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A list of locations that appear in Final Fantasy Legend II.


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FFLII Celestial World Artwork

Celestial World.

Once there was a magical statue of the Goddess Isis, but the statue was shattered into seventy-seven pieces, called MAGI, and they were scattered across the worlds. A young child's father is a MAGI Hunter, one who seeks the lost pieces of the statue. But one day, Dad doesn't return... and the child, with the help of his/her friends, must set off to find his/her father and solve the mystery of the MAGI.

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List of locationsEdit

Final Fantasy Legend II has a large amount of worlds that will be explored throughout the game. This list below contains a list of locations found within each worlds.

First WorldEdit

Ashura's WorldEdit

FFLII Ashura's World Artwork

Ashura's World.

Giant WorldEdit

FFLII Giant World Artwork

Giant World.

Apollo's WorldEdit

Guardian's WorldEdit

Monster's WorldEdit

Venus' WorldEdit

Race WorldEdit

Edo WorldEdit

Nasty WorldEdit

Valhalla WorldEdit

Final WorldEdit

Celestial WorldEdit

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