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The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy Legend III.

Main characters[]

Name Image Type Element Description
FFLIII Arthur.png Human Fire The hero of the story, Arthur was mysteriously sent back in time ten years ago. The Elder of Dharm has reared and nurtured him for the last ten years. Arthur is skilled in combat, and courageous.
FFLIII Curtis.png Mutant Air Sent back in time with his best friend Arthur, Curtis has excellent attack Magic potential.
FFLIII Gloria.png Mutant Water Gloria was sent back from the future with Arthur and Curtis. Her powerful healing Magic allows the party to explore dangerous, unexplored areas with confidence.
FFLIII Sharon.png Human Earth The Elder's sole grandchild, Sharon, was raised with Arthur, Curtis, and Gloria. She is strong-willed and has well-honed fighting skills.

Supporting characters[]

Name Image Type Element Description
FFLIII Myron.png Human Fire A powerful warrior, Myron grew up with Arthur, Curtis, Gloria, and Sharon. He's like the big brother Arthur never had. Few Monsters are able to do any serious damage to him.
FFLIII Lara.png Mutant Earth Lara was raised in the town of Elan in the Past World by the reclusive "Granny." Tragically, Lara has been brainwashed by a powerful Monster.
FFLIII Dion.png Human Air Raised as a youth by the Elder of Dharm, he was just a little boy when the party originally left Dharm, but Dion grows to become a famous rebel leader in the Future World.
FFLIII Faye.png Human Water Faye is a young woman who was raised by the Elder of Dharm in the Present World. In the Future World, she will grow to become a respected warrior.
FFLIII Borgin.png Mutant Fire Borgin is the last to join the party, but perhaps the most important. It is he who sent Arthur, Curtis and Gloria back in time from Viper City when they were just children, the embattled city of the Future World.

Talon crew[]

Name Image Description
the Sage
FFLIII Buzi.png This learned individual can remove the haunting and dangerous "images" cast by Monsters. When he boards the Talon, he will sell tools.
the Armor Artist
FFLIII Juba.png Juba is the best armorsmith in Pureland. Like Masa, Juba can mix "Light Stone" and "Dark Stone" to create Armor. When he boards the Talon, Armor can be bought from him.
the Weapon Artist
FFLIII Masa.png Masa is the most skilled weapon-maker in Pureland. He can turn the cursed "Muramas" sword into the mighty "Masmune" sword. He can also mix "Light Stone" and "Dark Stone" to create Weapons. When he boards the Talon, Weapons can be bought from him.
the Wizard
FFLIII Shar.png Shar is the only wizard in Pureland. Like Masa and Juba, he can work wonders with the four Magic Stones and create "New Magic." He will sell Magic when he boards the Talon.

Supporting cast[]

Name Image Description
The Elder of Dharm
FFLIII Elder of Dharm.png The man who founded the small town of Dharm and raised the main party as children. The Elder is the supreme ruler of the city of Dharm. He sealed the city when Borgin brought the hero to him and told him of the coming danger.
Cronos FFLIII Cronos-Eitar.png When Cronos is met in the past, Present, and Future Worlds in the city of Elan, he will give valuable information. He is Granny's grandson and a wise man who helps the party look for Talon Units in the present.
Dr. Belski
FFLIII Doctors.png A true medical genius, but somewhat eccentric, Dr. Belski's research into biotechnology in the future city of Viper will save many, including Dion.
Dr. Pulcer
FFLIII Doctors.png The World's foremost expert on the Talon, Dr. Pulcer dwells in an underwater shelter and guides the party when they go to Pureland. He once had a partner named Dr. Quacer, but has not been in contact with him since Quacer's departure for Pureland. Dr. Pulcer is the brains behind the plan to get to Pureland and stop Xagor.
Dr. Quacer
FFLIII Doctors.png Part of the advance party which includes Borgin and Jupiah, Dr. Quacer goes to Pureland in the Talon2. He founded and lives in Talonsburg with Borgin. With luck and enough time, he could repair the Talon, should the need arise.
Granny FFLIII Granny.png Granny is met in every era during Arthur's time travels. She lives in Elan and can offer vital information. She is over 200 years old, but will never admit it. She's a powerful magician who runs the magic shop there.
FFLIII Cronos-Eitar.png The star student of Buzi, Eitar lives in a town in Pureland. He and his fellow townsmen are tormented by Mummycats that lurk in the maze.
King Clamin
(King Kuranes)
FFLIII King Clamin.png Originally hailing from Elan, Clamin has settled down in Pureland, ruling the cloud city of Cirrus. He will only help the heroes if he thinks they have a chance, so they need to have Xcalibr in their possession if they want his help. He holds the Pass needed to enter the Underworld.
Captain FFLIII Captain Field Sprite.png Captain is a character from Final Fantasy Legend II, and he makes a cameo appearance along with his wife Jane and his son/daughter. They are found within one of the houses in Donmac, and will give Arthur the Katana tablet. Afterwards, he and his family mysteriously vanish from the house right before Arthur's eyes.
Jane FFLIII Jane Field Sprite.png Jane is the wife of Captain and she's a character from Final Fantasy Legend II, she makes a cameo appearance alongside her husband and son/daughter. She and her family are found within one of the houses in Donmac, and will tell Arthur about Argon guarding the Barrier Machine. Afterwards, they vanish from the house right in front of Arthur's eyes.
Protagonist FFLIII Child Field Sprite.png Protagonist is the child of Captain and Jane, and the hero/heroine from Final Fantasy Legend II. S/he makes a cameo appearance along with his/her parents. S/he and his/her parents are found within one of the houses in Donmac, and will tell Arthur how to defeat Argon. Afterwards, s/he and his/her family will vanish from the house.
The Dwelgs
FFLIII Dwelgs.png These barbaric giants dwell in a city in the Pureland Underworld. They will attack when encountered, but if your party has transformed itself into Dwelgs using the magic "Morph," interesting things may be learned.
Ifram Tree FFLIII Ifram Tree.png The Ifram Seed is the seed of an intelligent tree, and can only grow in Ripesoil. If planted in the Past World, it will grow into the Ifram Tree. He provides Arthur with information during his quest.
The WaterHags
FFLIII WaterHags.png The result of a mysterious disease that turns humans into WaterHags. They will attack when encountered in the Future World, but if the party has been transformed into WaterHags using the magic "Morph," interesting things may be learned from them.
FFLIII Arthur.png The last of the advance party that goes to Pureland in the Talon2, Jupiah met his demise before the main party reached Pureland. He resembles Arthur, and many enemies mistake Arthur for Jupiah. He is the father of Arthur, killed by Fenrir, and his brain has been incorporated into the Talon2.
Sol FFLIII Sol.png The most powerful human in existence, only he can stop the Water Entity, but he's been taken and imprisoned by Xagor.


Name Image Description
Dogra FFLIII Dogra.png Dogra was the one who brainwashed Lara, and when the Arthur confronts him inside the cave, he mistakenly assumed he was Borgin. Dogra dies without giving more information.
Ashura FFLIII Ashura.png Ashura resides at the top of South Tower, guarding the key to Castle of Chaos. Before Arthur engages in battle with him, he claims that the Talon Units were already moved to the castle.
Chaos FFLIII Chaos.png The first of the Four Water Entity Monsters. When confronting Chaos in the Castle of Chaos, he asks Arthur why he's searching for the Talon Units. After hearing Arthur's reply, he proceeds to engage the party to battle. He's in possession of two Talon Units.
Maitreya FFLIII Maitreya.png The second of the four Water Entity monsters. Maitreya is the ruler of Floatland in the Future World. Dion ends up confronting Maitreya alone, when Arthur catches up with him. He finds that Dion was defeated. Apparently, Maitreya took Faye and is holding the X-Plane Unit.
Fenrir FFLIII Fenrir.png Fenrir took Faye to the North Maze and turned the townsmen of Eitar's Village into stone. Arthur confronts and demands that Fenrir release Faye, but Fenrir mistakes him for Jupiah and is puzzled about him coming back to life.
FFLIII Guha.png Guha is confronted by Buzi in Mt. Hasbid. He says that if Buzi opposes Xagor, he must stop him. Arthur intervenes and opposes Guha. He claims that the people here can't oppose the Masters and the two engage in battle.
FFLIII Dahak.png Dahak guards the entrance of the Southwest Ruins and won't move from his position. Arthur ask to be let through, but Dahak replies that he should defeat him. After the battle, Dahak tells Arthur that only his image is here due to Xagor's power. Arthur calls on Buzi who dispels the image which allows Arthur to proceed.
FFLIII Jorgandr.png Sandstorm Master Jorgandr who resides in the Jorgandr Desert. The Talon gets caught in a sandstorm and crashes in the desert due to Jorgandr.
FFLIII Agron.png Agron is the guardian of the Barrier Machine, Arthur tries to attack Agron with a Mystic Sword, but the machine protects him.
FFLIII Ballor.png Acting like a guard, he blocks the path of the party in Xagor's Castle. He also acts as a messenger, informing the party of Xagor's true nature and mocking them before engaging them in battle. Even after being defeated, he mocks them with his dying words that Xagor has now achieved invincibility.
FFLIII Xagor True Form.png Xagor is the very ocean that Arthur sees everyday, and only a part of him is at Xagor's Castle. The Water Entity that threatens the world is of Xagor's devising, it wishes to see only Pureland live on.