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Final Fantasy Dimensions is a Final Fantasy game for mobile devices. It is an episodic game, released starting in September 2010 on the i-mode distribution service and winter 2010 for the EZweb distribution service. Final Fantasy Dimensions features 2D graphics and a job ability system, and returns to classic Final Fantasy plot elements focusing on a conflict between light and darkness over the Crystals. On May 30, 2012, it was announced the game would be localized as Final Fantasy Dimensions for iOS and Android.[2]

iOS users can download the prologue episode for free, with the remaining episodes available for purchase separately. Android users must pay full price (US$13.99 + tax), but purchase the full game.

In November 2014, Square Enix announced a new Final Fantasy Dimensions game titled Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō where soundtracks from the original game were incorporated. No localization has been announced. In November 2016, following the conclusion of the game's first storyline, Square Enix rebranded Final Fantasy Legends: Toki no Suishō to Final Fantasy Legends II.[3] A year later, the company ended the online-only Legends II to prepare Final Fantasy Dimensions II as a worldwide standalone game.

Services for feature phones in Japan were discontinued March 31, 2018 (JST) along with other titles in the Square Enix Mobile portfolio.


Ffdimensions battle

A battle.

Final Fantasy Dimensions uses the Active Time Battle system. Like Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the game is presented in an episodic format. Players command a maximum party of five with the party members changing in each episode.

Job system[]

The game uses a job system as a base of its battles. The jobs available after the prologue for the eight main characters are Jobless, Warrior, Monk, Thief, Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, and Summoner. Each episode introduces a new job, which is unlocked after completing the episode.

The exclusive jobs for the Warriors of Light are Dragoon, Bard, Memorist, Paladin and Seer. The jobs unlocked for the Warriors of Darkness are Ranger, Dark Knight, Dancer, Ninja and Magus.

Similar to other titles with the job system, the jobs level up through the acquisition of Ability Points, however, each job is initially capped at level 3. For the player to further develop a job, they must increase the maximum job level available at any time through the use of Job Points that are given at set intervals as well as through exchanging Moogle Coins, although this is done only at the end of the game. Each party member is given a total of 69 Job Points through the game and each job has a maximum level of 20, therefore needing 17 Job Points to fully develop a job.

Once a job levels up, the party member learns abilities or increases the stats of that character for that job. Abilities learned this way can allow a character to mix the abilities of some jobs, equipped using a number of slots available per each job, which increases at higher job levels.

Fusion Abilities[]

FFD Magic Missile

Magic Missile, a Fusion Ability.

After reaching a certain point in the game, Fusion Abilities are unlocked. When there are two abilities which can produce a new ability, the ability can be used during the battle. All Fusion Abilities cost MP.


Final fantasy dimensions legends multiple jobs

The main playable characters.

Playable characters[]

Warriors of Light[]

  • Sol: A boy from the small country of Lux, he is childhood friends with Diana and dreams of becoming a soldier of the Avalon Empire and flying an airship.
  • Sarah: A mysterious, quiet girl from the Kingdom of Burtgang who has been taken captive by an imperial airship.
  • Aigis: Sol's mentor and Diana's older brother, he is a hero of the country of Lux. He has departed on an expedition but later runs into Sol and Diana.
  • Dusk: A young, serene man from the Harmonia refugee camp, with many contacts across the world. Twin brother of Alba.

Warriors of Darkness[]

  • Nacht: A young man from the Harmonia refugee camp who lost his parents in the war, and has acted cold and distant ever since. His hometown is likely Falgabard and his father the fallen Dark Knight Sigurd.
  • Diana: A young girl with a strong spirit, she is Sol's friend but is more levelheaded and treats Sol like a child. Aigis is her only surviving family.
  • Alba: Dusk's twin sister, who is a stark contrast to her brother and jokes around no matter the situation.
  • Glaive: A childhood friend of Sol and Diana, he looks out for both of them, but he and Sol often duel to test their sword skills.


  • Elgo: A prophet and Red Mage watching over a Crystal's shrine, he joins the party for a period of time between Northern Cave and Crystal Temple and is seemingly killed by Baugauven while trying to protect Sol.
  • Barbara: A woman who is the sole surviving Dragoon of Deist Village. Alone in the world, she was raised in the wild by wyverns following the disappearance of her father, Abel. She stalks Sol in the Valley of Wyverns and makes several attempts to halt his progress, but eventually joins him and his companions.
  • Gramps: An old, blind Ranger that Nacht and his party meets. In truth he is Frey, the elven king of Alfheim who sacrificed his eyesight to save his wife and children. He's murdered by Asmodai.
  • Eduardo: A Bard who lost his family and traveled the world to refine his skills, he returns to his hometown, Rusalka, when Sol and his friends pass through, and seeks a mysterious mermaid from the Underwater Temple. Styx places a curse upon him, transforming him into a frog.
  • Graham: A sinister Dark Knight from Falgabard encountered by the Warriors of Darkness. He poses as the ghost of the slain Dark Knight Sigurd, clad in his armor and carrying his sword. He is named after the sword Sigurd used to slay Fafnir, from Norse mythology.
  • Argy: A living doll befriended by Sol and his friends. She has a child-like personality and damaged memory, but her true identity is that of "RG Model-0", a robotic prototype designed by Dr. Lugae, who seeks to create the perfect weapon for the Empire.
  • Matoya: A Dancer who performs at the Garden Garden pub in the town of Gardenia and is a spy from the Desert Moon resistance group.
  • Gawain: A drunkard Paladin who knew Sarah's past before he meets her again along with her friends. He is named after one of the knights of the round table.
  • Jinnai: A one-armed Ninja who is one of the strongest warriors of the island nation of Fuga.
  • Sophia: A young Seer of Mysidia who helps out the Warriors of Light.
  • The Mask: A mysterious masked Magus who is encountered by the Warriors of Darkness.


In an age long past, the world was suffocating under the crushing grip of war. Only the efforts of the idealistic Avalonian Empire were enough to bring the warm embrace of peace to the land and lead it toward a new age of prosperity.


Long ago, there was a great world war ended by the efforts of the Avalonian Empire. In the present, two groups of youths meet: a group from a small, peaceful country, and a group from the harsh northern mountains riding an airship. When they meet the Crystals give off a burst of light around the world, "and the world heads to light and darkness". Each group loses two of its members and gains two new ones from the other group. The "Warriors of Light" are led by a boy named Sol, and the "Warriors of Darkness" are steered by a boy named Nacht.



FF Legends Prologue Art

In the country of Lux, Sol and his friends, Glaive and Diana, meet with Aigis, who has returned from his expedition. Aigis is summoned to Castle Lux, and the others follow. Aigis is asked to investigate a strange occurrence with Lux's Crystal. Talking Aigis into letting them join him, Sol's party meets a mysterious man named Elgo who is heading for the Crystal's temple to investigate as well.

When they reach the temple, a Guardian Beast attacks them and tries to destroy the Crystal it was supposed to be protecting. Four strangers appear with the intention of stealing the Crystal, as many around the world realize something strange is about to happen.


FF Legends Warriors of Darkness

Sometime prior to the events of the prologue, an Avalonian airship commanded by Cid arrives at a refugee camp in Harmonia, and escorts three prisoners named Nacht, Alba and Dusk. On the airship, they meet another prisoner called Sarah. Cid orders the four to steal Lux's Crystal. They reach the temple as Sol and his friends are being defeated by the Watchbeast. Though Nacht's group defeats the guardian, the damaged Crystal shatters, dividing the world between light and dark. After the temple collapses, Sol and Aigis are separated from Glaive and Diana and find themselves joined by Sarah and Dusk. Shards of the Crystal grant the four new jobs. Also with them is Elgo, who explains they are the Warriors of Light, the Crystal's chosen ones.

Accompanied by Elgo and Aigis who needs to report what has occurred, the Warriors of Light find Lux consumed by a darkness. Sol accuses Sarah and Dusk of it, as the latter reveals they were sent by Avalon. Sol cannot believe it, as Aigis advises they go to the Kingdom of Liene and rest at an inn. During the night, Aigis hears Dusk talking to someone via Whisperweed. Next morning, as the party ventures for Castle Liene, Sol remains unconvinced until Sarah reveals she hails from the Kingdom of Burtgang that was allied with Avalon before being betrayed. By the time they arrive to Castle Liene, Aigis and Sol learn the Avalonian Empire has severed its alliance with Lux.

After freeing the prisoners, deciding to reach Avalon, the Warriors of Light sneak on-board an Avalonian airship and capture it. They are attacked by Baugauven of the Four Generals with Elgo critically wounded in defending them. A group of wyverns appears and overwhelms the Imperial soldiers, forcing Baugaven to flee. Dying, Elgo tells the party he is proud he could protect them, as he steers the airship to crash far away from any settlement.

The Generals Approach[]

The Dragoon - "A Dragon's Love"[]

Barbara Sky

Sol's party land in a forest and make their way to Deist, a town where Dragoons once resided. Along the way, the group is attacked by a dragon before a mysterious dragoon, Barbara, stays the creature's attack and takes it away. They find Deist under the Empire's control, and Sol's party meets a former dragoon named Ricard and an elderly woman named Ebba, who speak of the daughter of their leader Abel, who mysteriously disappeared after her father's death.

Sol and his allies learn of the Empire's plot to poison the surviving dragons and seek Dragon Grass, a plant that can neutralize the poison, and venture into Dragon Valley to save the dragons. Being distrustful of humans, Barbara attacks them to keep them away before the party pursues her into Dragon Roost.

Though they try to explain themselves, Barbara refuses to listen as she goes to Highwind Tower where Ceres, her father's drake and closest thing to a mother, is to lay her egg. As they notice the Empire's warship over Highwind Tower, the Warriors of Light convince Barbara to let them help her cure the sick dragons. After reaching the top of the tower, Barbara nearly dies to feed Ceres the last of the Dragon Grass. Vata of the Wind, one of the Four Generals, appears and heals Barbara before fighting the party. Ceres lays a dragon egg at the expense of her life. Vata feigns unconsciousness, waiting for the Deist Crystal to manifest from Abel's Spear before falling back to Cid's ship, where he scoffs at the man's threat of a military trial.

The Ranger - "Second Sight"[]

FF Legends Fireside

Awakening in the ruins of Lux's Crystal Chamber along with Alba, Glaive, and Diana, they and Nacht take the remains of the Crystal with them. Finding themselves in a world of perpetual night, Nacht's group travels to Mt. Verde and decide to head for the World Tree Yggdrasil, home to the Elves. Heading into the Mazewood, noticing an Imperial warship reaching Yggdrasil, the four camp for the night before meeting a mysterious old man who takes them to Alfheim. The party hear rumors of Yggdrasil having withered after the ruler of the land, King Freyr, accepted Imperial rule.

The party meets Prince Adrian who ponders his father's strange behavior for the last few days. In the throne room the party encounters the king. The Crystal shards radiate and show the king's true form to be Asmodai of the Earth, one of the Four Generals of Avalon. The old man is revealed to be Freyr, who was robbed of his sight and memories when he refused to submit to the Empire. Freyr and the party fight Asmodai, forcing him to flee. After unleashing all his energy in the fight, Freyr falls over and his wife and son witness him pass away. One of Yggdrassil's seeds, a Crystal shard, instills the party with Freyr's spirit and grants them the power of a Ranger.

The Bard - "An Enchanting Reverie"[]

FF Legends Eduardo Chapter

After saying goodbye to Ricard and Barbara, the Warriors of Light ride a dragon to the port town of Capo plagued by pirates. The party defeats the pirates and confront their captain Bikke. At Pirate Hideout the party defeats Bikke who names Sol their new captain. The pirates leave Capo and bring the party to Rusalka.

In Rusalka, the party hears rumors of a missing bard and Avalon soldiers hiding in the mountains. After investigating Mt. Rusalka they find a soldier who can transform into a monster. After defeating him the party goes to sleep in Rusalka. At night Sol wakes up and hears an enchanting voice that turns out to be a singing frog who runs away when he sees Sol staring at him. The next day Sarah transforms the party into frogs so they can search for the singing frog. They find him in the sewers and he introduces himself as Eduardo, the missing bard. He wanted to meet the mermaid he saw at night and sought help from a sea witch who turned him into a frog instead.

The party helps Eduardo by going to the temple of water, where the witch is keeping the mermaid prisoner. They find a bottle of bubbly water after saving a fairy caught by a merchant. The bubbly water lets them breathe underwater so they can go to the water temple. They meet the mermaids who tell them they turned into mermaids after the temple made their wish come true. They find Edna, the mermaid Eduardo was looking for, who tells Eduardo she is his mother.

The sea witch appears telling them holding Edna was a trap for the Warriors of Light. She is another general of Avalon, Styx of the water. The party defeats her and she runs. Edna and Eduardo talk and she explains how she became a mermaid after her son got sick and she wished for his health. Mother and son reunited, Edna breaks the frog spell on Eduardo. Edna's tears of joy became a Crystal and the party is granted the power of the Bard. On their way out of the temple, Styx attacks them but gets bombed by Bikke's ship. The party escapes to his ship and says goodbye to Eduardo who will travel the world bringing joy with his music.

The Dark Knight - "A Blessing in Disguise"[]

FF Legends Gram Chapter

The Warriors of Darkness receive a letter of introduction for the dwarven elder from Queen Silk. Prince Adrian gives them a ride on the back of a giant gryphon who brings them to the land of the dwarves. The party passes through a dark forest where they see the ghost of a man in black armor. They arrive at Aulë, the village of the dwarves. The dwarves don't trust the Warriors of Darkness, suspecting them to be Imperial spies, but this gets cleared up after giving the letter of introduction to Kokkol, the dwarven elder. He orders the party to pass through the Cave of Dread and Mt. Falgabard, to Castle Falgabard, which was attacked by the Empire.

At the Cave of Dread the party fights monsters that can only be defeated by magic. They fight Hecatoncheir who keeps on regenerating. An individual in black armor appears during the fight and helps defeat the monster. He introduces himself as Graham the Dark Knight. He leads them to Castle Falgabard, only to find the people of Falgabard perished and turned into ghosts who speak of the war with Avalon and how they were defeated with airships. They curse the traitor Sigurd, who was on an emissary mission during the attack. He left his son Nacht behind, his fate for the ghosts unknown.

In the basement of the castle they find a band of plundering brigands who run from the party only to be shot by Imperial soldiers. The party follows the soldiers to Mt. Gulg, a volcano full of precious minerals. Avalon attacked Falgabard to get the volcano's resources. The party sneaks to the core of the volcano and destroys the Imperial machines. On their way out they are ambushed by Baugauven, who remembers Graham and asks why he isn't dead. Graham fights the general alone and vanquishes him with Zantetsusen.

The party is safe from the Empire and asks who Graham really is. He tells them how he and Sigurd fought against Baugauven during the attack on Falgabard. Sigurd was killed and asked Graham with his dying breath to protect his son. Graham, trying to avenge his friend, was killed by Baugauven only to leave the promise to his friend behind in his sword. Graham's soul lived on in his sword who used the armor of Sigurd as his vessel. Graham returns to the party as a talking sword and gives Sigurd's armor to Nacht. The sword and the armor make a Crystal appear that gives the Warriors the power of the Dark Knight.

Warriors of Light and Darkness[]

The Memorist - "Forgotten Memories"[]

FF Legends Argy Chapter

Sol and party bid farewell to Eduardo and go on board with Bikke, and on their voyage spot an Imperial airship and follow it. Aboard the airship Cid talks with Dr. Lugae about his newest invention, a robot called Argy. Cid wants to use it for war, much to Lugae's dismay. During the discussion the robot falls overboard. Sol and party arrive at Mathel, a small village that subsists from lumber. They send the pirates home and investigate the woods of Ashmonte.

In Ashmonte, they find the Empire's search parties. The party splits up in a team of Sol and Sarah and a team of Aigis and Dusk. Sol and Sarah discover the fallen robot Argy who awakens and is devoid of memories, so Sol takes the Argy with them. On their way to the other team, they name the Argy and it starts calling Sol and Sarah father and mother. In the meantime Aigis confronts Dusk with his suspicions towards him. Dusk says he isn't an Imperial spy, but he can't explain who he works for yet.

The teams regroup and take Argy with them to Fabrica as they heard rumors the Empire is working on a huge battleship near this city. In Fabrica they help Argy recover some memories with the help of a flower and a doll. The next day they travel to the Fabrica Cave, which is used for the fabrication of the Heliogabalus. They confront Vata and board the unfinished Heliogabalus.

At the core of the battleship they meet Dr. Lugae who is happy to see his beloved creation again. Cid says Lugae created Argy after the image of his deceased daughter and tries to reprogram Argy into destroying the Warriors of Light to no avail. Instead, he sends one of his own robots into battle, Argy 2. Argy and the party fight the robot, but Argy breaks in the battle protecting her friends. Cid runs for it and the Heliogabalus catches fire. Lugae cries over the destruction of his robot and they hear the dying Argy say how thankful she is for reuniting her with her father. Argy's core turns into a Crystal and grants the party the power of a Memorist as the ship starts to explode.

The Dancer - "A Dance with Death"[]

FF Legends Matoya Chapter

The Warriors of Darkness arrive in the Kakrim Desert. Graham, still a talking sword, sends them here to find the resistance group Desert Moon. After traveling through the desert they arrive in Gardenia, a paradise oasis taken over by the Empire. In the pub they meet the famous dancer Matoya who, along with the pub owner, hint that the people of Desert Moon can be found in the Gardenia Slums. In the slums they meet Azhar, one of the resistance officers. After they gain the slum people's trust Azhar sends them back to Gardenia to meet their leader.

The Desert Moon leader is none other than Matoya. She tells the party they can join the resistance if they complete a survey of an Imperial camp in the north. At the camp Nacht and party fall into a trap and barely escape. Glaive leaves Alba and Nacht after discovering Diana was captured and the others think it too dangerous to search for her. Glaive infiltrates the camp on his own and receives help from the masked man who also helped the Light Warriors. They free Diana as Nacht and Alba appear to help. The masked man is gone before the reunited party can thank him.

They search the rest of the camp and fight its commander with Matoya, who came to help them. They find it strange the Imperial camp has only a couple of troops and deduce the rest must be searching for Desert Moon. Back in Gardenia Matoya tells them she is 118 years old despite her young appearance. When she was young she was invited to dance at the Imperial court where she discovered their true intentions and escaped. Afterwards she started the Desert Moon to protect her country. She opens a secret passage in her dressing room which leads them to the Desert Moon headquarters. It appears the pub owner was an Imperial spy and betrayed the whereabouts of the resistance to the Empire. They kill the traitor but are too late: Azhar dies in the arms of Matoya who raised him like a mother.

Back outside they see an airship landing near the camp and pursue it. They discover an underground base and meet Asmodai at its core. He and Matoya were once lovers and he is responsible for the death of the Desert Moon. The party fights him to no avail as the emperor gave him new powers to make him invisible. Matoya is shocked to hear the emperor is still alive. Matoya uses her crystal eye to make him visible, and the party kills him. After the battle Matoya tells them the crystal eye is what kept her young, but that they need it more. She hands over the Crystal granting the party the power of a Dancer. Alba asks Matoya why she didn't turn into an old hag, angering Matoya, who explains the crystal simply postponed the aging process.

At Avalon Cid meets the Emperor who scolds him for failing such an easy mission. He decides to send the divine generals off to war.

The Paladin - "Pride Regained"[]

FF Legends Gawain Chapter

Sol and his companions, having escaped the Helioglabus by the skin of their teeth, visit the port town of Berth. There they hear sordid tales of the fate of Burtgang, which once ruled the world. Through a chance meeting with a hopeless drunk, they decide to find out more about the situation--but then Sarah vanishes.

Official website synopsis

After escaping the Heliogabalus with the help of Dr. Lugae, the Warriors of Light arrive at the port town of Berth and meet a drunken knight who is familiar with Sarah. At the knight's hideout at Mt. Wells, Sarah and the knight, Gawain, think back on the night Sarah was evacuated from Burtgang as the king was murdered by a clan of ninja. Gawain started drinking out of grief for failing his king and his family. Gawain leaves Sarah saying her survival means everything for him.

Back at Berth, Sol wakes up at the inn to find Sarah missing. They deduce she must be heading to Burtgang by herself and ask the help of Dr. Lugae to go and help her. Sarah arrives in her native land and reminisces on her past with the former knight commander who raised her under the alias Lassah. At Castle Burtgang Sarah is ambushed by Avalon soldiers.

Dr. Lugae's ship is attacked by an airship on their way to Burtgang. The Warriors use the bubbly water to escape by sea, while Dr. Lugae sinks with his ship and beloved Argy. By using an underground cave the party arrives at Castle Burtgang and sees Sarah being rescued by Gawain from Avalon soldiers. Reunited, the Warriors of Light and Gawain head to the throne room where they find Styx of the water, disguised as Sarah's mother. She tells the party Avalon holds Castle Burtgang in search of its Crystal.

The party defeats the witch and in the aftermath one of the divine generals, Shango of thunder, appears and kills Styx for failing the Empire for the second time. Gawain gives his sword to Sarah and tells the party to leave while he deals with the divine general. The party flees to the courtyard where Dr. Lugae turns up with his airship, bringing the party to safety. Knowing his princess is safe, Gawain battles to the death with Shango, who kills him after admiring the paladin's will. After Gawain's death, his sword turns into a Crystal granting the Warriors of Light the power of the Paladin.

The Ninja -"Honor Among Thieves"[]

Jinnai Art2

The Warriors of Darkness say their goodbyes to Matoya and, with the lights of Gardenia at their backs, depart by ship to a far away land, where they hope to meet up with a clan of warriors called the Fuga. They reach a small village, where at first glance everything is peaceful--but things are not always as they appear. A black shadow hangs over the Warriors as they progress in their journey...

Official website synopsis

Under Matoya's instructions the Warriors of Darkness travel to Hagakure to reach to the Fuga Clan to seek their help against the Avalon Empire. When the Warriors arrive and speak with the Elder, they discover they must traverse a forest to meet the Fuga Clan. On the way they are attacked by a mysterious one-armed ninja.

When they arrive at the village, a ninja known as Tobikage deems the Warriors of Darkness untrustworthy. After learning they were attacked by the one-armed ninja known as Jinnai, who is a traitor to the village who sold himself to the Avalon Empire, the Warriors offer to chase Jinnai to gain the trust of the Fuga Clan. The warriors traverse Akame Valley to fight Jinnai, who flees into the Tower of Trials where the treasure of Hagakure is, and Tobikage reveals Hagakure is the Fuga Clan with him being the Elder's son.

When the warriors arrive at the Tower of Trials, they see Jinnai cornered by Tobikage and an army of ninja. The Warriors of Darkness cannot bear to see the injustice of the Fuga Clan's method and side with Jinnai, saving him from Tobikage and his army. His attempt foiled, Tobikage retreats. Jinnai asks why the Warriors saved him, and they explain they think he isn't a malicious person. Jinnai reveals the truth of his self-excommunication: years before Jinnai, Tobikage and some ninja were sent to destroy the kingdom of Burtgang because the Avalon Empire was afraid Burtgang would be threatening peace. Jinnai faced Gawain and lost his right arm after which the Fuga Clan killed the king as Jinnai injured Gawain. After the raid, Jinnai overheard a conversation with the Elder and an envoir of the Avalon Empire, revealing the destruction of Burtgang was not for peacekeeping but only served the Empire's conquering campaign.

Tobikage tells the party the treasure residing atop the tower is a Crystal, and the warriors join him on his quest. Ascending through the tower's traps, the party is chased by Tobikage, who uses a special technique known as Stoneskin to render himself impervious to damage. The party escapes but before reaching the top, Tobikage instructs Jinnai to kill the warriors to regain his membership. Jinnai refuses, and Tobikage creates fake copies of himself. The Warriors defeat Tobikage and reach the top, acquiring the Crystal, but Tobikage attacks once more and Jinnai defeats him on a one-on-one. The Elder appears to kill the warriors and it is revealed the Elder is possessed by a Mind Parasite. Upon his defeat he is freed but is frozen by Cocytus, one of the Divine Generals of the Avalon Empire. Jinnai attacks but is also frozen. Before the Warriors are frozen they are teleported away by The Mask. Alba reveals a Whisperweed and that she has been communicating with Dusk all this time. Alba claims the time has come for them to unlock the ultimate Black Magic Spell.


Final fantasy legends last tale magus devout

Dusk guides the Warriors of Light high above the clouds to the floating city of Mysidia, a place where magic rules over all. But with the Helioglabus in hot pursuit, the Warriors are unable to get a moment's respite, as the Battle of Mysidia threatens to send the island crashing to the ground. Meanwhile, the Warriors of Darkness make haste to the ruins of Lufenia, hoping to unseal the Ultimate Magic. Yet, with The Mask in tow, will their quest end in victory or defeat?

Official website synopsis

Dusk plans to head to Mysidia to seek help from the Great Elder, Sophia. Sol is surprised to find the Great Elder is a girl. Dusk reports the events that have occurred so far and informs her he has retrieved the Crystals. A white mage arrives, reporting they are under attack. The party boards Dr. Lugae's airship and agrees to destroy the Helioglabus to prevent them from further attacking Mysidia. Dr. Lugae informs that there are various doors that will require passwords, so Dusk gives him the Whisperweed.

After reaching the final door, they are stopped by three Argy-2s. After the Argy-2s overpower them, Argy speaks through the Whisperweed, telling the Argy-2's to stop hurting her friends. The Whisperweed is left behind so the party can sneak away. They later encounter Vata and engage in battle with him. He is defeated, but not before warning them of what is yet to come.

They proceed to the engine room where they are stopped by Shango who overpowers them. The engine room goes up in flames and Dusk reveals they were merely decoys, but once Shango leaves, he reveals that even he has no idea who helped them. Thinking Dr. Lugae has already left, they head to find an airship to escape from the plummeting Helioglabus. They encounter Cid on an airship and plan to hijack it but he is accompanied by Argy-2s whom he commands to attack the party. They refuse to attack calling the party "FRIENDS" and Cid must allow the warriors join him on board. Dusk tries to pilot the ship, but it won't start and Cid despairs over how he will die on his greatest creation. He tells the warriors to head to the ship's deck to escape.

When they ask him to join he refuses to leave his life in their hands. They arrive on deck, and see that Dr. Lugae has left but comes back to save them. They ask him to bring the ship closer to the Helioglabus so they can board, but Dr. Lugae tells them his ship would fall along with the Helioglabus. Vata appears and the warriors think he has come to challenge them, but he changes into a Dragoon and jumps, boarding Dr. Lugae's ship. The party copies him, but Sarah's landing is unsuccessful, and she falls off.

In the World of Dark The Mask informs the Warriors of Darkness they must seek the Ultimate Black Magic Spell, Meteor. Alba leads them to the town of Lufenia where they are unable to speak with anyone since they only speak Lufenian, until they encounter an old lady, Unne, who claims to be a researcher on Lufenia. She tells them she was researching a Rosetta Stone to communicate with the Lufenians, but her research members were attacked by a monster in Rosetta Tower and she had to close the door and escape. The Warriors agree to help retrieve the stone, and she gives them a key to the tower. They reach the top of the tower where they look for the stone, but see nothing. The Mask tells them to concentrate closely and a nearby statue becomes animated and attacks them. They are overpowered, but The Mask tells them to fight for their friends Sol and Aigis. Diana and Glaive are puzzled, but they stand up and defeat the guardian.

In the World of Light, Sarah has fallen from the airship, but she is saved by Barbara and Ceres. Barbara tells them she has felt danger and came to investigate. She returns to the Dragon's Roost and Vata disappears after warning the Warriors of the Empire's actions. They question his actions, but feel they can trust him. They head back to Mysidia and talk to Sophia, who informs the party the time has come to unlock the Ultimate White Magic spell. It is located in Mysidia Cavern, but the location of the cavern is unknown. Sophia opens a locked door in Mysidia, and they head underground where it is revealed the cavern was below Mysidia all along. They enter deep into the cavern, where Sophia unlocks the Crystal that binds the spell. They engage in a battle with a Protector, and defeat him, learning the Ultimate White Magic spell, Holy. The magic that was holding Mysidia up has become undone and Mysidia begins to fall.

Back in the World of Dark, the party leaves the Rosetta Tower and heads back to Lufenia. They give the Crystal to Unne, and the party is now able to speak Lufenian. They speak to an Oracle who grants them protection from the spell in Barrier Grove, and sends them to seek the spell Meteor. The Warriors head through Barrier Grove and make their way into the Lufenia Ruins where they head underground after powering the teleporter, and enter the Mirror Room. The Mask reveals there is no Crystal and Alba thinks the Oracle has deceived them. Glaive questions The Mask's identity, and they are unsure whether he is an enemy or ally. The Mask tells the warriors to ready their blades.

Back in the World of Light, Mysidia plummets to the ground as Sophia tells the warriors to head to the caves in the north. They make way into the Massive Cavern, which looks the same as Mysidia Cavern. Sophia tells the warriors that the Massive Cavern and Mysidia Cavern were once connected. They head deep into the cavern where they reach another Crystal. Sophia performs a ritual to pass on her strength onto the warriors. Shango appears and prepares to engage in battle.

In the Mirror Room, The Mask prepares to cast a spell. The party thinks it is directed at them, but he cast it on a hiding Cocytus. She reveals herself and they do battle. She overpowers them, but the party looks in the mirror and sees they are glimmering with light. The Mask reveals it is their strength and feelings themselves that are the Crystal. They party learns the Ultimate Black Magic spell, Meteor, which they use against Cocytus. The Mask steps in to shield the warriors, and his mask breaks, revealing his identity to be Elgo. Cocytus, upon witnessing The Mask's true identity, is shocked and flees. The party tries to save him, but he tells them to help his other self, suggesting he is not really Elgo.

A Dimensional Shift merges the two worlds and the Warriors of Light arrive in the merged world outside of the cavern. They are surprised to see the cavern, along with Dr. Lugae's ship and everyone in Mysidia, has disappeared. Dusk and Sophia believe the Dimensional Shift had side effects, and areas that were not present have been transported to a separate dimension. The Warriors of Darkness exit the Mirror Room and head to Lufenia, where they see everyone in Lufenia has disappeared. They are attacked by four Imperial Elites and defeat them. Dr. Lugae's ship appears and he tells them Argy had sensed danger and protected him. They depart from Mysidia, but Dusk pilots the ship to Lufenia, feeling the others are in danger. They come to save the Warriors of Darkness, and defeat the Weresoldier Zs that attacked them. The Warriors reunite and head back to Mysidia where they seek the Great Elder for an explanation to the situation. They decide now is the time to fight back and head to Castle Avalon, only to discover it is blocked by a barrier.

Finale Part One: Decisive Battle! The Avalon Empire[]

FFD Finale

The reunited Warriors of Light and Darkness head to Deist Forest to investigate and enter a rift where they encounter Avalonian soldiers. They obtain a strange orb the soldiers had, and return to Mysidia to report their findings to the Great Elder. They learn the orb can dismantle the barrier surrounding Castle Avalon and that the Empire is seeking these "Dark Matter" pieces.

They head out to collect all eight pieces of Dark Matter from various locations. On the way, they enter rifts and encounter previously thought to be defeated Generals, excluding Vata, but they are mindless and don't act as they used to. They collect all pieces of Dark Matter, thus destroying the barrier surrounding Castle Avalon. They approach the castle, and are greeted by a mysterious voice. They approach with caution and encounter Vata, who warns them that the Divine Generals are waiting. They face off against Cocytus and Shango, and a new path opens and they appear before the leader of the Divine Generals, Imperio, and realize it was him who greeted them when they first approached the castle. Imperio offers them a chance to surrender the Crystals, but they refuse and engage in battle. After taking a beating from the warriors, Gehenna takes over Imperio, revealing he is an alternate persona of Imperio. The party takes down Imperio and face off against the Emperor himself. The Emperor falls and it appears he was only an empty armor. A black hole emerges and the party enters it.

Finale Part Two: Fate of the World[]

The Warriors find themselves in The Dark Gate, where they enter through different sections of The Void and defeat the four weapons of Nil: Despair, Suffering, Misery, and Anguish. A black hole appears, mistaken for Nil. The warriors attempt to defeat the entity, but their attacks are rendered useless as it has no absolute form. Vata appears and sacrifices himself so the entity will attain a form and the party will be able to defeat it. Vata reveals he was the sole survivor of a village the Empire attacked while trying to retrieve a Crystal. He joined the Empire and trained his way up to a general, hoping to seek revenge, but was unable to get close to either the Emperor or the Divine Generals. He is taken over and becomes Nil Vata.

After defeating him, the warriors head into the World of Nil. They make their way to the edge of the World of Nil, and approach a shadowy figure on a throne who reveals himself to be Elgo, the Emperor, and tells the warriors all of their actions had been according to his plans. They refuse to believe he is Elgo, but he reveals the Masked Elgo was his weaker half, manifested from his self-doubt. He tells them he sought power that would allow him to become immortal, and gained that power from Nil. He asks that they hand over the Crystals, and he shall deem them as heroes of the new world, but they refuse. They engage in battle with him, and Elgo is consumed by Nil. Nil appears in the World of Dusk and tries to consume everything.

The voids appear on Dr. Lugae's ship and try to consume it, but they are stopped by Barbara. The voids also appear in Alfheim, but the dwarves and elves unite to defeat them. Aboard Bikke's ship, more voids appear but they are stopped by Matoya. Things look grim for Barbara on Dr. Lugae's ship, but the Nil entities are defeated by Argy-2s and mages from Mysidia that have arrived on Cid's ship. As Matoya is being pushed back, Fuga ninjas arrive and eliminate the entities. Matoya engages in battle with another. She is later joined by Jinnai, who is revealed to have been saved by Matoya, and Gawain, as they defeat the Nil entity. Knowing that everything is being handled in the World of Dusk, the warriors engage in a final battle against Chaos Elgo. They are overpowered, but stand up once more after gaining help from everyone who had accompanied them on their journey for the Crystals. They emerge victorious and Nil releases the light it had consumed. Dusk informs them the energy being released would incinerate the group.

They flee from the energy until they reach the castle of the World of Nil where Dusk and Alba stay back, telling the party they will hold back the energy. Glaive remains as well, telling Sol to take care of Diana. After they leave, Glaive reveals he does not care what happens to the world so long as Diana is safe. Alba commends Glaive for his actions and teleports him out of the World of Nil. The energy released from the void vaporizes Castle Avalon. Glaive returns, teleported safely on Dr. Lugae's ship, but he is overcome with anger and grief that they sacrificed themselves.

Diana wakes Sol up, telling him to hurry before the airship leaves. Diana, who has become the Oracle of the Crystals, heads out with Sol to catch the airship. Along the way, they encounter Glaive, who has succeeded Aigis and become the captain of the guards. They exchange words, and soon leave. Someone who appears to be Alba arrives telling Glaive he has not changed. On the airship, they head out to Castle Burtgang because it is the day of Sarah's coronation as Queen of Burtgang. Nacht visits his father's grave. When Graham asks, he tells him he will search for the survivors from Falgabard.

As they fly towards Burtgang, they encounter Barbara riding on the child of Ceres, Pallas, also heading to Castle Burtgang. They stop at Alfheim and see an airship with Cid along with the Argy-2s on board as well as Prince Adrian and Queen Cilque who are also heading to Castle Burtgang. Nacht stops by Gardenia, where he talks with Matoya. Jinnai now takes care of Desert Moon and eliminates monsters, wishing to use his people's ninjutsu to help people rather than kill them. Nacht departs and heads for Castle Burtgang. On the airship, Sol and the others encounter Bikke, who is now running a shipping company with Eduardo. Aigis has become the knight-commander of Burtgang. The Great Elder, who will be crowning Sarah as Queen, strikes down Sol after he refers to her as "Gaunt Girl". Dusk arrives, mistaken for a ghost by Sol, and reveals how he and Alba survived from the energy released from the void.

The spirits of Gramps, Vata, and Masked Elgo teleported the two out of the void as they held back the energy. Alba arrives with Glaive and reveals Dusk is now the Great Elder. He crowns her as the Queen, but she realizes Nacht still has not arrived. The enthusiastic Sol and Alba decide that it's time to party and Sarah agrees with them. She says "the task of rebuilding has fallen onto their shoulders. Burtgang-no...the world shall rise once more". Nacht overlooks Castle Burtgang on top of a cliff.


The prologue was released on Apple's App Store on August 31, 2012. The game was released on Google Play on December 21, 2012.

Final Fantasy Dimensions has been downloaded from the iTunes Appstore over a million times.[4]




Final Fantasy Dimensions makes references to the rest of the Final Fantasy series, as well as some references to mythology, anime and manga, other games, literature, and music, among others.


  • Many of the names, towns and plot elements are taken from the earliest Final Fantasy games. For example, Bikke, Matoya and the land of the elves are all nods to the original Final Fantasy, while both the dragoon Ricard and the kingdom of Deist first appeared in Final Fantasy II, and Dr. Lugae and Kokkol are characters from Final Fantasy IV.
  • The name Avalon comes from the empire of the same name from the Squaresoft game Romancing SaGa 2.
  • The names of the main protagonists are a play on day, night, and twilight.
  • The game makes several comical allusions to Final Fantasy VII. Freyr was initially going to portray himself as "Clo.." while getting a reply from Alba with "And I'm Aer...", referencing Cloud Strife and Aerith Gainsborough respectively. Furthermore, when the Warriors of Darkness discuss the Meteo spell, Alba asks The Mask if he "does not mean to summon a meteor so that the lifestream comes together and you can be reborn as a god", referencing the actions of Sephiroth.


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