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The iOS and Android port of Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions introduces 31 achievements for the player to collect.


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Achievement Description Points Notes
The Meager Completed Chapter I of the main story. 30
Master & Servant Completed Chapter II of the main story. 30
The Valiant Completed Chapter III of the main story. 30
Somebody to Love Completed Chapter IV of the main story. 30
Novice Attained level 10. 30
Journeyman Attained level 30. 30
Veteran Attained level 50. 30
Champion Attained level 99. 50
Seeking New Work Changed jobs at least once. 10
Will Work for Gil Completed an errand with resounding success. 10
Hunter and Hunted Successfully executed Poach during battle. 10
The Other Side Experienced a Game Over 5
The Sound of Music Accessed the sound test. 5
Solid Foundation Mastered all Squire and Chemist abilities. 30
The Art of War Mastered all Knight, Samurai, Monk, and Dragoon abilities. 30
The Art of Magick Mastered all White Mage, Black Mage, and Time Mage abilities. 30
Mastering the Body Mastered all Ninja and Dark Knight abilities. 30
Mastering the Mind Mastered all Summoner, Mystic, Orator, Geomancer, and Arithmetician abilities. 30
Warden of the Woods Mastered all Archer and Bard abilities. 30
Phantom Dance Mastered all Thief and Dancer abilities. 30
Shedding Tears Changed job to Onion Knight. 100
Arcane Bounty Completed Gift of the Magi. 30
The Sky Pirate Recruited Balthier to your party. 30
Time traveler Recruited Cloud to your party. 30
Dragon's Blood Recruited the true Reis to your party. 30
The Destroyer Recruited Zodiark to your party. 30
Into the Rift Gained access to Midlight's Deep. 30
Stranger in the Dark Recruited Byblos to your party. 100
Forbidden Chant Learned the magic spell Ultima. 50
The Gambler Obtained a copy of the Nanai's Histories. 10
A Tragic Love Tale Obtained a copy of the Enavia Chronicles. 10
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