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The following is a list of command abilities in Final Fantasy IX. All characters have Attack command and Item, but they also each have exclusive commands.

List of commandsEdit

Name Character Description Image
Attack All Attack with equipped weapon. FFIX Steiner Attack
Item All Use items. FFIX Garnet Item
Defend All Defend yourself. FFIX Eiko Defend
Change All Toggle between front row and back row.
Steal Zidane
Steal items from enemy. FFIX Steal
Skill Zidane Use bandit skill. FFIX Flee
Blk Mag Vivi Use attack magic. FFIX Vivi Magic
Focus Vivi Raise Magic. FFIX Focus
Wht Mag Dagger
Use recovery/support magic. FFIX Magic
Summon Dagger
Summon eidolons. FFIX Summon
Swd Art Steiner Use sword skill. FFIX Power Break
Swd Mag Steiner Use magic with sword. FFIX Fire Sword
Jump Freya Attack from above. FFIX Jump
Spear Freya Before Freya returns to the ground, Spear will be the name of the attack in both the Trance and un-Trance version of the jump attack. FFIX Spear
|FFIX Trance Spear
Dragon Freya Use dragon knight powers. Six Dragons
Eat Quina Learn enemy skill. FFIX Eat Command
Blu Mag Quina Use learned enemy skill. FFIX Matra Magic
Flair Amarant Use monk techniques. FFIX Chakra
Throw Amarant Throw weapons from inventory. FFIX Throw
SFX Zidane
Use powerful, deadly magic. FFIX Pyro
Seiken Beatrix Use sword skill. FFIX Seiken Thunder Slash
Dyne Zidane Trance Command. Use special powers. FFIX Free Energy
Dbl Blk Vivi Trance Command. Use black magic twice.
Eidolon Dagger Trance Command. Summon eidolons. FFIX Eidolon Command
Jump Freya Trance Command. Aerial attack. FFIX Trance Jump
Cook Quina Trance Command. Learn enemy skill. FFIX Cook
Dbl Wht Eiko Trance Command. Use white magic twice. FFIX Eiko Ability
Elan Amarant Trance Command. Use monk techniques.

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