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This is a list of all of the items in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

Name Buy Sell Effect
Phoenix Down 25 Revives an ally from KO.
Bannock 10 Restores HP.
Cactus Flour 5 20% discount on ferry rides.
Flour 50
Kilanda Sulfur 5 20% discount on ferry rides.
Mark of Shella 40 12 Gain entrance to Shella.
Milk 20 5 Restores 1 heart.
Spring Water 20 5 Restores 1 heart.
Strange Liquid 20 5 Restores 1 or 2 hearts.
Wheat 50
Worn Bandana 5
Flower Seed 250 Only good as a gift. Sell otherwise.
Fruit Seed 25 Becomes Striped Apple, Rainbow Grapes, or Cherry Cluster.
Strange Seed 250 Becomes random fruit or vegetable that is not wheat-based.
Vegetable Seed 25 Becomes Star Carrot, Round Corn, or Gourd Potato.
Wheat Seed 25 Becomes Bannock Bread, Flour, or Wheat.