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The following is a list of armor in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. Almost all of them are obtained through the Bazaar.



FFTA2 Helmet Icon.png Helms can be equipped by: Soldier, Paladin, Moogle Knight, Dragoon, Defender, Templar, Lanista, Viking, Raptor, and Ravager.

Helms Bazaar Category Cost Atk Def Mag Rst. Eva Spd
Bronze Helm

FFTA Bronze Helm.PNG

None 200 0 4 0 2 0 0
A helm fashioned of leather and bronze.
Iron Helm

FFTA Iron Helm.PNG

Iron Armor E 200 0 5 0 3 0 0
"Aye, 'tis a heavy helm,'the swordsman said, 'but I'll be carrying it and leaving your corpse behind if you don't put it on." - The Traveler's Tale

FFTA Bangaa Helm.PNG

Rust-stained Helms E 450 0 7 0 3 0 0
A sturdy helm, though some complain the narrow visor ruins their view of the carnage.
Close Helmet

FFTA Cross Helm.PNG

Rust-stained Helms D 800 0 9 0 4 0 0
A helm made to cover the whole face.
Platinum Helm

FFTA Opal Helm.PNG

Silver-sheened Armor D 1200 0 10 0 4 0 0
This elegant helm is made for military ceremonies and the like where full battle regalia is required.
Diamond Helm

FFTA Diamond Helm.PNG

Gift of Stone D 1350 0 11 0 4 0 0
It is hard to overestimate this helm's protective qualities, nor the means of one who could afford to buy it.
Hanya Mask

FFTA Hanya Helm.PNG

Rust-stained Helms B 4200 0 15 0 8 0 0
Shivering, a blacksmith once woke from a nightmare about a demon of a faraway land. The next morning, he crafted the first of these helms.
Giant's Helmet

FFTA Parade Helm.PNG

Rust-stained Helms B 4600 0 17 0 8 0 0
"Of the metal and giant's bones used in the helm's manufacture, the smith found the metal far easier to work." - The Study of Arms
Genji Helm

FFTA Genji Helm.PNG

Exotic Armor C 5400 2 19 0 9 0 0
This helm was crafted by a master smith in a faraway land. So much skill and rare metal are required for its construction, only one can be made in an age.

Hair adornments[]

Hair adornments can be equipped by female units by default, and can also be equipped by any unit with the P-ability, Ribbon-bearer.

Hair Adornments Bazaar Category Cost Atk Def Mag Rst. Eva Spd Skill (Job, AP)

FFTA Cachusha.png

Hair Adornments C 7800 0 2 0 5 0 0 Critical: Evasion↑ (Spellblade and Geomancer, 200)
Immune: Some debuffs
A red hairpin, adorned with words of blessing to keep one's protections close. WOMEN only.

FFTA Barette.png

Hair Adornments B 12400 0 2 0 5 0 0 None
Immune: Several debuffs
A great hairdo alone can't ward off evil. Leave that to the magicked stones on this hairpin. WOMEN only.

FFTA Ribbon.png

None None 0 2 0 5 0 0 None
Immune: Debuffs
Sticks and stones may break your bones, but this will protect you from almost everything else. WOMEN only.


Hats can be equipped by all jobs except for Paladin, Dragoon, Defender, and Templar.

Hair Adornments Bazaar Category Cost Atk Def Mag Rst. Eva Spd Skill (Job, AP)
Plumed Hat

FFTA Feather Cap.PNG

None 100 0 2 0 5 0 0 None
A study hat adorned with a rather garish feather.
Green Beret

FFTA Green Beret.PNG

Survival Set D 240 0 2 0 2 2 0 Archer's Bane (Archer and Animist, 200)
A hat for a man or moogle on a mission.

FFTA Circlet.PNG

Faded Caps E 240 0 3 0 6 0 0 None
A forehead band for warding off undesirable magicks.

FFTA Headband.PNG

Pugilist's Gear E 480 2 8 0 3 0 0 Counter (Berserker and Raptor, 150)
There's nothing light a tight headband for keeping your thoughts from straying too far afield.
Wizard's Hat

FFTA Wizard Hat.PNG

Faded Caps D 810 0 3 1 12 0 0 Item Lore (Alchemist and Ranger, 150)
Time mages are known to be fond of these pointy hats.
Gold Hairpin

FFTA Gold Hairpin.PNG

Gilt Accessories D 960 0 4 2 15 0 0 None
Immune: Silence
Witches of old wore sackcloth and shunned all fancy accoutrements, save a single gold hairpin.
Thief's Cap

FFTA Thief Hat.PNG

Faded Caps C 1280 0 8 0 6 5 0 Absorb Damage (Trickster and Viking, 250)
Immune: Immobilize
A thief steals everything except for a fine cap. Some things are worth the money.

FFTA Tiara.png

Faded Caps B 5400 0 8 0 20 0 0 Spellbound (Scholar and Green Mage, 150)
A delicate crown wrought from gold filament, a lilting song, and a little girl's dream.
Black Hat

FFTA Black Hat.PNG

Black Vestments B 4200 0 4 4 16 0 0 None
This large pointed hat is sewn of black mage's thread, yet no needle ever touched it.
White Hat

Cat-Ear Hood.png

White Vestments B 4200 0 4 0 14 0 0 None
Sewn of white mage's thread; it is possible to make one of these hats without the ears, but no one with any sense at all would consider wearing it.
Golden Skullcap

FFTA Acacia Hat.PNG

Gilt Accessories B 5400 0 8 6 18 0 0 None
This cap is the perfect mage's assistant. Interwoven golden threads augment your magick, and magick words are embroidered on the back, should you forget.


Heavy armor[]

FFTA2 Armor Icon.png Heavy armor can be equipped by: Soldier, Paladin, Moogle Knight, Dragoon, Defender, Templar, Lanista, Viking, Raptor, and Ravager, or any other job that has the Tank P-ability.

Heavy Armor Bazaar Category Cost Atk Def Mag Rst. Eva Spd Jump Skill (Job, AP)
Linen Cuirass

FFTA Cuirass.PNG

None 220 0 28 0 2 0 0 0 None
Armor fashioned of tightly woven linen.
Bronze Armor

FFTA Bronze Armor.PNG

Bronze Armor E 400 0 30 0 3 0 0 0 None
Armor fashioned of joined bronze plates.
Iron Armor

FFTA Iron Armor.PNG

Iron Armor D 800 0 34 0 3 0 0 0 Safeguard (Viking and Raptor, 150)
This heavy armor features a plate of solid iron to protect the chest.

FFTA Platemail.PNG

Black-stained Armor D 1400 0 38 0 3 0 0 0 None
Overlapping metal plates are attached to a layer of chainmail to from this full-body armor.
Golden Armor

FFTA Gold Armor.PNG

Gilt Armor D 1500 0 38 0 6 0 0 0 Critical: Haste (Moogle Knight, 250)
"A thief boasted to me that once, in a battle, he'd scraped enough gilt-leaf off a knight's armor to go into early retirement." - The Traveler's Tale
Diamond Armor

FFTA Diamond Armor.PNG

Gift of Stone C 1850 0 40 0 3 0 0 0 Defense↑ (Paladin, Defender, and Ravager, 150)
"A beautiful piece of armor, to be sure, but compared to the diamonds that bespeckle it, the rest is rough." - The Study of Arms
Platinum Armor

FFTA Opal Armor.PNG

Silver-sheened Armor B 3200 0 42 0 3 0 0 0 Tank (Defender, Lanista, and Ravager, 200)
Beautiful curves of silvery metal make this suit of armor a sight to behold on the battlefield.
Carabineer Mail

FFTA Carabini Mail.PNG

Black-stained Armor C 2800 0 42 0 8 0 0 0 None
This remarkably lightweight armor is made of iron fused with mythril.
Mirror Mail

FFTA Mirror Mail.PNG

Mirrored Gear C 2000 0 40 0 6 0 0 0 None
Equip: Reflect
This thin armor is imbued with powerful Reflect magicks.
Dragon Mail

FFTA Dragon Mail.PNG

Black-stained Armor B 3800 0 40 0 6 0 0 0 Bonecrusher (Templar and Bonecrusher (Ravager, 250)
Half Damage: Fire
The fusing of steel plates with scales in this armor is a product of not smithing, but of the dragon's diet.

FFTA Maximillian.PNG

Seal of the Templar C 5600 0 44 0 10 0 0 0 None
This armor bears the crest of the last of the Knights of the Round.
Genji Armor

FFTA Genji Armor.PNG

Exotic Armor A 13500 2 58 0 12 0 0 0 Reflex (Paladin and Raptor, 350)
This suit of armor from a faraway land is truly one-of-a-kind.
Adamant Armor

FFTA Adaman Armor.PNG

Unyielding Strength A 12000 0 54 0 3 0 0 0 None
The adamantite that reinforces this armor gives it a beautiful greenish luster.
Materia Armor

FFTA Materia Armor.PNG

Crystal Gear B 8500 0 50 5 8 0 0 0 None
Armor fashioned of materia crystals. It boasts incredible strength and resistance to attacks.

FFTA Peytral.PNG

None None 0 69 5 2 2 2 1 None
This sturdy armor is fashioned to resonate with the tides of battle, strengthening in times of direst need.
  • Defense goes up by 1 every time you get an Opportunity event in a battle, capping at +99.

Light armor[]

Light armor can be equipped by all jobs except for Paladin, Dragoon, Defender, and Templar.

Light Armor Bazaar Category Cost Atk Def Mag Rst. Eva Spd Skill (Job, AP)
Leather Clothing

FFTA Leather Garb.PNG

None 190 0 24 0 4 0 0 None
Rugged clothes made from many layers of quality leather.

FFTA Chain Plate.PNG

Battle-hardened Armor E 220 0 28 0 4 0 0 Counter (Thief and White Monk, 150)
A suit of armor made from small, interlinked iron rings.
Adamant Vest

FFTA Adaman Vest.PNG

Unyielding Strength D 600 0 30 0 3 0 0 Safeguard (Thief and Alchemist, 150)
A linen vest fit with an adamant alloy breastplate.
Survival Vest

FFTA Survival Vest.PNG

Survival Set C 1100 0 31 0 6 0 0 Immunity (Blue Mage and Beastmaster, 250)
The thick cotton in this vest reduces damage taken from blunt impacts.

FFTA Brigandine.PNG

Battle-hardened Armor D 1280 0 33 0 6 0 0 Sticky Fingers (Red Mage and Juggler, 250)
This suit of armor is cleverly designed so that no two pieces of metal rub against each other.
Jujitsu Gi

FFTA Judo Uniform.PNG

Pugilist's Gear D 1280 0 34 0 8 0 0 None
Immune: Doom
A fighting suit favored by monks.
Power Sash

FFTA Power Sash.PNG

Pugilist's Gear C 1500 4 34 0 10 0 0 Return Fire (Assassin and Juggler, 200)
This handy accoutrement is meant to take the slack out of clothing to prevent unwanted snags and tears.
Gaia Gear

FFTA Gaia Gear.PNG

Strength of Earth C 1500 0 34 0 12 0 0 Regenerate (Hunter, Sniper, and Tinker, 200)
Absorb: Earth
Element: Earth
This blue clothing has been blessed by the spirit of the earth.
Minerva Bustier

FFTA Minerva Plate.PNG

Mark of the Goddess B 1580 0 33 0 14 0 0 None
Immune: Dark; WOMEN only
It is said the goddess of victory once wore this garment. WOMEN only.
Ninja Gear

FFTA Ninja Gear.PNG

Stealth Set C 1700 0 33 0 6 5 1 Critical: Haste (Ninja and Beastmaster, 250)
Only the ninja know the techniques required to make this sturdy, stealthy gear.
Black Garb

FFTA Dark Gear.PNG

Stealth Set C 1700 0 35 0 3 2 2 Defense↑ (Sage, 150)
Immune: Stop
Clothes for blending into the shadows when secrecy is needed.


Battle Hardened Armor C 1850 0 35 0 10 0 0 Bonecrusher (Fighter, 250)
Immune: KO
A hero-king of old wore this garment.
Mirage Vest

FFTA Mirage Vest.PNG

Mirrored Gear B 1900 0 36 0 16 0 0 MP Shield (Blue Mage, Arcanist, and Tinker, 450)
Element: Holy
When it catches the light, this garment glows with an unearthly luminescence.
Rubber Suit

FFTA Rubber Suit.PNG

Battle-hardened Armor B 2000 0 36 0 18 0 0 None
Immune: Lightning; WOMEN only
Lightning never strikes twice. This suit's designer knows even once is too often. WOMEN only.
Bone Plate

FFTA Bone Plate.PNG

Night's Embrace C 2000 0 37 0 8 0 0 Strike Back (Parivir, Gladiator, and Ravager, 250)
Absorb: Dark
Element: Dark
This garment was made by stitching together the bones of a beast.
Judicer's Coat

FFTA Judge Coat.PNG

Power Within A 7000 0 44 0 24 0 0 Unscarred (Master Monk and Ravager, 150)
A coat for a judge, keeper of the law.
Templar Cloth

FFTA Temple Cloth.PNG

Battle-hardened Armor A 7200 0 46 0 20 0 0 None
This holy coat receives protection from the gods themselves. Worn by the knights of an ancient, lost kingdom.
Brint Frock

FFTA Brint Set.PNG

Trendy Clothes A 10200 0 47 5 16 0 0 None
The latest from fashion mavens Brint Mea. A gorgeously refined design.
Galmia Frock

FFTA Galmia Set.PNG

Trendy Clothes A 10200 5 47 0 16 0 0 None
The latest from fashion house Galmia Pepe. A chic, understated design.
Ever Robe

FFTA Onlyone.PNG

Threadbare Clothes A 12800 0 49 0 28 0 0 Reflex (White Monk, Sage, and Fencer, 350)
A high quality, rugged tunic. Made to last a lifetime.


Robes can be equipped by White Mage, Black Mage, Illusionist, Blue Mage, Paladin, Seer, Time Mage, Alchemist, Arcanist, Sage, Bishop, Templar, Green Mage, Red Mage, Summoner, and Geomancer.

Robes Bazaar Category Cost Def Mag Rst. Skill (Job, AP)
Hempen Robe

FFTA Hempen Robe.PNG

None 150 17 0 32 None
A simple robe woven from coarse thread.
Silken Robe

FFTA Silken Robe.PNG

Bulky Robes E 180 17 0 38 None
A supple robe woven from the finest silks.
Magus Robe

FFTA Magus Robe.PNG

Magicked Protectives E 600 17 0 40 Critical: Quicken (Time Mage, 450)
Resistance↑ (Geomancer, 150)
This robe flutters out like a cape; the symbol of the mage.
Chameleon Robe

FFTA Mistle Robe.PNG

Bulky Robes D 1240 21 0 38 None
Absorb: Holy
Element: Holy
A lucky robe, dyed with pigment taken from the leaves of the ivy creeper.
Blaze Robe

FFTA Blaze Robe.PNG

Arms of the Firelord C 1240 21 0 38 None
Absorb: Fire
Element: Fire
A robe such as this will not burn, even should it be thrust into a forge-fire.
Thunder Robe

FFTA Thunder Robe.PNG

Storm-forged Armaments C 1240 21 0 38 None
Absorb: Lightning
Element: Lightning
Strange hoops of magick wire woven into this robe conduct and hold the power of the storm.
Flurry Robe

FFTA Flurry Robe.PNG

Arms of the Icelord D 1240 21 0 38 None
Absorb: Ice
Element: Ice
Even on the sunniest of days, a dusting of snow sits upon the shoulders of this robe.
White Robe

FFTA White Robe.PNG

White Vestments C 1800 23 0 48 Turbo MP (White Mage, 250)
Half Damage: Ice
A robe of the purest white. Better than black magick for defending one's person.
Black Robe

FFTA Black Robe.PNG

Black Vestments C 1800 23 2 46 Replenish MP (Seer, 350)
Half Damage: Water
A jet black robe. Lends its power to black magick incantations.
Red Robe


Vermillion Vestments B 2400 24 0 46 Pierce (Seer and Arcanist, 200)
A robe intended mainly for use by red mages. The sight of its vermillion whorls in the wind is breathtaking.
Magick Robe

FFTA Magic Robe.PNG

Magicked Protectives B 5600 26 6 46 Evade Magick (Green Mage and Time Mage, 250)
These enchanted robes are dyed a cerulean blue. Said to give their wearer the courage to be humble and conscientious in their dealings.
Reaper's Robe

FFTA Reaper Cloak.PNG

Cursed Armor B 7200 34 0 46 None
Absorb: Dark
Element: Dark
Robes so drenched in blood they've turned black. Their rustling is the sound of a soul in anguish.
Samite Coat

FFTA Silver Coat.PNG

Silver Death B 7800 32 0 48 Magick Counter (Black Mage, Bishop, and Geomancer, 400)
This silvery coat sparkles with sanctified light.
Luminous Robe

FFTA Light Robe.PNG

Bulky Robes B 11800 27 0 50 Halve MP (Bishop, Summoner, and Illusionist, 400)
This lustrous robe has the strange property of reducing fatigue, both of body and mind.
Lordly Robe

FFTA Lordly Robe.PNG

Bulky Robes A 14800 30 0 52 Absorb MP (Green Mage and Illusionist, 250)
This classy robe was once bestowed upon a great lord.
Sage's Robe

FFTA Sage Robe.PNG

Sage's Bequest A 16400 26 0 62 Geomancy (Black Mage, 350)
A robe of soft, durable cloth. Sent to those sages who have walked the paths of knowledge to their end.


FFTA2 Shield Icon.png Shields can be equipped by: Soldier, Paladin, Warrior, Defender, Fencer, Moogle Knight, Sage, Viking, and Raptor. Any unit with the Shieldbearer P-ability can also equip a shield. The unit must have one free hand to equip it. If a unit has both hands free, it can equip two shields at once.

Shields Bazaar Category Cost Atk Def Rst. Eva Spd Skill (Job, AP)
Bronze Shield

FFTA - Bronze Shield.png

None 200 0 0 2 5 0 Shieldbearer (Soldier, Warrior, and Fencer, 150)
A simple shield of bronze.
Round Shield

FFTA Round Shield.PNG

Soot-stained Shields E 800 0 0 2 7 0 Shieldbearer (Sage and Moogle Knight, 150)
A rounded shield for deflecting attacks.
Platinum Shield

FFTA Opal Shield.PNG

Silver-sheened Armor C 1400 0 1 5 10 0 Shieldbearer (Viking and Raptor, 150)
The luster of this shield is a sight to behold.
Ice Shield

FFTA Ice Shield.PNG

Rimebound Gear C 1400 0 0 8 10 0 None
Absorb: Ice
Element: Ice
A slight chill hangs in the air around this magicked shield.
Flame Shield

FFTA Flame Shield.PNG

Arms of the Firelord B 1400 0 0 8 10 0 None
Absorb: Fire
Element: Fire
The magickal glyphs that adorn this shield invoke the fire used to forge it.
Aegis Shield

FFTA Aegis Shield.PNG

Soot-stained Shields D 2200 0 2 5 10 0 None
Immune: Stone
Element: Holy
"I was alarmed to hear a mighty demon lay trapped within the shield, yet I know it is stronger for it."
Genji Shield

FFTA Genji Shield.PNG

Exotic Armor B 7200 2 5 7 10 0 None
Element: Holy
A shield from a faraway land, said to match a set of legendary armor.
Templar Shield

FFTA Sacri Shield.PNG

Seal of the Templar B 7200 0 2 5 12 0 None
Immune: Poison, Blind, Silence, Immobilize, DIsable, Confuse, Charm
Element: Holy
It is said this shield was a gift from the world above to a mortal king.
Shield of the Four

FFTA Shijin Shield.PNG

Soot-stained Shields B 7200 0 0 10 12 0 None
A mythril shield, made in honor of the Four Gods. It bears the symbols of the Four upon its surface.
Chocobo Shield

FFTA Choco Shield.PNG

Soot-stained Shields C 7200 0 0 0 12 2 Gil Snapper (Viking, 300)
A shield made from the tanned skin of a chocobo.
Ensanguined Shield

FFTA2 Ensanguined Shield.PNG

Cursed Armor A 18600 0 0 0 15 0 None
Weak: Fire
Element: Dark
It is said the blackened blood that coats this demon shield belonged to its former owners.
Reverie Shield

FFTA Reverie Shield.PNG

Soot-stained Shields A 21000 0 0 0 20 0 None
A shield of many colors - it changes its hue with every swing of the arm.