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Final Fantasy IX has spawned numerous amounts of merchandise ranging from soundtracks to action figures.

Video gamesEdit

Video Games released in all regions.



Several albums have been released for Final Fantasy IX.

Sheet musicEdit


FFIX Ultimania

There are numerous books covering various aspects of Final Fantasy IX, as well as providing walkthroughs for players. These books focus on extensive coverage of the game's plot, characters, various gameplay aspects, and often they will feature rare concept art.

Action Figures/ModelsEdit

Trance Kuja figure

Various action figures, models, and plushies have been released based on the characters from Final Fantasy IX.

  • Bandai Figures - Includes figures of the main playable cast.
  • Coca-Cola Figures - Includes small figures of the main playable cast.
  • Final Fantasy Chrome Collection - Includes figures of Zidane and Garnet.
  • Final Fantasy Creatures Collection - Features various monsters from Final Fantasy IX, including Trance Kuja.
  • Final Fantasy Play Arts - Play Arts figures of Zidane, Vivi, and Garnet were released in October 2009.
  • Final Fantasy Trading Arts - A Vivi figure was released in the first volume of Trading Arts figures, while a figure of Zidane was released in the second. A figure of Zidane was also released in a set of Dissidia Final Fantasy figures.
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