Final Fantasy Mix or F. F. Mix is an arranged album of tracks from the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy VI. It contains arranged and remixed tracks from previously released singles, plus some unreleased tracks. Tracks 4 - 8 and 14 are from Final Fantasy IV: Minimum Album, while track 9 is from Final Fantasy V 5+1 (called that because of the one track arranged from the original Final Fantasy), and tracks 10 - 13 and 15 are from the Final Fantasy V "Mambo de Chocobo".

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Tina" (new view snow remix)
  2. "Friends Beats" ("Dear Friends" jeep remix)
  3. "Final Fantasy IV Main Theme" (phat style remix)
  4. "Prologue..." (arranged version)
  5. "Theme of Love" (arranged version)
  6. "The Origin" (unreleased track)
  7. "Restless Moments" (unreleased track)
  8. "The Sea of Silence" (unreleased track)
  9. "Matoya" (sfc version from Final Fantasy)
  10. "Mount of Sky Dragon" (unreleased track)
  11. "Opening Idea - Version 2" (unreleased track)
  12. "Flying Ship - Version 2" (unreleased track)
  13. "Mambo de Chocobo"
  14. "The Prelude Crystal Mix"
  15. "Final Fantasy Megamix"

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