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The following is a list of support abilities in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

Support abilities[]

Name Job Level Job Slots Description Image
Absorb HP 11 Dark Knight 1 Recovers HP proportional to physical damage dealt.
Backliner 7 Dark Knight 1 Can attack from the back row without a loss in damage
Counter 5 Warrior 1 Sometimes counterattacks when hit by a physical attack. FFD Counter.png
Cover 5 Paladin 1 Takes damage in place of critically injured allies.
Damage > HP 11 Paladin 1 Recovers MP proportional to damage suffered.
(In-game name is a typo, supposed to be Damage > MP)
Doublehand 14 Paladin 2 Able to equip a weapon in both hands to increase damage.
Dual Wield 20 Ninja 2 Grants the ability to equip a weapon in each hand.
HP +20% 3 Red Mage 1 Increases HP by 20%.
INT +20% 5 Black Mage 1 Increases INT by 20%. -
Item Finder 5 Thief 1 Enemies are more likely to drop items. -
Magic Font 20 Black Mage 2 Increases strength of magic by 50% while in battle. -
Mental Discipline 20 White Mage 2 Halves MP usage in battle. -
MND +20% 5 White Mage 1 Increases MND by 20%. -
MP +20% 5 Summoner 1 Increases MP by 20%. -
Recollect 20 Memorist 3 Determines all non-HP/MP stats based on collected memories. -
Recover 6 Ranger 1 Recovers a small amount of allies' HP and MP after battle.
SPD +10% 14 Thief 1 Increases SPD by 10%. -
STR +20% 13 Warrior 1 Increases STR by 20%. -
Treasure Hunter 20 Thief 1 Enemies are more likely to drop rare items. -
Vigilance 12 Thief 1 Prevents sneak attacks and back attacks. -
VIT +20% 8 Monk 1 Increases VIT by 20%. -

Unique Abilities[]

Name Job Level User Description Image
One-handed Jinnai Lost arm in a previous battle but has perfected swordsmanship. -
Promised Battlegear - Graham Unable to change equipment. -
Proto-Recollect - Argy Able to turn the knowledge created by Dr. Lugae into power. -
Sixth Sense - Gramps Lost sight but able to see with the mind. Immune to Blind. -
Witch's Curse - Eduardo Cursed into the form of a frog. Immune to Toad/Mini in battle.

Dummied Abilities[]

Name Job Level Job Description Image
Debug Counter - Dummied The user will always counterattack when hit.