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The following is a list of items found in Final Fantasy IV -Interlude-.


Name Price Effect
Alarm Clock Cures Sleep.
Antarctic Wind Casts Blizzard.
Antidote 40 Cures Poison.
Arctic Wind Casts Blizzara.
Bacchus's Wine Casts Berserk.
Bomb Teaches Rydia the Bomb summon.
Bomb Core Inflicts damage equal to user's HP.
Blue Fang Inflicts major Lightning-elemental damage to all enemies.
Bomb Crank Casts Fira.
Bomb Fragment Casts Fire.
Bronze Hourglass Inflicts Stop for a short time.
Cockatrice Teaches Rydia the Cockatrice summon.
Coeurl Whisker Casts Death.
Cottage 500 Restores all HP/MP/Status to party. Can only be used outdoors or at a save point. Does not revive KO'd characters.
Cross Cures Curse.
Decoy 50 Casts Blink.
Diet Ration Cures Pig.
Dry Ether 50,000 Restores 100 MP.
Elixir 100,000 Restores all HP and MP.
Ether 10,000 Restores 50 MP.
Eye Drops 30 Cures Blind.
Gaia Drum Casts Quake.
Goblin Teaches Rydia the Goblin summon.
Gold Needle 400 Cures Petrify.
Golden Apple Permanently increases Max HP by 100.
Heavenly Wrath Casts Thundara.
Hermes Sandals Casts Haste.
Hi-Potion 150 Restores moderate HP.
Light Curtain Casts Reflect.
Lilith's Kiss Casts Osmose.
Lunar Curtain Inflicts Reflect and Barrier.
Lustful Lali-Ho Pornographic Dwarf magazine.
Maiden's Kiss 60 Cures Toad.
Mallet Cures Mini.
Phoenix Down 100 Revives one ally from KO.
Potion 30 Restores minor HP.
Red Fang Inflicts major Fire-elemental damage to all enemies.
Remedy Cures all negative status effects.
Silver Apple Permanently increases Max HP by 50.
Silver Hourglass Inflicts Stop for a moderate amount of time.
Siren Forces encounter with rarest formation and group.
Soma Drop Permanently increases Max MP by 10.
Spider Silk Casts Slow on all enemies.
Stardust Casts Comet.
Summon Book Summons a random Eidolon.
Tent 100 Recover 1000 HP and 100 MP for all party members and removes all negative status effects. Does not revive KO'd members. Can only be used outdoors or at save points.
Unicorn Horn Cures Sleep, Paralysis, Berserk, and Confuse to the party.
Vampire Fang Casts Drain.
White Fang Inflicts major Ice-elemental damage to all enemies.
X-Potion 3,000 Restores 1,000 HP.
Zeus's Wrath Casts Thunder.