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The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy Legend II.

Main charactersEdit

Name Image Description
Human M FFLII Human M Generally speaking, humans become powerful by fighting in battles. Such qualities as strength, defense, agility, and mana will upgrade depending on the weapons, armors, and magic books that have been used in the battles. HP goes up regardless what items and equipment were used. While fighting the enemy increases the various characters' HP, their growth rate will not at all be equal. The stronger the enemy, the more powerful the characters become. Since the humans do not possess any special skill, they must depend on the items they carry. Humans can use any items they wish and can carry up to eight.
Human F FFLII Human F
Mutant M FFLII Mutant M The basic system of growth for mutants is equivalent to that for humans, but the rate of growth is a little slower. However, they have a much higher level of mana and can acquire various special abilities by fighting battles. Mutants can carry up to eight items, of which a maximum of four can be special abilities that can be acquired. Mutants can acquire these abilities if there is room on the item list. If their capacity is full, the newly acquired abilities is exchanged with the last one on the list. It's best to let them become powerful by using a lot of special skills and upgrade their mana. It's also a good idea not to give them too many weapons since they acquire different special skills as they become more powerful.
Mutant F FFLII Mutant F
Robot FFLII Robot Robots don't become powerful as a result of fighting in the battles. They can raise the HP and the values of abilities by equipping the weapons and armor. In other words, the more weapons and armor acquired, the stronger they become. They can equip themselves with any available items with different degrees of power. When robots have used up their weapons, the player shouldn't not throw them away. If the robots are staying in the inn, such weapons will restore the capacity to fifty percent of the maximum number that can be used. However, the operating level of the skill items will not decrease but they will not be restored at the inn, either. It is recommended that the robots be equipped with as many powerful weapons and armors as possible.
Slime FFLII Slime Field Monsters don't become powerful by themselves. They can transform themselves into another monster by eating enemy monster's meat, which may occasionally be dropped after the battle. Whether or not they become stronger depends on the meat they eat. They need to eat the meat of a strong monster to become stronger. They should not miss the meat of boss monsters when it's available. They may become weaker, however, by eating the meat of a weak monster. Once the monsters become strong, they should not eat the monster's meat unless the player are sure that it's the meat of a very strong monster.
Baby-D FFLII Baby-D Field
Imp FFLII Imp Field

Temporary playable charactersEdit

Name Image Description
Mr. S FFLII Mr. S Mr. S teaches school at the first town, giving a bit of background on MAGI. He joins the party in the beginning of the game through the first dungeon.
Mask FFLII Mask Mask is a excellent character and joins the party to defeat Ashura. He is a guardian and Lynn's father. His favorite weapon is a hammer.
Ki FFLII Ki Ki is at the Shrine of Isis in the first world. She has great healing powers due to the MAGI inside her body. She also possesses powerful attack magic.
Lynn FFLII Lynn Lynn is a powerful fighter with very high attack power. She comes equipped with the skills kick and punch, and later on HeadBut and X-kick.
Dad FFLII Dad The main character's father. He is very powerful and well known throughout most of the worlds that the player will visit. He uses swords, guns, and whips throughout the game. He is a guardian and referred to as "Captain".
Hana FFLII Hana A detective who will join the party. They work with her to solve a case that involves mystery and intrigue. She comes equipped with Sypha, Temptat and Coin.
Taro FFLII Taro A guardian who joins the party in their quest to defeat the Sho-gun. He is infatuated with Hana although rarely shows it. His favorite weapons are the katana and Muramas. He is themed after a classical Samurai.
Isis FFLII Isis An ancient God who will help the party at the end of their quest. She is in charge of keeping the balance of the worlds in check and that the pillar of sky remains stable. She uses the Masmune, Aegis and Heart MAGI as well as the powerful flare spell. In addition, she is the only God in the game who does not fight the heroes.

Supporting charactersEdit

Name Image Description
Jane FFLII Jane The main character's mother, and the wife of Dad. Her name is only revealed at the end of the game.
Johnny FFLII Human M A man living in the Giant's World. A rumor states that he was once a giant a long time ago. Johnny denies it thoroughly, though.
Lynn's Mother FFLII Jane Lynn's mother is initially sick and her husband is missing. Dad takes care of the family in the meantime. Her husband returns home at the end of the game.
Flora FFLII Flora After Leon was exiled from the city, Venus declares that Flora must marry Nils. When Leon shows up at the wedding to defeat Venus armed only with a knife and a MAGI of power, she begs Venus to let him go. She refuses, and Flora makes a scar on her face to force Venus to exile her too. But this only enrages Venus.
Leon FFLII Leon Leon was exiled from Venus' City because his leg got wounded in an accident. He learns from the party that his love, Flora, is getting married to Nils. He opposes Venus and attempts to defeat her by himself.
Nils FFLII Imp Field Nils is the husband chosen by Venus to marry Flora. He tells the heroes that although he feels sorry for Leon, it must just be fortune that events turned out as they did. After the heroes fight Venus in the chapel, he tells everyone he is sorry and wishes Leon and Flora to forgive him.
Echigoya FFLII Echigoya A shop keeper who sells first class goods in Edo World. Echigoya is smuggling bananas, which is illegal in Edo World. He is also allegedly the one responsible for Hana's father's disappearance.
Kame FFLII Kame Hana's father was Kame's boss, and told him to watch after her if anything happened to him. Kame sneaks onto Echigoya's ship to attempt to prove Echigoya smuggles bananas and gets caught.
Sho-gun FFLII Sho-gun Field Sho-gun is gathering MAGI by utilizing Echigoya's illegal banana trade and his own personal power. When the team tries to bring him to justice in Echigoya's basement, it is revealed that he has been paying off the authorities to keep them quiet.
Magnate FFLII Magnate Field Magnate is the father of Sho-gun. Magnate kills Sho-gun when he fails to kill the heroes who are interfering with Magnate's plans. He's been using Sho-gun to collect MAGI and trying to become a true God.
Traveling Merchant FFLII Traveling Merchant The traveling merchant only appears after the party reaches Final Town. He is found loitering inside the Item Shops across all the world's towns. In Final Town, he'll just be standing behind the counter inside the Item Shop.


Name Image Description
Ashura FFLII Ashura Field Ashura became a god with MAGI and now rules Ashura's World. He wants to get the ultimate MAGI so that he can conquer the other worlds.
Apollo FFLII Apollo Field Apollo is initially a friend and ally to the heroes, even giving them some MAGI to gain their trust. But this is all a ruse so that he might steal them back from them once they'd gathered them all. The incomplete transformation inevitably destroys his own body after trying to become a god without the seventy-eight MAGI due to him not being aware of its existence.
Dunatis FFLII Robot The fictional god of mountains, lives in the Cave of Mountain, a cave near Lynn's Village on Apollo World. The citizens believe this god sings in the cave on windy days. Dunatis is merely a robot bent on eliminating all intruders who venture inside the cave.
Neptune Neptune is only mentioned by name, he appears as a fictional god believed by the citizen of Port Town on Apollo World. According to them, he's living off shore over the headland and known to wreck ships with his poison breath. Neptune seems to be angry lately, and the sea sometimes flashes red.
Venus FFLII Venus Field Venus is a vain goddess, and according to her, everything in her city is beautiful. Those that do not fit her beauty are exiled from her city.
Odin FFLII Odin Field A god who watches over fallen heroes in his palace. If the party dies, they are sent to Odin who revives them.

Other charactersEdit

Name Image Description
WarMach FFLII WarMach Field Guards the seventy-eight MAGI on the twelfth floor of Final Dungeon.
Arsenal FFLII Arsenal Field A powerful ancient security-system that was activated by Apollo's abuse of MAGI, this gigantic machine was seemingly preparing to destroy the worlds, but the heroes, aided by Isis, fought their way to the machine and destroyed it.
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