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The following is a list of stats in Final Fantasy Explorers. The stats in the game are similar to those of earlier entries in the series, but notably include the Load and Mobility stat. There is no standard experience leveling system to increase base stats, instead they are determined by the job, equipment, and Equipment Traits of the player.

Basic stats[]

Stat Description Notes
HP Your endurance. When your HP drops to zero, you'll be KO'd. Can be increased by job mastery and recovered with abilities.
AP Your Capacity for action. Abilities and sprinting cost AP. Can be increased by job mastery and recovers over time, with basic attacks, and abilities.
Load The total load of your equipped abilities. Main article: Load.
Ability load depends on class and can be increased by 15 with certain armor pieces.
Monster load is always 300, and each monster requires 100-300 of this load.
EL Explorer Level, indicating about how active an explorer you are. Has no effect on character but shows overall progress (enemies killed, missions completed, items obtained, abilities unlocked)
Story Indicates your place in the overall story. Has no effect.

Base stats[]

Stat Description Notes
Strength Reflected in P-Attack. Increases physical damage. Diminishing returns after +15.
Accuracy Reflected in P-Accuracy. Increase chance for physical attack to hit (up to 100%).
Magic Reflected in M-Attack. Increases magic damage. Diminishing returns after +15.
Spirit Reflected in M-Recovery. Increases healing magic effect.
Focus Reflected in M-Accuracy. Increases chance for magic attack to hit (up to 100%).
Defense Reflected in P-Defense. Decreases damage from physical attacks taken.
Mag Def Reflected in M-Defense. Decreases damage from magic attacks taken.
Evasion Affects the rate of evading attacks. Increases P-Evasion and M-Evasion.
Mobility The speed at which the player moves. Can be increased by Haste and certain abilities.
Luck Affects the rate of critical hits and quality of item drops. Luck increases critical rate by a small amount (estimated 1% per 10 points in luck).

Equipped stats[]

The value of all equipped stats is calculated by (base stat)(weapon or armor equip stat)/10. Note: dual wielding does not affect M-Attack, M-Recovery, and M-Accuracy, but will benefit physical abilities.

Stat Description Notes
P-Attack Might of physical attacks. Affected by Strength.
P-Accuracy Accuracy of physical attacks. Affected by Accuracy.
M-Attack Might of magical attacks. Affected by Magic.
M-Recovery Efficacy of magic/ability-based recovery. Affected by Spirit.
M-Accuracy Accuracy of magical attacks. Affected by Focus.
P-Defense Defense against physical attacks. Affected by Defense.
M-Defense Defense against magical attacks. Affected by Mag-Def.
P-Evasion Skill in evading physical attacks. Affected by Evasion.
M-Evasion Skill in evading magical attacks. Affected by Evasion.
P-Parry Probability of shield blocking physical attacks. Not affected by any base stat.
M-Parry Probability of shield blocking magical attacks. Not affected by and base stat.

Elements, resistances, and weapon fortes[]

See also: Final Fantasy Explorers elements and Final Fantasy Explorers statuses

Stat Description Notes
Elements Denotes the elements of of an attack, if any. Element will trigger at 100 or higher. Higher values will make the effect more powerful.
Elemental Resistances Denotes the ability to reduce the damage from certain elemental attacks. Higher vales will reduce elemental damage.
Ailment Resistances Denotes a reduced likelihood of falling victim to certain status ailments. Higher vales will reduce chance of being affected.
Weapon Fortes Denotes the ability to deal additional damage to certain enemy classes. Higher vales will increase damage.
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