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Final Fantasy IV: Celtic Moon is an arranged album for Final Fantasy IV. It contains a selection of tracks arranged and performed in the style of Irish Celtic music. The first pressing includes pictures of Irish musicians and shots of stone monoliths, stone crosses and stone castles. The liner notes include messages from Yoshitake Maeda and Nobuo Uematsu.

Track list[]

English track list from iTunes.[1]

  1. Prelude — 3:05
    (プレリュード, Pureryūdo?)
  2. Prologue... — 4:07
    (オープニング, Ōpuningu?, lit. Opening)
  3. Chocobo-Chocobo — 3:13
    (チョコボ, Chokobo?, lit. Chocobo)
  4. Into the Darkness — 4:08
    (ダンジョン, Danjon?, lit. Dungeon)
  5. Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV — 4:48
    (ファイナルファンタジーⅣ メインテーマ, Fainaru Fantajī IV Mein Tēma?)
  6. Welcome to Our Town! — 3:11
    (街のテーマ, Machi no Tēma?, lit. Town Theme)
  7. Theme of Love — 4:13
    (愛のテーマ, Ai no Tēma?)
  8. Melody of Lute — 3:01
    (ギルバードのリュート, Girubāto no Ryūto?, lit. Gilbart's Lute)
  9. Palom & Porom — 3:14
    (パロム・ポロムのテーマ, Paromu, Poromu no Tēma?, lit. Palom and Porom's Theme)
  10. Giotto, the Great King — 3:18
    (キング・ジオットの城, Kingu Jotto no Shiro?, lit. King Giotto's Castle)
  11. Dancing Calcobrena — 3:14
    (踊る人形カルコブリーナ, Odoru Ningyō Karukoburīna?, lit. Dancing Doll Calcabrina)
  12. Mystic Mysidia — 3:10
    (ミシディア国, Mishidia-koku?, lit. Mysidia Country)
  13. Illusionary World — 3:09
    (幻獣の街, Genjū no Machi?, lit. Town of Phantom Beasts)
  14. Rydia — 3:06
    (少女リディア, Shōjo Ridia?, lit. Little Girl Rydia)
  15. Troian Beauty — 3:38
    (トロイア国, Toroia-koku?, lit. Troia Country)