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Final Fantasy I∙II is a compilation of two Final Fantasy games for the Nintendo Famicom: Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. Both games had originally been released for the Family Computer, and very few changes were rendered from the original releases: a typographical error was corrected in Final Fantasy and two monster designs were subtly altered in Final Fantasy II. The first game borrows the graphical changes made to the English version (most notably the monsters "Beholder" (who are still called "Beholder" in this version) and "Medusa", which use the altered sprite in subsequent remakes). Final Fantasy I∙II was the last cartridge Square released for the original Famicom, in early 1994, and was released in a limited edition box, which included various omake bonuses, maps and hint books. It was never officially released outside of Japan.


The dot (・) is an interpunct used in Japanese to indicate that a full proper noun is two separate words.

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