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The following is a list of all statuses found in Final Fantasy Dimensions.

List of statuses Edit

Critical Edit

Poison Edit

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Toxicity Edit

Blind Edit

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Silence Edit

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Mini Edit

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Frog Edit

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Stone Edit

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Slow Petrify Edit

Knocked Out Edit

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Berserk Edit

Confuse Edit

Sleep Edit

Paralyze Edit

Curse Edit

Stun Edit

Sap Edit

Regen Edit

Doom Edit

Slow Edit

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Stop Edit

Protect Edit

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Shell Edit

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Haste Edit

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Attack Up Edit

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Resist Edit

Blink Edit

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Reflect Edit

Attack Down Edit

FFD Attack Down Icon

Return to Darkness can inflict this status.

Defense Down Edit

FFD Defense Down Icon

Enrage and Return to Darkness can inflict this status.

Magic Defense Down Edit

FFD Magic Defense Down Icon

Return to Darkness can inflict this status.

Speed Down Edit

FFD Speed Down Icon

Benumb can inflict this status.

Gallery Edit

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