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Final Fantasy III -Four Souls- is a vinyl album released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy III. It contains four songs from the game arranged for the album on side A, as well as the original versions of the tracks on side B. The album includes a passcode to download mp3 versions of the tracks.

Track list[]

Side A [Arranged tracks] (17:02)
  1. Eternal Wind — 4:06
    (悠久の風, Yūkyū no Kaze?)
    • Arranged by Rei Yamashita, YUTAKA
  2. Elia, the Maiden of the Water — 5:06
    (水の巫女エリア, Mizu no Miko Eria?)
    • Arranged by Tomoyuki Asakawa
  3. Battle 2 — 3:12
    (バトル2, Batoru 2?)
    • Arranged by Seiji Igusa
  4. Crystal Tower — 4:38
    (クリスタルタワー, Kurisutaru Tawā?)
    • Arranged by Yuki Kishida
Side B [Original versions] (6:32)
  1. Eternal Wind — 2:09
    (悠久の風, Yūkyū no Kaze?)
  2. Elia, the Maiden of the Water — 1:24
    (水の巫女エリア, Mizu no Miko Elia?)
  3. Battle 2 — 1:43
    (バトル2, Batoru 2?)
  4. Crystal Tower — 1:16
    (クリスタルタワー, Kurisutaru Tawā?)

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