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The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Stats applies to both party members and enemies.

List of statsEdit


Only Benjamin can level up. Phoebe, Kaeli, Tristam, and Reuben are at fixed levels and do not gain experience, although allies who leave and return later are at a higher level. Unlike the majority of the series, Benjamin cannot exceed Level 41. Upon level up, Benjamin will gain 40 HP, 2.5 Attack, 2 Defense, 2 Speed, 1 Magic, and 0.5 Accuracy per level, and typically gains a few Magic Left for at least one of the three types of magic. Although level is capped at 41, players can continue to accumulate experience, with every 10 million experience gaining two or three Magic Left per magic category, to a maximum of 99 each.

Unlike in the rest of the series, where current HP remains the same after a level-up, Benjamin's current HP is adjusted after leveling up so he remains at the same percentage of health.

The next level formula seems to be:

$ (13*(Current Level^3) + 61 * (Current Level^2)) $


HP is called Life in the game. Under the Customize setting within the main menu, the player can change the Life Indicate; chose the Scale to display a bar-graph of the character's HP or Figure to displays the HP as numerals. Once a character's HP reaches 0, this Fatal status will be applied on said character.

Magic LeftEdit

Magic works differently than with other Final Fantasy games, and all spells cost 1 to cast. At the maximum level, Benjamin can have 42 White, 21 Black, and 10 Wizard. While Benjamin can learn all spells, allies have their spells set and cannot gain more through gameplay, although their repertoire have increased in the space of their absence between their first and second appearances in the party.


The higher the number, the more damage the equipped weapon will deal. All weapons increase attack power.

The damage formula for physical attacks:

$ \frac{(\mbox{Attack}*4-\mbox{Defense})*\mbox{weakness}}{\mbox{split}} $
Armor Increase
Steel Helm +5
Moon Helm +5
Apollo Helm +5


The higher the number, the less damage the character will take. All armor increase defense power.


The higher the number, the better chances the character will attack first.

Weapon Increase
Knight Sword +5
Excalibur +5
Ninja Star +5
Bow of Grace +5


The higher the number, the more damage the spell will deal. The damage formula for spells are.

Black magic:

$ ((Spell Power*4)+(Magic*3)-Defense)*weakness/split $

Wizard magic:

$ ((Spell Power*6)+(Magic*9)-(Defense*2))*weakness/split $
Weapon Increase
Cat Claw +5
Charm Claw +5
Dragon Claw +5
Armor Increase
Charm +5
Magic Ring +5
Cupid Locket +5


The higher the number, the more chances on landing a hit on the enemy.


The higher the number, the better chances of running away from battle and evading enemy attacks.


Benjamin is the only character who can earn EXP, and it is gained after all non-boss battles. However, unlike most Final Fantasy games, the level cap is set at level 41. If the spell Exit is used to kill enemies during battle, no EXP or GP will be earned.

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