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Final Fantasy IX: Original Soundtrack PLUS is the companion CD to Final Fantasy IX: Original Soundtrack album. It contains music from a majority of the game's FMVs, eight unreleased tracks, and one bonus track.

Track list[]

Adapted from Spotify and Apple Music tracklists.

  1. Brahne and the Performers — 0:43
    (ブラネ登場~劇開幕, Burane Tōjō ~ Geki Kaimaku?)
    Plays as the M.S. Prima Vista band begins playing to start the I Want to Be Your Canary play.
  2. Steiner Crashes into the Tower — 0:39
    (万国旗スタイナー激突, Bankokki Stainā Gekitotsu?)
    Plays on the scene where Garnet jumps from the castle's tower and Adelbert Steiner crashes on the Prima Vista.
  3. Escape from Alexandria — 1:14
    (アレクサンドリアからの脱出, Arekusandoria kara no Dasshutsu?)
    Plays as the Prima Vista escapes from Alexandria under heavy fire.
  4. The Prima Vista Crashes — 0:58
    (プリマビスタ墜落, Purima Bisuta tsuiraku?)
    Plays while the Prima Vista crashes on the Evil Forest.
  5. Blank Turns to Stone — 1:21
    (ブランク石化, Buranku Sekka?)
    Plays at the end of the sequence where the party escapes the Evil Forest.
  6. Black Mage vs. Black Mage — 0:45
    (黒魔道士vs黒魔道士, Kuro Madōshi VS Kuro Madōshi?)
    Plays as Black Waltz 3 attacks the cargo ship.
  7. Breaching the South Gate — 1:20
    (南ゲート突破, Minami Gēto Toppa?)
    Plays as the party almost crashes into the South Gate en route to Lindblum.
  8. Arrival at Lindblum — 0:51
    (リンドブルム王国到着, Rindoburumu ōkoku Tōchaku?)
    Plays as the party arrives in Lindblum.
  9. The Song of Zidane and Dagger — 0:49
    (歌~ジタンとダガー, Uta ~ Jitan to Dagā?)
    Plays as Zidane meets Dagger on top of Lindblum Castle after he hears her sing.
  10. Kuja Exits Burmecia — 0:52
    (ブルメシアから去るクジャ, Burumeshia kara Saru Kuja?)
    Plays as Kuja exits Burmecia after the party is defeated by General Beatrix.
  11. Odin Destroys Cleyra — 0:47
    (召喚獣発動クレイラ消滅, Shōkanjū Hatsudō Kureira Shōmetsu?)
    Plays when Queen Brahne summons Odin to destroy Cleyra.
  12. Lindblum in Flames — 0:53
    (リンドブルム炎上, Rindoburumu Enjō?)
    Plays as Queen Brahne's fleet arrives at Lindblum and the black mages commence their attack.
  13. The Fall of Lindblum — 0:59
    (リンドブルム壊滅, Rindoburumu Kaimetsu?)
    Plays as Atomos is summoned.
  14. The Mist Dissipates — 0:36
    (霧の消滅, Kiri no Shōmetsu?)
    Plays after Soulcage is defeated, resulting in the Mist of the Mist Continent drying up.
  15. Dagger's Flashback: The End of Madain Sari — 0:44
    (ダガー回想(召喚士村の滅亡, Dagā Kaisō (Shōkanshi Mura no Metsubō)?)
    Plays when Dagger remembers the destruction of Madain Sari.
  16. Bahamut is Summoned — 0:48
    (召喚!バハムート, Shōkan! Bahamūto?)
    Plays as Bahamut is summoned by Queen Brahne and attacks Kuja.
  17. Destruction of Brahne's Fleet — 1:08
    (全滅ブラネ艦隊, Zenmetsu Burane Kantai?)
    Plays on the scene that Bahamut destroys the Alexandrian fleet.
  18. All Hail the New Queen — 0:41
    (新女王誕生, Shin Joō Tanjō?)
    Plays when Dagger realizes her responsibilities as the new queen of Alexandria.
  19. Bahamut Attacks — 0:35
    (バハムート来襲, Bahamūto Raishū?)
    Plays when Bahamut is summoned to wreak havoc in Alexandria.
  20. Eiko Falls — 0:41
    (エーコ降下, Ēko Kōka?)
    Plays as Eiko Carol falls from the Hilda Garde II called by Dagger's necklace.
  21. Alexander — 1:10
    (アレクサンダー, Arekusandā?)
    Plays as Alexander protects Alexandria and retaliates towards Bahamut.
  22. The Ghost Ship — 0:25
    (幽霊船, Yūreisen?)
    Plays when the Invincible appears and threatens to destroy Alexander.
    This track name is untranslated on Spotify and uses the Japanese title in English locales.
  23. Dagger's Rescue — 1:11
    (ダガー救出, Dagā Kyūshutsu?)
    Plays after the first attack wave of the Invincible, when Zidane saves Dagger.
  24. Dagger Cuts Her Hair — 0:51
    (髪を切るダガー, Kami o Kiru Dagā?)
    Plays when Dagger cuts her hair.
  25. Dagger's Flashback: The Ghost Ship — 0:26
    (ダガー回想(幽霊船), Dagā Kaisō Yūreisen?)
    Plays after the party finds the Invincible in Terra, when Dagger has another flashback of the destruction of Madain Sari.
    This track name is untranslated on Spotify and uses the Japanese title in English locales.
  26. Neo-Kuja's Downfall — 1:02
    (ネオクジャ崩壊, Neo Kuja Hōkai?)
    Plays on the scene where Kuja enters Trance and begins to destroy Terra.
  27. Flight from Terra — 0:50
    (テラより脱出, Tera yori Dasshutsu?)
    Plays when the party escapes from Terra on the Invincible.
  28. Zidane and Dagger Part Ways — 0:39
    (ジタン、ダガー別れ, Jitan, Dagā Wakare?)
    Plays as Zidane and Dagger exchange one last look before Dagger leaves on the Hilda Garde III.
  29. Back to Kuja — 1:16
    (クジャの元へ, Kuja no Moto e?)
    Plays when Zidane returns to the Iifa Tree to rescue Kuja.
  30. Rufus's Welcoming Ceremony (Millennium Version) — 2:19
    (ルーファウス歓迎式典 millennium Version, Rūfausu Kangei Shikiten Millennium Version?)
    Plays during the Active Time Event in which the Prima Vista band plays "Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony". This is an allusion to Final Fantasy VII.
  31. Dorga and Unne — 2:11
    (ドーガとウネ, Dōga to Une?)
    Plays after the player examines the gramophone at the Black Mage Village inn during endgame if the "Une's Mirror" and "Doga's Artifact" were bought at the auction in Treno.
  32. The Girl from Madain Sari — 3:37
    (マダインサリの娘, Madain Sari no Musume?)
    Plays when Eiko hatches the plan to write a love letter. Shares melody with "Eiko's Theme," but also weaves in the melody of "Melodies of Life."
  33. Kuja's Theme (Millennium Version) — 2:34
    (クジャのテーマ Millennium Version, Kuja no Tēma Millennium Version?)
    Plays in Kuja's Desert Palace after Zidane and his party return from Oeilvert.
  34. Main Theme (unreleased track) - 4:51
    Not in the game. An energetic and cheerful variation on the main world map theme, "Over the Hill."
  35. Waltz (unreleased track) - 1:55
    Not in the game.
  36. Ancient Motet I (unreleased track) - 2:42
    (Kogaku Motet1?)
    Not in the game. A variation of "A Place to Call Home."
  37. Organum (unreleased track) - 2:18
    Not in the game. A variation of "A Place to Call Home."
  38. Mediterranean (unreleased track) - 2:33
    Not in the game. A variation of "A Place to Call Home," sounds somewhat similar to "The Four Mirrors."
  39. Somewhere III (unreleased track) - 1:07
    Not in the game.
  40. Weuber (unreleased track) - 3:12
    Not in the game.
  41. Kuja V (unreleased track) - 4:29
    Not in the game.
  42. Melodies of Life (Silent Mix)" (bonus track) - 7:33
    Not in the game. A remix of "Melodies of Life" with English vocals by Emiko Shiratori and much less instrumentation.


  • Tracks 01~29: Music played during FMV's
  • Tracks 30~33: Other tracks used in the game, but excluded from the OST
  • Tracks 34~41: Extra tracks not used in the game
  • Track 42: Bonus track
  • Orchestration : Shiro Hamaguchi

Ancient Music Versions (Track 36, 37, 38)

  • Arrangement : Kunihiko Kurosawa
  • Ancient instruments : Kunihiko Kurosawa & Haruo Kondo

Melodies of Life

  • Music : Nobuo Uematsu / Lyrics : Ciomi
  • Translation : Kako Someya & Alexander O. Smith

Melodies of Life (Silent Mix)

  • Remix Producer : Kaoru Sasa for Silent
  • arrangement, programming & piano : Tomoharu Hani

Sheet music[]

Final Fantasy IX: Original Soundtrack Plus Piano Solo Sheet Music, book containing sheet music arranged for a solo piano, was released for the songs on the Final Fantasy IX: Original Soundtrack PLUS album. The arrangements are made by Shiori Aoyama.


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