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The following is a list of characters from Final Fantasy IV.

Playable characters[]

Cecil Harvey
Japanese セシル・ハーヴィ
Age 20
Race Human/Lunarian
Occupation Lord Captain of the Red Wings
Home Earth
Job class Dark Knight → Paladin
Weapon(s) Swords, daggers, axes, staves, bows
Skill(s) Darkness (Dark Knight), White Magic (Paladin), Cover (Paladin)
Kain Highwind
Japanese カイン・ハイウインド
Age 21
Race Human
Occupation Commander of the Dragoon Corps
Home Baron
Job class Dragoon
Weapon(s) Spears, swords, axes, daggers
Skill(s) Jump
FFIV-Rydia artwork.jpg
Japanese リディア
Age 7
Race Summoner
Occupation Summoner
Home Mist
Job class Summoner
Weapon(s) Whips, rods, daggers, bows (2D only)
Skill(s) White Magic (child), Black Magic, Summon
Japanese テラ
Age 60
Race Human
Occupation Great Sage of Mysidia
Home Kaipo
Job class Sage
Weapon(s) Rods, staves
Skill(s) White Magic, Black Magic, Recall
Edward Chris von Muir
Edward Amano art.jpg
Japanese ギルバート・クリス・フォン・ミューア
Age 24
Race Human
Occupation Prince of Damcyan
Home Damcyan
Job class Bard
Weapon(s) Harps, daggers, bows (2D only)
Skill(s) Bardsong, Hide, Salve
Rosa Farrell
Japanese ローザ・ファレル
Age 19
Race Human
Occupation White Mage
Home Baron
Job class White Mage, Ranger
Weapon(s) Bows, staves
Skill(s) White Magic, Aim, Pray
Yang Fang Leiden
Yang art.jpg
Japanese ヤン・ファン・ライデン
Age 35
Race Human
Occupation Grandmaster of the Fabul Monks
Home Fabul
Job class Monk
Weapon(s) Claws
Skill(s) Kick, Focus, Brace
Ff4 palom.jpg
Japanese パロム
Age 5
Race Human
Occupation Black Mage in training
Home Mysidia
Job class Black Mage
Weapon(s) Rods, daggers, bows (2D only)
Skill(s) Black Magic, Bluff, Twincast
Ff4 porom.jpg
Japanese ポロム
Age 5
Race Human
Occupation White Mage in training
Home Mysidia
Job class White Mage
Weapon(s) Staves, bows (2D only)
Skill(s) White Magic, Cry, Twincast
Cid Pollendina
Japanese シド・ポレンディーナ
Age 54
Race Human
Occupation Engineer, pilot
Home Baron
Job class Engineer
Weapon(s) Hammers, axes, bows (2D only)
Skill(s) Analyze, Upgrade
Edge (Edward Geraldine)
Japanese エドワード・『エッジ』・ジェラルダイン
Age 26
Race Human
Occupation Prince of Eblan
Home Eblan
Job class Ninja
Weapon(s) Katana, daggers, boomerangs, claws (2D only)
Skill(s) Throw, Steal, Ninjutsu
FuSoYa art.jpg
Japanese フースーヤ
Age Unknown
Race Lunarian
Occupation Watcher of the Lunar Sleep
Home The Moon
Job class Lunarian
Weapon(s) Staves, rods
Skill(s) White Magic, Black Magic, Regen (2D only), Bless (3D only)

Non-playable characters[]


The Elemental Archfiends[]

Other characters[]