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NB: This page uses the PlayStation localization.

The Final Fantasy Tactics: Prima's Official Strategy Guide is a book about Final Fantasy Tactics originally published by Prima Publishing in 1998. Artwork for both characters, monsters, and equipment can be found throughout the guide. The book is 192 pages long.

Table of Contents[]

Part One[]

Part one introduces Final Fantasy Tactics to the player, explaining that this game is a RPG that focuses on strategy with a 3D isometric view of maps and various other elements on the map.

Part Two[]

Part two focuses on battles, explaining the various details of the flow of battle. It also details the navigation of menus and screens, Active Turn (AT) and Charge Time (CT), physical and magical attacks, the effect of terrain, healing, zodiac alignments, Brave and Faith Points, status anomalies, formation screen, equipping units, and propositions.

Part Three[]

Chapter One: The Meager[]

This section covers the entire chapter one of the game, spanning from battle 01 to 10. It mentions explicit details on enemy units and offering strategy on wining the battle along with showing the map of the battlefield.

Chapter Two: The Manipulator and the Subservient[]

Covers battle 11 to 21 with the same details from the previous chapter.

Chapter Three: The Valiant[]

Covers battle 22 to 32 with the same details from the previous chapter.

Chapter Four-Someone to Love[]

Cover battle map 33 to 69 with the same details from the previous chapter.

Part Four[]

The 20 Job Classes[]

This section contains explicit details on all the jobs, including the requirements, statistics, equipment details, the abilities the job has to offer, with the pros and cons of the job along with a strategy on using the specific job and its abilities to its fullest. It also details the special job classes.

Following the jobs, the Reaction, Support, and Movement abilities are details afterwards.


The bestiary covers all monsters found in the game. Listing their statistics, abilities, and Poached items.


A list of all weapons, armor, accessories, and items found in the game.

Propositions and Treasure Data[]

Details Propositions found in each towns, including the name, cost, recommended job, and reward. After the Propositions, the Unexplored Lands and Treasures are listed.