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Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster (ファイナルファンタジー ピクセルリマスター, Fainaru Fantajī Pikuseru Rimasutā?) is a series consisting of the first six numbered titles in the Final Fantasy series. All six games use the Unity game engine.


Announced June 13, 2021 as part of Square Enix Presents Summer Showcase for E3 2021 and published on iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows via Steam[1] in July that same year, the Pixel Remaster releases are promoted as being the "ultimate 2D remasters" of their respective games.[2]

The spritework appears to be partially based on the art featured in FF DOT: The Pixel Art of Final Fantasy, a 2018 art book that featured re-imagined sprites from many titles in the series.[3] All six titles' character pixel art have been fully remastered from their original versions by pixel artist Kazuko Shibuya who has worked on the Final Fantasy series since the first game.[4] The remasters do not include some previous Easter eggs, nor do they include some of the bonus dungeons and features introduced in the Game Boy Advance ports and further releases based on those.[5] Each release features a remastered musical score supervised by the original composer, Nobuo Uematsu, as well as additional adjustments taken from previous versions. Several prominent bugs and glitches from the original titles have also been resolved.

Relationship to previous versions[]

With the release of the Pixel Remasters, the previous Windows, iOS, and Android releases of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI, as well as the previous iOS and Android releases of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, were delisted from their respective stores as of July 29, and are no longer available for purchase. Players already possessing licenses to previous versions can continue to install and play them until the operating environment changes, at which point full functionality of the older versions cannot be guaranteed. Since the 3D versions of Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV are both established releases with distinctive gameplay, they remain available on all app stores and were retitled and repackaged in early June 2021.

Pixel Remaster is the first official PC release of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, and is the first international release of the original version of Final Fantasy III, with all prior international releases of the game being the 3D remake.

Version differences[]

Unlike previous versions of the games (where Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II were typically ported at the same time, while other games were ported as individual projects), the Pixel Remasters were made at roughly the same time, on an engine designed to support features from all six games at once. As a result, beyond the normal minor adjustments that happen from version to version, the overall game design and graphical style is much more unified, and mechanics in the games now more resemble the appearances in later entries in the series. This can be most strongly seen in Final Fantasy II, which introduced several recurring mechanics, but were often implemented in a way that does not resemble how the rest of the series would go on to use them; these mechanics have been adjusted to be more like those later games. Bugs throughout the games have also been fixed, including those that had been intentionally kept in other versions.

With the exception of Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster keeping some items introduced in Dawn of Souls while reworking them to account for changes to how MP works, all content that was added in the Finest Fantasy for Advance versions or later has been removed.

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