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This is a list of all enemy abilities from Final Fantasy IV.


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Enemy abilities[]


Name Description Enemy
Summons a monster into battle. Security Eye, Searcher
Atomic Blast
Deals damage equal to the user's current HP to one party member, and kills the user. Optic Blaster


Name Description Enemy
Bad Breath
Attempts to inflict Confuse, Toad, Mini, Pig, Silence, and Blind on a single ally, or the entire party when used by Lunasaur. Malboro, Great Malboro, Lunasaur
Barrier Shift Changes elemental weakness and resistances. Golbez (3D)
Inflicts Petrify. Helldiver, Cockatrice, Fledgling Rukh, Mist Eagle, Treant
Beam Inflicts damage to one character, equal to 1/10 of a character's max HP in the 2D version. Beam Cannon (2D and 3D), Dr. Lugae (2D and 3D), Searcher (2D and 3D), Armor Construct (3D only), Armored Fiend (2D and 3D)
Inflicts Berserk. Elder Treant, Brachioraidos
Big Bang Inflicts around 2,300 damage to the party and Sap. Zeromus (2D and 3D), Zeromus EG
(Digestive Fluid)
(Digestive Acid)
Minor non-elemental damage and inflicts Sap. Malboro, Great Malboro
Binding Cold
(Hold Gas)
(Cursed Aura)
(Ice Bind)
Inflicts Paralyze to the party. 100% accuracy rate. Golbez
Moderate non-elemental damage and Sap. Zeromus, Deathmask, Lunasaur, Mindy, Golbez, Ghost Knight (3D version), Death Puppet, Brachioraidos
Black Fang
Inflicts Death with 100% accuracy rate. Shadow Dragon
Black Hole
Removes Berserk, Float, Blink (2), Blink (1), Barrier, and Reflect from all allies. Zeromus, Brachioraidos, Zeromus EG
Blaster 50% chance of inflicting Paralyze or Death. Cait Sith, Coeurl, Coeurl Regina, Mist Kraken
Blaze Heavy Ice-elemental damage to the party. Chimera, Chimera Brain, Lunar Shiva, Silver Dragon, Death Machine, Zeromus EG, Ifrit, Bomb King, Clockwork Dragon
Blink The target automatically dodges the next two physical attacks targeted at them. Golden Toad
Moderate Ice-elemental damage. Leviathan, Zeromus EG, Golbez, Dark Elf, Mindy, Shiva
Heavy Ice-elemental damage. Lunar Shiva, Lunar Leviathan, Lunar Asura, Leviathan (3D only), Dark Sage
(Blood Suck)
Minor non-elemental damage and drains HP from target. Also inflicts Sap. Blood Bat (2D and 3D), Vampiress (Vampiress and 3D), Abyss Worm (Abyss Worm and 3D), Apparition (2D only), Blood Eye (2D and 3D), Cave Bat (2D and 3D), Echidna (2D only), Gigas Worm (2D only), Left Arm (2D and 3D), Right Arm (2D and 3D), Succubus (Succubus and 3D), and Vampire Bat (2D 3D)
Inflicts Petrify. Dark Sage, Brachioraidos


Name Description Enemy
Chain Explosion
Destroys all enemies. Used as a counter to a Lightning-elemental attack. Dark Grenade
Confuse Inflicts Confuse to one or all targets. Zemus's Malice, Brachioraidos
Inflicts Paralyze. Used as a counter. Gold Dragon, Hydra, Ettin Snake, Left Arm, Right Arm, Crystal Dragon, Lamia Queen, Lunar Leviathan
Croak Summons Bog Toads to the battle. Bog Witch
(Crash Down)
Inflicts Death with 100% accuracy. Demon Wall, Lunar Titan
Restores a great amount of HP to a single target. Deathmask, Lunar Asura, Asura, Mist Summoner
Restores an extreme amount of HP to a single target. Asura
Curse Inflicts Curse on a single target. When used by Apparition, targets the entire party. Scarmiglione, Dinozombie, Dark Knight, Fell Knight, Geryon, Apparition
Cursed Elegy
(Cursed Song)
(Song of Curse)
Used as a counter to Fire-elemental attacks (Scarmiglione) or when hit by a physical attack during Countdown (Brachioraidos). Inflicts Slow to the party. Scarmiglione (Undead), Brachioraidos


Name Description Enemy
Dark Breath
Moderate Fire-elemental damage to the party. Dark Dragon
(Dark Wave)
Deals damage to all characters in exchange of HP. Dark Knight
Attempts to inflict Death on a single ally. Dark Sage, Blood Eye, Proto Deathmask, Chaos Knight
(Big Wave)
(Big Tsunami)
(Tidal Wave)
Inflicts non-elemental damage equal to 25% of the target's maximum HP. In the 3D version, this ability inflicts heavy Water-elemental damage to the party and has a chance of inflicting Death. Leviathan, Ogopogo, Zeromus EG, Lunar Leviathan
Divine Judgment Extreme non-elemental damage to the party. Proto-Babil

Removes Berserk, Float, Blink (2), Blink (1), and Barrier. Also resets the speed modifier to the default of 16. Zeromus (used before Cecil uses Crystal on it to reveal his true form. It is used when he massively shakes.)
Inflicts Doom on one ally or the entire party. Is Reflectable. Ahriman, Plague Horror, Zeromus EG, Great Malboro
Drain Inflicts moderate non-elemental damage on one target and transfers the damage as health to the user. Bloodbones, Succubus, Blood Eye, Zeromus EG, Golbez, Flan Master


Name Description Enemy
Weaker version of the Quake spell. Alraune, Arachne, Tyrannosaurus, Zeromus EG, Lunar Titan, Titan, White Dragon
(Electromagnetic Radiation)
(Electromagnetic Field)
(Magnetic Radiation)
Inflicts Stop. Used as a counter to Lightning-elemental attacks by Armor Constructs. Optic Blaster, Armor Construct
Inflicts Petrify. Also fully heals target before Petrify (except in the 3D version). Moonmaiden, Zeromus EG, Elite Soldier
Inflicts Confuse. Lamia, Lamia Queen, Flan Princess, Lamia Matriarch


Name Description Enemy
Moderate Fire-elemental damage. Zeromus EG, Rubicante, Lunar Ifrit, Golbez, Dark Elf, Mindy, Ifrit
Major Fire-elemental damage. Lunar Ifrit, Lunar Asura, Dark Sage, Bomb King
Minor Fire-elemental damage. Tiny Mage
Inflicts major Fire elemental damage to the party. Death Machine, Tyrannosaurus, Zeromus EG, Lunasaur, Lunar Ifrit, Lunar Shiva, Ifrit, Clockwork Dragon
(Flame Thrower)
Minor Fire-elemental damage to the party, or one party member when used by Armored Fiend (3D). Armored Fiend, Dr. Lugae
Extreme non-elemental damage to one target. Zeromus EG, Dark Bahamut, Zeromus, Deathmask, Flan Master, Proto Deathmask, Brachioraidos
Freezing Mist
(Cold Mist)
Used as a counter when in Mist form. Moderate Ice-elemental damage to the party. Mist Dragon, Lunar Dragon


Name Description Enemy
(Poison Gas)
Inflicts Poison and minor non-elemental damage to the party. Dr. Lugae, Geryon, Scarmiglione, Lunar Dragon
1/3 chance of either Confuse, Sleep, or Paralyze. In Lunar Titan's case, inflicts Gradual Petrify. Blood Eye, Lunar Titan
Inflicts Confuse. Calcabrina, Vampiress, Catoblepas


Name Description Enemy
Doubles the targets action speed. Lunar Odin, Sorceress (2D and 3D), and Plague Horror (2D and 3D)
Hatch Removes Egg status, causing the monster to take on its normal appearance and behavior. Mystery Egg (2D and 3D)
Restores HP equal to 1/10 of max HP. Cagnazzo, Lunasaur, Dark Bahamut, Defense Node, Brachioraidos, Lunar Dragon, Lunar Asura, Proto Deathmask
Inflicts Pig on an ally. Dark Elf, Li'l Murderer
Hold Inflicts Paralyze. Tiny Mage, Death Puppet
Heavy Holy-elemental damage. Deathmask, Lunar Odin, Proto Deathmask, Brachioraidos


Name Description Enemy
(Ice Storm)
Heavy Ice-elemental damage to one or more party members. Blue Dragon, Frostbeast, Tyrannosaurus, Lunar Shiva, Tiny Mage, Shiva
Inferno Heavy Fire-elemental damage. Rubicante, Geryon


Name Description Enemy
Jump User leaves the screen for a short period of time, then deals physical damage to target. Dragoon


Name Description Enemy
Kick Deals damage physical damage to all targets. Monk


Name Description Enemy
Laser Non elemental damage based on user's current HP. Dr. Lugae, Death Machine
Laser Barrage
(Piercing Laser)
Inflicts damage to the party equal to 1/10 of their max HP. Death Machine, Attack Node, Death Puppet
Leech Zeromus EG
View vital statistics of target. Zemus's Breath, Li'l Murderer
Light of Babil Inflicts extreme non-elemental damage to the party. Proto-Babil
Restores HP equal to 33% of current HP. Black Knight (2D and 3D), Fell Knight (2D and 3D), Succubus (Succubus and 3D), and Zeromus EG
Moderate Lightning-elemental damage. Tyrannosaurus, Zeromus EG, Lunar Ramuh, Geryon, Barbariccia, Ramuh, Crystal Dragon


Name Description Enemy
Reduces party's HP to single digits. Used as a counter by Behemoths to Holy-elemental attacks. Barbariccia (Elements), Behemoth, Brachioraidos, White Dragon, Lunar Leviathan, Geryon, Storm Dragon, Fiend Dragon
Mind Blast
Moderate non-elemental damage as well as Paralyze and Sap. Mindflayer, Zemus's Breath, Mist Kraken
Inflicts and/or removes the Mini status. Zeromus EG, Lunar Asura
(Mega Flare)
Extreme non-elemental damage to the party. Bahamut, Dark Bahamut, Brachioraidos, Lunar Bahamut
Heavy Holy-elemental damage to the party.
Heavy Non-elemental damage (3D version).


Name Description Enemy
Needle Inflicts non-elemental damage. Ignores Protect status. Gatlinghog, Needlehog, Sword Rat
Ninth Dimension
(Dimension 9)
Inflicts Death. Is Reflectable. Trap Door


Name Description Enemy
Object 199
(Globe 199)
(Number 199)
Inflicts extreme non-elemental damage to an ally. CPU, Brachioraidos, Proto-Babil, Death Machine, Lunar Asura
Drains MP from target to restore own MP. Zeromus EG, Golbez, Tiny Mage, Dark Sage, Zeromus (3D version), Mist Kraken


Name Description Enemy
(Counter Horn)
Used as a counter to all attacks except the Chocobo summon. Antlion
Poison Powder
(Cold Snap)
Non-elemental damage and Blind to party. Eyewing Moth, Hell Flapper, Gloomwing
Pollen Non-elemental damage and Sap on the party. Blood Flower, Mortblossom
Increases Defense. Asura (Advance and 3D only), Zemus's Malice, Platinum Toad, Iron Giant, Elite Soldier, Grudge Puppet


Name Description Enemy
Quake Major non-elemental damage to all non-floating targets. Titan


Name Description Enemy
Revives a KO'd ally with minimum HP. Asura
Bounces spell off of target back at enemy party. Zeromus EG, Sandy (2D and 3D, Baigan (2D and 3D), Deathmask (Deathmask and 3D), CPU (2D and 3D), Dark Bahamut (2D and 3D), Proto Deathmask, Flan Master, Platinum Toad, Brachioraidos
Regenerate Revives all KO'd allies. Flan Master
Revives one fallen enemy. Amoeba, Cindy
Removes all bad statuses from party. Dr. Lugae (2D and 3D)
Retreat Escape from battle. Captain, General, Amoeba, Mors, Lunar Virus, Platinum Toad
Reversal Gas Inflicts Reverse on all party members and enemies. Dr. Lugae (3D only)


Name Description Enemy
Samba de Flan
Inflicts Berserk. Flan Princess
Major Fire-elemental damage. Brachioraidos, Flamehound, Rubicante, Lunar Ifrit, Crystal Dragon
Deals damage equal to remaining HP. Balloon, Bomb, Armored Fiend, Gray Bomb, Katsuhisa Higuchi, Left Arm, Right Arm, Barnabas, Barnabas-Z, Melt Bomb
Shell Iron Giant
Prevents target from using spells. Scarmiglione, Sorceress
Slap 1/3 chance of Paralyze, Silence, or Curse. Lilith, Hiromi Nakada
Sleep Inflicts Sleep. Hiroyuki Ito
Sleeping Gas
(Sleep Gas)
Inflicts Sleep to the party. Counter to physical damage. Dr. Lugae, Lunar Dragon
Slow Reduces target's speed. Lunar Dragon, Sorceress
Stone Gaze
Inflicts Gradual Petrify. Black Lizard, Basilisk, Ice Lizard, Catoblepas, Lunar Titan
Stone Touch
(Finger Tip)
Inflicts Gradual Petrify. Medusa, Gorgon, Barbariccia, Geryon
Stop Inflicts Stop. Crystal Dragon
Calls a monster into the battle. Golbez calls Shadow Dragon. Marionetteer, Sorcerer, Summoner, Mist Summoner, Golbez


Name Description Enemy
Target does not do anything. It is only used by Trap Door to warn the player that it's about to use Ninth Dimension. Trap Door
Thermal Ray
(Heat Ray)
Inflicts major Fire-elemental damage to the party. Red Dragon
Moderate Lightning elemental damage. Zeromus EG, Golbez, Mindy, Ramuh
Heavy Lightning-elemental damage. Lunar Ramuh, Lunar Asura, Li'l Murderer, Dark Sage, Flan Master, Sahagin Prince, Echidna
Minor Lightning-elemental damage. Scarmiglione, Tiny Mage, Skeleton
Moderate Lightning-elemental damage to the party. Gold Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Lunar Ramuh, Ramuh, Fiend Dragon
Toad Inflicts and/or removes the Toad status. Zeromus EG, Lunar Asura, Bog Toad, Bog Witch, Toadgre, Platinum Toad, Golden Toad, Brachioraidos
Inflicts damage and Sleep. Naga
Reduces a target's HP to single digits. Dark Elf, Dark Sage, Belphegor (3D version), Chaos Knight, Strato Avis
Heavy Water-elemental damage to the party. (Can inflict instant death in the 3D version). Cagnazzo, Flood Worm


Name Description Enemy
Minor non-elemental damage. Storm Dragon, Sand Worm
Same as the Black Magic spell Tornado, but is more effective. Used as a counter to Holy-elemental attacks. Zeromus, Zeromus EG, Ogopogo (3D only)
Wing Scales Inflicts Blind. Eyewing Moth, Hellflapper


Name Description Enemy

Used in Zeromus' script to kill self, name is not displayed during battle. Zeromus


Name Description Enemy
Extreme non-elemental damage to the party. Odin, Lunar Odin