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The following is a list of version differences between releases of Final Fantasy IX



Final Fantasy IX was released July 7 2000 in Japan. This is the original version.

North America and EuropeEdit

  • By default, the English version uses X to confirm, Circle to cancel, Triangle to enter the menu. The Japanese version uses Circle to confirm, X to cancel, and Triangle to enter the menu.
  • An English version of the theme song, "Melodies of Life", plays in the ending, as opposed to the Japanese version in the original.
  • Getting a perfect score in the sword-fighting minigame now always yields 10000 gil. In the Japanese version, the reward varies depending on the player's quickness.

Mobile and SteamEdit

  • The game has improved graphics, anti-aliasing filtering, high-definition cutscene movies, and improved character models.
  • A new menu and new menu portraits for party members.
  • New battle user interfaces and message dialogue windows.
  • Random encounter rate has been reduced.
  • New sprites for Tetra Master cards. E.g. Namingway's card is updated with the sprite from Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.
Shimmering Island from FFIX comparison original versus remaster

Original at the top.

  • The Shimmering Island portal no longer shimmers; in the original, the opened portal used to shift between white, purple and blue.
  • Achievements have been added.
  • Auto-save
  • Speed-boost options were implemented. The player can now skip cutscenes, disable pre-battle fly-bys, and play in high speed mode (doubles all movement speeds, both in and out of battle).
  • The "boosters" available are always full ATB/Trance/HP/MP, 9999 damage, no random encounters, master abilities (equipping an item automatically unlocks its abilities permanently), and characters' levels and Magic Stones and the party's gil can be maxed out.
  • Character naming screen is different. Input to change names is only via keyboard in the Steam version.
  • When the player character can interact with an object on the field a bubble pops up denoting what the interaction is for. E.g. An icon of the back of a card appears when the player approaches an NPC that will play Tetra Master.
  • The sword fight during I Want to Be Your Canary play is made easier to get a perfect score.
  • It is possible to pause during FMVs, with the exception of the ending FMV, which is also not skippable.
  • The blackjack minigame is made accessible from the title screen upon beating the game rather than by entering a sequence at the The End screen. An option to view FMVs is added to the title screen upon beating the game.
  • The player can choose a number of different language options from the title screen: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and British English.
  • Disc change screens are eliminated; there is no longer any stated delineation between portions of the game.
  • Menu functionality is available while controlling Regent Cid as a frog during the brief portion in Desert Palace.
  • When playing the jump rope minigame with keyboard and mouse in the Steam version, the player can rapid-fire-click without any regard to rhythm to clear it.

PlayStation 4Edit

  • Based on the mobile and Steam versions.
  • The boosters and the ability to skip cutscenes are retained.
  • New types of boosters called "Cheats" can be accessed from the Config menu and include raising character levels and Magic Stones to lv. 99, mastering abilities of equipment in the inventory, and maxing out gil. Activating any of these disables the ability to obtain trophies.
  • Anti-aliasing has been further improved.
  • Improved load times.


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