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The following is a list of weapons in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Weapons are usually found, but can sometimes be bought from certain people. The player can cycle through their weapons at any time by pressing R or L, this can also be done during battle.

The attack strength of sword, axe, and claw weapons increases as the player levels up. Bomb type weapons have set attack power and they will not become stronger when Benjamin levels up.

The damage formula for physical attacks is:


Sword type weapons can be used to hit switches on the overhead map.

Name Image Artwork Base Power Attack Power Obtained
Steel Sword MQSteelSword.PNG FFMQ Steel Sword Artwork.jpg 5 12.5~117.5 Initial: Benjamin
Knight Sword MQKnightSword.PNG FFMQ Knight Sword Artwork.jpg 45 55~160 Find: Ice Pyramid
Speed +5.
Excalibur MQExcalibur.PNG FFMQ Excalibur Artwork.jpg 125 135~240 Find: Pazuzu's Tower
Speed +5.


Axe-type weapons can be used to chop down trees on the overhead map, or can be used to hit switches, like those found in Pazuzu's Tower. All axes deal axe-elemental damage and deals extra damage to tree, crab, turtle and worm-type enemies.

Name Image Artwork Base Power Attack Power Obtained
Axe MQAxe.PNG FFMQ Axe Artwork.jpg 9 16.5~121.5
20 (Kaeli)
Gift: Kaeli (after defeating Minotaur in Level Forest)
Battle Axe MQBattleAxe.PNG FFMQ Battle Axe Artwork.jpg 62.5 70~175 Buy: Fireburg - 500 GP
Giant's Axe MQGiantAxe.PNG FFMQ Giant's Axe Artwork.jpg 105 112.5~217.5
194 (Kaeli)
Find: Alive Forest


Claw-type weapons can be used to climb up and down some walls on the overhead map and the Dragon Claw can also be used as a grappling hook to swing over large gaps.

Name Image Artwork Base Power Attack Power Obtained
Cat Claw MQCatClaw.PNG FFMQ Cat Claw Artwork.jpg 2.5 10~115
44 (Phoebe)
Gift: Phoebe (Wintry Cave)
Magic +5. Can inflict Poison and Paralyze.
Charm Claw MQCharmClaw.PNG FFMQ Charm Claw Artwork.jpg 37.5 45~150 Find: Mine
Magic +5. Can inflict Poison, Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, and Blind.
Dragon Claw MQDragonClaw.PNG FFMQ Dragon Claw Artwork.jpg 80 87.5~192.5 Gift: Tristam (Spencer's Place)
Magic +5. Can inflict Poison, Paralyze, Sleep, Confuse, Blind, Petrify, and Silence.


Bomb-type weapons can be used to destroy obstacles on the overhead map, and the Mega Grenade can be thrown from a distance to destroy obstacles. Bombs have high power when Benjamin first acquires them, but they have set power and do not grow stronger when Benjamin levels up, lowering their effectiveness in later areas. They have limited ammo and additional ammo is sold in towns. Up to 99 bombs can be carried at once. All bombs deal bomb-elemental damage, dealing extra damage to slime and beholder-type enemies, and hit all enemies.

Name Image Artwork Base Power Attack Power Obtained
Bomb MQBomb.PNG FFMQ Bomb Artwork.jpg 63 Buy: Tristam (Bone Dungeon)
Jumbo Bomb MQJumboBomb.PNG FFMQ Jumbo Bomb Artwork.jpg 112.5 Gift: Phoebe (Falls Basin)
Mega Grenade MQMegaGrenade.PNG FFMQ Mega Grenade Artwork.jpg 162 Gift: Arion's friend (Fireburg)

Other Weapons[]

These weapons are used by Benjamin's allies and cannot be equipped by the player. Kaeli is not listed, as she uses the Axe and the Giant's Axe during her travels with the player. Bare Hands is only available to characters that have run out of ammo.

Name Image Artwork Base Power Attack Power Obtained
Morning Star MQMorningStar.PNG 100 107.5~212.5
175 (1st time)
187 (2nd time)
Initial: Reuben
Ninja Star MQNinjaStar.PNG FFMQ Ninja Star Artwork.jpg 20 27~152
48 (1st time)
93 (2nd time)
Initial: Tristam
Shoot-elemental. Speed +5. Can inflict Poison and Paralyze.
Bow of Grace
FFMQ Arrow.png
FFMQ Bow of Grace Artwork.jpg 40 47~172
87 (1st time)
115 (2nd time)
Initial: Phoebe (after giving Benjamin Cat Claw)
Shoot-elemental. Speed +5. Can inflict Blind.
Bare Hands Current Power/2 Varies Used when a character runs out of Ammo for their weapon.
Only available to Benjamin, Tristam, and Phoebe.