw In Steals target's HP to restore own HP. Yowie
Dread Inflicts Addle and Disable. Plague


Ability Description Enemies
Echo Grass Cures Silence. Werewolf
Eerie Sound Wave Removes all buffs. Great Malboro, Malboro, Malboro King
En Garde Unit will counter attacks until next turn. Werewolf
Eternal Oblivion Inflicts non-elemental damage and Addle to units in a small area. Lilith
Eternal Sleep Inflicts Doom and Sleep to all units. Lamashtu
Evade Magick Resist spells that deal damage. Deathscythe, Reaver
Expose Weakness Lowers Defense and Resistance. Fire Drake, Nagaraja, Zahak
Extend Increases duration of buffs and debuffs on units in a small area. Sprite
Eye Drops Cures Blind. Werewolf


Ability Description Enemies
Fang Inflicts non-elemental damage. Hellhound, Wolf, Worgen
Fiery Blow Inflicts Fire elemental damage and Silence. Hellhound, Wolf, Worgen
Fira Inflicts moderate Fire elemental damage. Grenade, Red Marshmallow
Firaga Inflicts heavy Fire elemental damage. Grenade, Red Marshmallow
Fire Inflicts minor Fire elemental damage. Bomb, Grenade, Red Marshmallow
Fireball Inflicts Fire elemental damage. Mutadragon, Nidhogg, Zahak
Fire Breath Inflicts Fire elemental damage. Fire Drake, Gaiasea Warder, Nidhogg
Flame Attack Inflicts Fire elemental damage. Bomb, Grenade
Flash Inflicts Blind to all surrounding units. Ghost, Wraith
Flash Bomb Deals damage while ignoring opponent's R-Ability. Asha
Fortify Increases user's Attack. Crushatrice, Mamatrice


Ability Description Enemies
Geomancy Lowers resistance to user's elemental attacks. Ice Drake, Ice Flan, Pit Beast, Red Marshmallow, Thunder Drake, Yellow Jelly, Zahak
Gigadust Inflicts major magic damage to all targets. Neukhia
Gil Snapper Obtain Gil after receiving a critical hit. Gil Snapper
Glare Inflicts Petrify. Ahriman, Plague
Gnaw Inflicts non-elemental damage and Poison. Bloody Orb, Floating Eye
Goblin Attack Inflicts non-elemental damage, ignoring the target's Defense. Baknamy
Go-Go Dance Bestows Haste to all units in a small area. Hoppy Bunny
Gold Hourglass Attacks all foes and inflicts Slow. Asha
Goo Inflicts Immobilize and reduces Speed. Great Malboro, Malboro
Grand Cross Major physical damage to all units. Neukhia
Graviga Reduces target's HP by 50%. White Pudding
Gravija Reduces target's HP to 1. Demon Wall
Gravity Flux Inflicts non-elemental damage to all enemies. Yowie


Ability Description Enemies
Hand Slap Inflicts non-elemental damage and delays target's next turn. Lamia, Lilith
Headbutt Inflicts non-elemental damage and Immobilize. Great Tortoise, Rocktitan
Hell Assault Raises user's Attack. Lightland Warder
Helmsplitter Inflicts non-elemental damage, and may also destroy target's helmet. Wendigo
Hip Attack Inflicts non-elemental damage. Dreamhare, Hoppy Bunny
Honeyed Breath Inflicts Charm on target in front of user. Cassie
Holy Strike Inflicts Holy elemental damage. Lightland Warder, Reaver
Horn Blow Inflicts non-elemental damage and Knockback. Alraune
Horn Shot Inflicts minor damage, but has increased chance to hit. Alraune
Horn Venom Inflicts Poison. Alraune
Howl Reduces target's MP and inflicts Confuse to units in a cone in front of user. Werewolf, Zaghnal


Ability Description Enemies
Ice Breath Inflicts Ice elemental damage. Ice Drake, Ivory Wyrm, Gaiasea Warder, Nagaraja, Nidhogg, Zahak
Ice Orb Inflicts Ice elemental damage. Ivory Wyrm, Mutadragon, Nagaraja , Zahak
Illude Inflicts Charm. Dreamhare, Hoppy Bunny, Mooglebane
Immunity Neither buffs nor debuffs may be removed from user. Adamantitan, Asp, Banshee, Black Chocobo, Bloody Orb, Cockatrice, Deathscythe, Fire Drake, Gil Snapper, Great Malboro, Malboro, Ivory Wyrm, Lamashtu, Lilith, Malboro King, Tonberry King, Toughskin, Wendigo, White Chocobo, Wraith
Impervious Grants user immunity to debuffs. Crushatrice, Deathscythe, Demon Wall, Mamatrice, Neukhia, Oversoul, Rafflesia, Reaver, Yowie, Illua, Ewen
Invert Switches one target's current HP and MP values. Ghoul, Zombie
Item Lore Increases effects of Potions and other items. Baknamy, Werewolf


Ability Description Enemies
Karma Inflicts damage equal to the number of enemies target has killed. Tonberry, Tonberry King
Kiss Inflicts Charm and Doom. Lamashtu, Lilith
Knife Reduces target's HP by 90%. Tonberry, Tonberry King


Ability Description Enemies
Leap Raises Move and Jump. Luchorpan
Lennart Does moderate damage in a line extending from the user. Adelle
Light Curtain Grants Haste and Protect to all allies. Asha
Lightning Inflicts Lightning elemental damage. Asp, Mutadragon, Nidhogg, Zahak
Lifespring User gains Regen. Cassie, Malboro King, Wraith, Tomato, Sprite
Limit Glove Inflicts massive non-elemental damage when user is in single digit HP. Great Tortoise
Love Song Restores HP, raises Defense, and grants Regen to units in a small area. Cassie
Lv.? Holy Inflicts Holy elemental damage to units who share the first digit of caster's level. Banshee


Ability Description Enemies
Magick Counter Casts magick targeting the user back at caster. Magick cast in this way requires MP. Luchorpan, Mooglebane, Toughskin, White Pudding, Yellow Jelly, Behemoth
Magick Hammer Reduces target's MP. Baknamy, Luchorpan
Magick Up Increases Magick. Ghost
Malboro Song Grants Regen and increases Attack to all units in a small area. Great Malboro, Malboro King
Matra Magick Switch the target's HP and MP. Adamantitan, Gil Snapper
Menace Inflicts Silence and Toad. White Pudding
Merge Kills user to fully restore target's HP. Ice Flan, Yellow Jelly
Mesmerize Inflicts Charm and lowers Speed. Fire Drake
Meteorite Inflicts non-elemental damage to a small target. Banshee, Sprite
Miasma Inflicts non-elemental damage and Poison to units in a small area. Ghoul, Zombie
Mighty Guard Raises Defense and Resistance. Nagaraja, Zahak
Mirror Items Reverses effects of items used on a target.
MP Shield Damage taken deplete MP rather than HP. Has no effect when user has no MP. Banshee, Cassie, Deathscythe, Dreamhare, Ghost, Grenade, Lilith, Mooglebane, Nagaraja, Plague, Rocktitan, Wraith
Mucus Inflicts non-elemental damage and Slow. Antlion
Munch Crush the target's equipment with powerful jaws. Adamantitan, Toughskin
Mutilate Steal target's HP to restore user's HP. Luchorpan


Ability Description Enemies
Nectar Volley Inflicts Poison and Silence to units in a small area. Rafflesia
Night Inflicts Sleep on all targets in battle except the user. Lamashtu, Lamia, Lilith


Ability Description Enemies
Otherworldly Wind Attacks all foes with non-elemental damage. Asha


Ability Description Enemies
Peck Inflicts non-elemental damage. Axebeak, Cockatrice, Crushatrice, Mamatrice
Pester Gimme elixir! Magick Pot
Petrifying Rattle Inflicts Petrify on all targets in a cone in front of user. Banshee
Pierce Ignores Reflect and attacks target. Bomb, Deathscythe, Grenade, Mimic, Red Marshmallow, Yellow Jelly
Piston Drop Inflicts non-elemental damage to all enemies. Crushatrice
Poisonous Frog Inflicts Poison and Toad. Lamashtu, Lamia
Primary Weapon Does damage equal to 1/2 of target's current HP to a 3 sq. width line in front of user. Upsilon
Pugilist Raises Attack and Defense. Nidhogg
Punish No loot for you! Magick Pot
Punishing Ray Inflicts major damage to one target. Neukhia
Purify Removes negative statuses from unit. Malboro
Putrid Breath Inflicts Toad, Doom, and Confuse. Great Malboro, Malboro, Malboro King


Ability Description Enemies
Quake Inflicts Earth elemental damage to units in a small area. Golem, Headless
Quicken Enables target to take its next turn immediately. Sprite


Ability Description Enemies
Rain of Stone Inflicts Earth elemental damage to units in a small area. Gil Snapper, Great Tortoise, Rocktitan
Rebirth Fully recovers user's status and HP. Illua
Reflect Bounces spells back at user. Sprite
Reflex Avoid all basic attacks. Banshee, Plague, Illua
Regenerate Gain Regen after taking damage. Antlion, Great Tortoise, Sprite
Remedy Removes negative statuses from target. Baknamy
Rend Armor Inflicts non-elemental damage with a chance to destroy target's armor. Reaver
Rend Defense Inflicts non-elemental damage and lowers Defense. Lightland Warder
Rend Shield Inflicts non-elemental damage and may destroy target's shield. Reaver
Repel Inflicts non-elemental damage and Knockback to any units blocking its way. Demon Wall
Resistance Up Raises Resistance, reducing damage done from magical attacks. Alraune, Banshee, Dreamhare, Ghost, Hoppy Bunny, Lamashtu, Lamia, Luchorpan, Nagaraja, Plague, Sprite
Resonate Inflicts Disable on all units wielding bladed weapons. Toughskin
Restoration Ray Restores Neukhia Wisp's HP. Neukhia
Return Fire Avoid bow-based enemy attacks and fire an arrow back at attacker. Lamia, Luchorpan
Reveal Enables user to see and target Invisible units. Bloody Orb, Dreamhare, Floating Eye, Ghost, Hellhound, Lamia, Lilith, Plague, Werewolf, Wolf, Worgen, Wraith
Reward Thanks! Magick Pot
Rewind Makes three stones shine with golden light. Neukhia
Ribbon-Bearer Enables use of Ribbon, regardless of job. White Pudding
Roar Removes all buffs from all units. Loup-garou, Werewolf, Zaghnal
Rock Restores user's HP. Mimic
Roulette Randomly KO one unit. Does not distinguish between friend or foe. Ahriman, Plague


Ability Description Enemies
Saber Raises Attack power and Accuracy of user. Illua
Safeguard Prevents user's equipment from being stolen or destroyed. Magick Pot
Saliva Deals non-elemental damage and lowers Speed. Antlion
Sanctify Damages all enemies. Uses up Neukhia Charge. Neukhia
Sandstorm Inflicts Earth elemental damage as well as Blind to units in a small area. Antlion, Pit Beast
Scatter Inflicts non-elemental damage to surrounding units and raises user's Evasion. Cockatrice
Scissors Inflicts Lightning elemental damage to units in a small area. Mimic
Screech Inflicts Confuse. Hellhound, Wolf, Worgen
Scurry Grants user Haste status. Axebeak, Cockatrice
Secondary Weapon Deals heavy damage. Upsilon
Seed Creates a new ally. Rafflesia
Self-Destruct Kills user to inflict damage heavy damage to surrounding units. Bomb
Shackle Inflicts Immobilize and Disable. Deathscythe, Oversoul
Shadowflare Deals non-elemental damage to all foes. Asha
Shadowy Blow Inflicts Dark elemental damage and Blind. Hellhound, Worgen
Sheol Slow and Immobilize for all foes, Haste and Regen for all allies. Illua
Shining Darkness Inflicts Petrify, Immobilize, and Sleep to all units in front of user. Demon Wall
Shockbolt Inflicts Confuse and Addle. Thunder Drake
Silence Prevents target from using magick. Alraune, Deadly Nightshade, Luchorpan
Silence Touch Inflicts Dark elemental damage and Silence. Ghost
Simper Inflicts Charm. White Pudding
Sleep Inflicts Sleep. Dreamhare, Hoppy Bunny, Luchorpan
Sleep Touch Inflicts Dark elemental damage and Sleep. Ghost
Sleet Inflicts Doom and Sleep. Ice Drake, Ivory Wyrm, Nagaraja
Slow Reduces speed of target. Sprite
Slug Inflicts non-elemental damage, ignoring Defense. Loup-garou, Werewolf, Zaghnal
Sonic Spin Spin fast enough to create a fierce whirlwind. Damages surrounding units. Adamantitan, Gil Snapper, Great Tortoise
Soporific Cloud Inflicts Sleep to surrounding units. Rafflesia
Soul Spring Drain a target's HP and MP. Asha
Spark Inflicts non-elemental damage to surrounding units and restores user's HP. Grenade
Spellbound Extends duration of buffs and debuffs on target. Baknamy, Black Chocobo, Brown Chocobo, Deadly Nightshade, Rocktitan, Sprite
Stalk Stalks target. Tonberry, Tonberry King
Steal Thoughts Inflicts Addle. Deathscythe
Sticky Fingers Catch items thrown at user and place them in party's inventory. Deathscythe, Lilith
Stone Breath Inflicts Petrify on all units in a cone in front of user. Axebeak, Cockatrice
Stop Prevents unit from taking any actions. Sprite
Strike Back Avoid all basic attacks and counter. Wendigo
Stun Crash Inflicts non-elemental damage and Immobilize. Yowie
Subsidence Inflicts Earth elemental damage to surrounding units. Pit Beast
Suffocate Delays target's next turn. Antlion, Pit Beast
Summon Pack Call nearby allies. Hellhound, Wolf, Worgen
Sunder Earth Inflicts Earth elemental damage. Golem, Headless, Wendigo
Supersonic Wave Inflicts non-elemental damage and Silence. Bloody Orb, Floating Eye
Syphonja Fully depletes target's MP. Neukhia


Ability Description Enemies
Telega Inflicts Immobilize and teleports foes into unit's path. Demon Wall, Neukhia
Territorial Marking Inflicts non-elemental damage to units beneath user. Crushatrice, Mamatrice
Thundaga Inflicts major Lightning elemental damage. Yellow Jelly
Thundara Inflicts moderate Lightning elemental damage. Yellow Jelly
Thunder Inflicts minor Lightning elemental damage. Yellow Jelly
Thunder Breath Inflicts Lightning elemental damage. Asp, Gaiasea Warder, Nidhogg, Thunder Drake
Time Blade Damages the target and delays its next turn. Illua
Tomato Fang Inflicts non-elemental damage and Knockback. Deadly Nightshade
Tomato Ketchup Inflicts Berserk. Deadly Nightshade
Tomato Tackle Inflicts non-elemental damage and lowers Speed. Deadly Nightshade
Tranq Raises Accuracy. Luchorpan
Turbo MP Spells cost twice as normal, but are much more potent. Ghoul, Mimic, Zombie
Twister Reduces HP of surrounding units and target by 50%. Lamia, Lilith


Ability Description Enemies
Unction Inflicts Oil on surrounding units. Red Marshmallow
Unscarred Raises Attack, Defense, Resistance, and Magick when user has full HP. Antlion, Banshee, Black Chocobo, Bloody Orb, Bomb, Brown Chocobo, Chocobo, Cockatrice, Deadly Nightshade, Fire Drake, Malboro, Pit Beast, Sprite, Thunder Drake, Werewolf


Ability Description Enemies
Vampire Steals HP from target, restoring user's HP. Bloody Orb
Veil of Darkness Drains MP of all foes. Halved Accuracy. Asha
Vine Lash Inflicts non-elemental damage and Slow as well as delaying target's next turn. Rafflesia
Voodoo Inflicts Instant Death. Tonberry King


Ability Description Enemies
Wake the Dead Summons undead to aid the user. Ghost, Wraith
Wake-Up Call Target takes the next turn. Axebeak, Cockatrice, Cluckatrice
War Dance Increases the Attack of all units in a small area. Dreamhare, Hoppy Bunny
White Hole Inflicts non-elemental damage to all units in its path. Neukhia
White Wind Restores HP equal to user's HP to surrounding units. Sprite