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Final Fantasy II Shōri e no Tabidachi (ファイナルファンタジーII 勝利への旅立ち, Final Fantasy II Journey to Victory?) is a gamebook from the Famimaga Gamebook series published by Tokuma Shoten. It's a side story set during the original game and features a young rebel as the protagonist.


  • Mid is a resident of Gatrea, and is the young hero of the story. In order to protect his home, he sets out on a journey to join the rebel army.
  • Neve originates from Gatrea, and is Mid's girlfriend. She prays for the brave Mid's trip to be safe.
  • Thane is the chief of the Mages' Guild, and he assists the hero in his adventure with his predictions. His appearance resembles a black-colored counterpart to Minwu.
  • Berger is the leader of a large pirate group, known as the "overlord of the rough sea". Cooperative with rebels.
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