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The following is a list of statuses in Final Fantasy Dimensions II.

Positive statuses[edit | edit source]

When buffing the players with various phantom stones, Mootie also buffs himself.

Name Turn duration Effect Icon
Regen 1-3 Recover 13/80 HP every turn. FFLTnS Regeneration.png
Regen II 4-6 Recover 18/80 HP every turn. FFLTnS Regeneration4.png
Regen III 7-9 Recover 23/80 HP every turn. FFLTnS Regeneration7.png
Protect 1-3 Reduces 2/5 Incoming damage. FFLTnS Protect2.png
Protect II 4-6 Reduces 1/2 Incoming damage. FFLTnS Protect5.png
Protect III 7-9 Reduces 3/5 Incoming damage. FFLTnS Protect.png
Powerup I 1-3 Increases Attack, Magic and Speed by 1/3. FFLTnS Powerup3.png
Powerup II 4-6 Increases Attack, Magic and Speed by 1/2. FFLTnS Powerup.png
Powerup III 7-9 Increases Attack, Magic and Speed by 2/3. FFLTnS Powerup7.png
Negate Max 3 Reduces almost all incoming damage to 0. FFLTnS Negate.jpg
Reflect Max 3 Bounces all kinds of spells back to the caster.
Can reflect multiple statuses.
FFLTnS Reflect.jpg

Negative statuses[edit | edit source]

Name Turn duration Effect Icon
Power Break I 1-3 Decreases Attack, Magic and Speed by 1/3. FFLTnS PowerBreak3.png
Power Break II 4-6 Decreases Attack, Magic and Speed by 2/5. FFLTnS PowerBreak6.png
Power Break III 7-9 Decreases Attack, Magic and Speed by 1/2. FFLTnS PowerBreak8.png
Stop Max 3 Victim unable to perform any action in the stop duration. FFLTnS Stop.jpg
Poison Max 9 Percentage damage happens after victim takes turn. Poison damage increases if duration increases as well. FFLTnS Poison.jpg
Continuous Damage Max 3 Fixed damage happens on victim's turn. FFLTnS ContiDamage.jpg
Silence Max 9 Users cannot do anything other than the normal attack and usage of summons. FFLTnS Silence.jpg
Instant Death Nil A red cross appears on the monster or player, followed by the kill. FFLTnS InstantDeath.jpg
Blind Max 9 The accuracy of the victim decreases if the duration increases. FFLTnS Blind.jpg
Doom Max 9 Instant death if the counter reaches 0.
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