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The following is a list of elements found in Final Fantasy II.


Game Element Type Effect
Fire Black Magic Inflicts Fire-elemental damage.
Blizzard Black Magic Inflicts Ice-elemental damage.
Thunder Black Magic Inflicts Lightning-elemental damage.
Scourge Black Magic Inflicts Poison-elemental damage.
Flare Black Magic Deals non-elemental damage.
Holy White Magic Deals non-elemental damage.
Ultima White Magic Deals non-elemental damage based on the levels of all the caster's spells.

Body (Psychic)[]

Game Element Type Effect
Stun Black Magic Inflicts Paralysis status.
Blind Black Magic Inflicts Darkness status.
Silence White Magic Inflicts Silence status.
Slow White Magic Inflicts Slow status.

Mind (Spectral)[]

Game Element Type Effect
Sleep Black Magic Inflicts Sleep status.
Confuse Black Magic Inflicts Confuse status.
Curse Black Magic Inflicts Curse status.
Sap White Magic Reduces the target's MP.
Fog White Magic Inflicts Amnesia status.
Fear White Magic Inflicts Fear status.

Death (Instant Death)[]

Game Element Type Effect
Death Black Magic Inflicts instant death.

Matter (Changeable)[]

Game Element Type Effect
Stop Black Magic Inflicts Paralysis status.
Toad Black Magic Inflicts Toad status.
Break Black Magic Inflicts Stone status.
Warp Black Magic In battle: Banish the target (instant death)
Out of battle: Teleport the party to the previous floor.
Mini White Magic Inflicts Mini status.
Swap White Magic Switches HP and MP with the target.
Teleport White Magic In battle: Banishes the target (instant death)
Out of battle: Teleport the party outside of the current dungeon.