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Final Fantasy Exvius Universe x Chillhop Music LoFi Remix is a digital remix album released in 2021 as part of the Final Fantasy Exvius Universe collaboration event between Final Fantasy Brave Exvius and War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, alongside various in-game events.

A collaboration between Square Enix Music and Chillhop Music, the album was first revealed 25 March, 2021, alongside the additions of raccoon themed animated gifs on Square Enix's GIPHY page, and a live stream of the album was scheduled on Chillhop Music's YouTube page for 25 May, 2021.[1]

The album features 25 remixes of various tracks from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Original Soundtrack, Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Original Soundtrack Vol.2 and War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Original Soundtrack in the style of "low fidelity" chill-out music.

In-game collaborations[]

Following the release of the album, the tracks "Moment of Recall - Remixed by Swum" and "Under the Flag - Remixed by SwuM" played in the main menus of Brave Exvius and War of the Visions respectively.

For a period of 13 days following the release, War of the Visions featured a special collaboration event entitled Lo-fi Music Collaboration Quest, which featured a once-daily quest with easy to defeat monsters and increased JP acquisition, with the same track playing during the battle.

Similarly, for a month after the album's release, Brave Exvius featured a campaign entitled Lo-fi Collaboration, with up to seven day log-in rewards, each granting the player one Lo-fi Note each day to exchange at the Lo-fi Note Exchange shop for a variety of enhancing units, as well as a unique accessory called Lo-fi Headphones. This accessory grants partial elemental resistance ice, lightning, water, wind, and dark, as well as complete resistance to silence , sleep and confusion status effects and the ability Auto-Shell to the wearer.

Track list[]

Track No. Title Length Composer(s) Remixer(s)
1 "Forgiveness - Remixed by Nymano" 2:17 Noriyasu Agematsu Nymano
2 "Mystic Ruins - Remixed by Flitz&Suppe" 1:55 Noriyasu Agematsu Flitz&Suppe
3 "Nothing's in Vain - Remixed by Flitz&Suppe" 2:21 Noriyasu Agematsu Flitz&Suppe
4 "Nothing's in Vain - Remixed by Psalm Trees" 2:58 Noriyasu Agematsu Psalm Trees
5 "Rain in Forest - Remixed by Nymano" 1:54 Noriyasu Agematsu Nymano
6 "Nothing's in Vain, Moment of Recall - Remixed by Flitz&Suppe" 2:04 Noriyasu Agematsu Flitz&Suppe
7 "Shadow of Doubt, Moment of Recall, Snowdrop - Remixed by Flitz&Suppe" 2:33 Noriyasu Agematsu Flitz&Suppe
8 "Moment of Recall - Remixed by SwuM" 2:09 Noriyasu Agematsu SwuM
9 "Forgiveness, Call of the Crystal - Remixed by Psalm Trees" 1:55 Noriyasu Agematsu Psalm Trees
10 "Moment of Recall - Remixed by Leavv" 2:58 Noriyasu Agematsu Leavv
11 "Forgiveness - Remixed by Leavv" 1:51 Noriyasu Agematsu Leavv
12 "Nothing's in Vain - Remixed by SwuM" 2:41 Noriyasu Agematsu SwuM
13 "Call of the Crystal, Cold Fingertips - Remixed by Toonorth" 2:08 Noriyasu Agematsu, Junpei Fujita Toonorth
14 "Snowy Peak, Forgiveness - Remixed by Leavv" 2:23 Noriyasu Agematsu, Junpei Fujita Leavv
15 "Main Theme (piano arpa version) - Remixed by Philanthrope" 1:58 Noriyasu Agematsu Philanthrope
16 "No Sorrow - Remixed by Nymano" 2:12 Junpei Fujita Nymano
17 "Main Theme (piano arpa version) - Remixed by Toonorth" 1:43 Noriyasu Agematsu Toonorth
18 "No Sorrow - Remixed by Toonorth" 3:02 Junpei Fujita Toonorth
19 "Snowy Peak - Remixed by Toonorth" 2:40 Junpei Fujita Toonorth
20 "Flowers for the Grave - Remixed by SwuM" 2:21 Junpei Fujita SwuM
21 "Under the Flag - Remixed by SwuM" 1:42 Junpei Fujita SwuM
22 "Cold Fingertips - Remixed by Psalm Trees" 2:47 Junpei Fujita Psalm Trees
23 "No Sorrow - Remixed by Philanthrope" 1:24 Junpei Fujita Philanthrope
24 "Snowy Peak - Remixed by Leavv" 2:07 Junpei Fujita Leavv
26 "Snowy Peak, Flowers for the Grave - Remixed by Psalm Trees" 2:31 Junpei Fujita Psalm Trees


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