Character stats in the Stats menu.

The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy IX. Stats applies to both party members and enemies. Party members' stats include their own base stat and the added stats of their weapon, armor and their add-on.

List of stats


Once a party member gains enough experience, they will level up. Increasing their level improves the damage the character does, and boosts most stats. It also plays an important role in many Blu Mag spells.

The level stat is included in most damage formulas, meaning it along with Strength and Attack directly affect the physical damage dealt, while it and Magic directly affect magic damage dealt.


The HP stat shows how much health a character has left. Once it reaches zero, a character is KO'd. Party member HP is capped at 9999 while enemies are not.


The MP stat shows how many abilities a character can use. Most characters' skillset abilities, such as Skill, Blk Mag, Wht Mag and Swd Art require MP to cast. Party member MP is capped at 999 while enemies are not.


The Speed stat determines how fast the Active Time Battle gauge of a unit fills up, before they can execute another move.


The Strength stat determines (along with Attack and Level) the damage dealt by a physical attack, referring to either a normal attack and most characters' special abilities.

The damage dealt by physical attacks by party members is normally determined as follows:


However, this varies slightly depending on the weapon. For thief swords and knight swords, the bonus damage is also based on Spirit, while for rackets, the bonus damage is also based on Speed. For both forks and hammers, the damage calculated is still based on the Strength stat, but is modified more heavily by random chance, meaning it can either deal much more damage or much less.[1]

The damage dealt by enemy's physical attacks is determined as follows:



The Magic stat determines (along with Level) the damage dealt (or amount healed) by a magical attack, referring to Blk Mag, Wht Mag and Summon abilities.


The Spirit stat affects various chances of a character's abilities. Higher Spirit improves the chances to Steal, Counter and deal critical damage. It also determines how long status effects remain and how quickly the Trance gauge fills.


The Attack stat determines (along with Level and Strength) the amount of damage dealt with physical damage.


The Defense stat reduces the amount of damage received from a physical attack.


The Evade stat determines the ability to dodge a physical attack.

Magic Def

The Magic Defense stat reduces the amount of damage received from a magic attack.

Magic Eva

The Magic Evade stat determines the ability to dodge a magic attack.



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