Final Fantasy IV & The After Years Sounds Plus is an album enclosed with the limited edition of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection in Japan. It contains all the original tracks from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, as composed by Junya Nakano.

In addition, it has six tracks from the 3D version of Final Fantasy IV, voted for by fans on the Square Enix Members website. An arrangement of the opening theme by Masashi Hamauzu is also included. The nineteenth track, named "Bonus Track," which does not appear on the track listing of the album, is "Troian Beauty".

Track list[edit | edit source]

  1. "Opening Theme (PSP Version)", オープニング・テーマ 【PSP Ver.】
  2. "Mysterious Girl ~minus~", 謎の少女~minus~
  3. "The Dispossessed Eidolons ~Minudes~", 奪われた幻獣たち~Minudes~
  4. "True Moon", 真月
  5. "Planetary Core", 中心核
  6. "Master of Creation", 想像主
  7. "Straying from Evolution", 進化の迷走
  8. "The Battle for Life", 生命の戦い
  9. "Vanishing of the True Moon", 消える真月
  10. "Epilogue I"
  11. "Epilogue II"
  12. "Finale"
  13. "Opening Theme (Full Ver.)", オープニングテーマ 【Full Ver.】
  14. "Theme of Love", 愛のテーマ
  15. "Opening", オープニング
  16. "Final Fantasy IV Main Theme", ファイナルファンタジーIV メインテーマ
  17. "Battle 2", バトル2
  18. "Battle with Golbez's Four Emperors", ゴルベーザ四天王とのバトル
  19. "Bonus Track", ボーナストラック

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