FFIV wiki icon Final Fantasy IV has 8 different enemy types, which affect how certain weapons deal extra damage towards enemies of particular types, or how the enemies deal less damage towards characters equipped with certain armor. Specifically, damage is either multiplied by four, or quartered, respectively. In the case of the Undead enemy type, several other flags are added.

List of enemies Edit

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Enemy types Edit

Dragon Edit

Against Dragon targets, equipment named "Dragon" often deals more damage or takes less, in addition to others.

4× damage dealt ¼ damage taken

Machine Edit

Against Machine enemies, Hammers deals extra damage. In some versions, Machine was called Mech.

4× damage dealt ¼ damage taken

Beast Edit

Beast enemies are damage only damaged by two weapons, the Ice Rod and Loki's Lute. This does not extent to the entire Ice equipment, and specifically concerns these two weapons. In some versions, Beast was called Reptile or Insect.

4× damage dealt ¼ damage taken

Ghoul Edit

Ghouls often receive more damage and deal less damage to Mythril and Holy equipment. In some versions, Ghoul was called Spirit.

4× damage dealt ¼ damage taken

Giant Edit

Absorption and Confuse inflicting weapons deals more damage towards Giant type enemies, and while other pieces of equipment damage Giants, and the Zeus Glove receives less damage from Giants, there is no real pattern to follow other than "Absorption".

4× damage dealt ¼ damage taken

Flan Edit

Flan enemies receive more damage from Blood equipment, similar to Giants. In some versions, Flan was called Slime or Pudding.

4× damage dealt ¼ damage taken
  • None

Mage Edit

All Silence status inflicting equipment deals more damage to Mages, there are a few pieces of armor with protection against spells also receive less damage from Mages.

4× damage dealt ¼ damage taken

Undead Edit

The Undead type is the most complex of the enemy types. Crystal and Paladin equipment deals more damage to, and takes less damage from, Undead enemies, however, the Undead type covers more than just damage multipliers based on equipment. Undead enemies are also damaged by healing effects, such as Cure, and both Drain and Osmose have their effects reversed; their effects on Undead enemies damage HP and MP (respectively) and heal the Undead targets. Consequently, while Drain equipment technically has its damage multiplied by 4 against the Undead, this actually heals the opponent four times as much.

4× damage dealt ¼ damage taken

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