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A list of locations that appear in Final Fantasy Legend II.


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Celestial World.

Once there was a magical statue of the Goddess Isis, but the statue was shattered into seventy-seven pieces, called MAGI, and they were scattered across the worlds. A young child's father is a MAGI Hunter, one who seeks the lost pieces of the statue. But one day, Dad doesn't return... and the child, with the help of his/her friends, must set off to find his/her father and solve the mystery of the MAGI.

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List of locations[]

Final Fantasy Legend II has a large amount of worlds that will be explored throughout the game. This list below contains a list of locations found within each worlds.

First World[]

Ashura's World[]

Ashura's World.

Giant World[]

Giant World.

Apollo's World[]

Guardian's World[]

Monster's World[]

Venus' World[]

Race World[]

Edo World[]

Nasty World[]

Valhalla World[]

Final World[]

Celestial World[]