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The following is a list of items the player's character can use in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest.

Consumable itemsEdit

Consumable items are bought or found in brown chests, and can be used in battle and on the field. The player can hold up to 99 of each item.

The Cure potion formula is:

$ (Level * 10) $
Name Image Artwork Description
Cure MQCurePotion FFMQ Cure Potion Artwork Restores target's HP.
Heal MQHealPotion FFMQ Heal Potion Artwork Removes target's status ailments.
Refresher MQRefresher FFMQ Refresher Artwork Restores the stat(s) losses during battle.
Seed MQSeed FFMQ Seed Artwork Fully restores target's MP.

Key itemsEdit

Key items are either found or given by NPCs and are used automatically under the correct circumstances.

Name Image Artwork Description
Captain's Cap MQCaptainCap FFMQ Captain's Cap Artwork Given by Kaeli, give to Captain Mac.
Elixir MQElixir FFMQ Elixir Artwork Given by Tristam after completing the Bone Dungeon, used to cure Kaeli.
Magic Mirror MQMagicMirror FFMQ Magic Mirror Artwork Found inside the Ice Pyramid, reveals the invisible monster inside the Ice Pyramid.
Mask MQGasMask FFMQ Mask Artwork Found on the slopes of the Volcano, reveals monsters hidden within the gas on the Volcano slopes.
Multi-Key MQMultiKey FFMQ Multi-Key Artwork Given by Tristam in Fireburg, used to unlock Reuben's father's friend's door.
Thunder Rock MQThunderRock FFMQ Thunder Rock Artwork Given by Reuben's father Arion, used to power up Otto's Rainbow Bridge Machine.
Tree Wither MQTreeWither FFMQ Tree Wither Artwork Given by an old man in Level Forest, used to convince Kaeli to help Benjamin.
Venus Key MQVenusKey FFMQ Venus Key Artwork Given by Spencer, used to unlock the chest containing the Venus Shield in the Focus Tower.
Wakewater MQWakewater FFMQ Wakewater Artwork Given by the old man in Libra Temple, used to unthaw a plant in Aquaria.


Each type of crest allows the corresponding type of warp panel to be used. Collecting all the crests is needed to complete the game.

Name Image Artwork Description
Libra Crest MQLibraCrest FFMQ Libra Crest Artwork Found in the Wintry Cave after defeating Squidite. Allows Libra Panels to be used.
Gemini Crest MQGeminiCrest FFMQ Gemini Crest Artwork Found in a Battlefield near Fireburg. Allows Gemini Panels to be used.
Mobius Crest MQMobiusCrest FFMQ Mobius Crest Artwork Found in Spencer's Place via the Rainbow Bridge access. Allows Mobius Panels to be used.

Coins Edit

Each Coins unlocks a specific door inside the Focus Tower.

Name Image Artwork Description
Sand Coin MQSandCoin FFMQ Sand Coin Artwork Guarded by the Skullrus Rex and opens the Earth Door found within Focus Tower.
River Coin MQRiverCoin FFMQ River Coin Artwork Guarded by the Ice Golem and opens the Water door found within Focus Tower.
Sun Coin MQSunCoin FFMQ Sun Coin Artwork Guarded by the Dualhead Hydra and opens the Fire door found within Focus Tower.
Sky Coin MQSkyCoin FFMQ Sky Coin Artwork Guarded by Pazuzu and opens the Wind door found within Focus Tower.
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