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The following is a list of commands in Final Fantasy Legend III.

List of commandsEdit

Name Description Image
Fight Opens the menu for Weapon, Talent, Magic, Item, Parry, and Guard.
Run Gives the player a chance to try and run from the current battle. There is a chance they'll fail prompting to lose a turn. It doesn't work during boss battles. The ability to run away is base on the average agility of the party versus the average agility of the monsters. FFLIII Escape
Auto The Auto command allows the player to set character(s) on an automated function, where one or more will become an automated. When character(s) are set to Auto control, they will usually act in a manner befitting the situation. FFLIII Auto Command
Weapon Attack with equipped weapon. FFLIII Liz King Attacked
Talent Most of the enemy abilities are usable by the player and they will be listed inside the Talent command for these playable characters. Since temporary party member cannot transform, they cannot use those abilities. FFLIII Bite
Magic There are three types of magic; White Magic, Black Magic, and Lost Magic. Up to 24 magic spells of any type can be equipped on a single character. FFLIII Flare
Item The Item command is one of four default commands that appears during the battle and there are only 24 inventory spaces. Besides the regular items such as healing items, weapons and armor, key items also takes up space in the inventory, making item storage limited. FFLIII Item Command
Parry Parry halves all damage for one round, allies and monsters alike can use this command. FFLIII Parry
Guard Guard acts like Cover, it will guard a particular character for a turn and if that character is attacked. The character will take the attack or special attack and receive the damage. FFLIII Guard
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