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This article lists the enemy abilities used in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, which enemies use them, and what the ability does.


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Enemy abilities[]


Ability Description Enemies
Accursed Cannon Barrage Inflicts Curse. Armstrong
Acrobatic Ground Slamming Shock Wave Attack Dark Hedgehog, Stone Hedgehog, Hedgehog Pie
Airborne Double Claw Slash Abbadon
Airborne Jump Ballistic Attack Griffin
Airborne Tackle Fire Bomb, Ice Bomb, Thunder Bomb
Air Swoop Zu
Air Tackle Killer Bee, Gargoyle, Sphere


Ability Description Enemies
Blade Slash Blade Goblin, Goblin Chieftain
Blizzard Goblin Mage, Ice Ahriman, Magic Plant, Orc Mage, Ice Bomb, Lizardman Mage, Sahagin, Lizard Wizard, Coeurl, Skeleton Mage, Gigan Toad, Stone Sahagin, Mimic, Sand Sahagin
Blizzaga Malboro
Blizzara Goblin Mage, Gigan Toad, Sahagin Lord, Goblin King
Blue Breath Attack Sahagin, Sahagin Lord, Stone Sahagin, Sand Sahagin
Blue Ice Beam Inflicts Freeze. Golem
Blue Slowness Goo Inflicts Slow. Water F
Blue Staff Poke Wraith


Ability Description Enemies
Charged Staff Explosion Slam Orc King
Charging Tackle Dark Hedgehog, Stone Hedgehog, Hedgehog Pie, Iron Giant
Claw Swipe Mu, Cerberus, Sahagin, Coeurl, Snow Mu, Sahagin Lord, Stone Sahagin, Lava Mu, Lamia, Sand Sahagin, Giant Crab
Claw Swipe with Energy Ball Cerberus
Club Bash Shade
Curse Dark Hedgehog, Orc Mage, Lizard Captain, Skeleton Mage, Abbadon, Shade, Malboro


Ability Description Enemies
Dagger Slash Dagger wielding Lizardman, Lizard Captain, Lizard Soldier
Double Bit Axe Chop Double Bit Axe Wielding Orc
Double Claw Slash Blazer Beetle
Double Vine Slam Ochu
Dual Arm Slam Death Knight
Dual Fist Missile Launch Golem
Dual Leg Trample Nightmare


Ability Description Enemies
Electric Blast Gargoyle
Electric Discharge Lich
Electric Ground Pound Iron Giant
Electric Shockwave Chimera
Electric Shot Zu
Energy Ball Spit Hell Plant, Stone Plant, Magic Plant, Cockatrice


Ability Description Enemies
Fence Sweep Armstrong
Fira Lizardman Mage, Lizard Wizard
Firaga Goblin King
Fire Goblin Mage, Hedgehog Pie, Magic Plant, Fire Bomb, Orc Mage, Lizardman Mage, Lizard Wizard, Coeurl, Skeleton Mage, Mimic, Lava Ahriman
Fire Blast Inflicts Burn Cerberus, Gargoyle
Fire Breath Inflicts Burn Chimera
Fire Shot Inflicts Burn Nightmare, Zu
Fire Tail Whip Inflicts Burn Behemoth
Flap Bash Ghost
Flying Tackle Ahriman, Ice Ahriman, Lava Ahriman
Forward Wing Attack Griffin
Full Heal Gigas Lord


Ability Description Enemies
Giant Fang Attack Antlion
Giant Horn Slam Giant Crab
Giant Kick Behemoth
Giant Orc Hammer Slam Orc King
Giant Punch Ogre, Gigas, Gigas Lord, Golem
Ground Slam Shock Wave Death Knight
Ground Stomp Gigas Lord
Ground Stomp Shock Wave Attack Griffin
Ground Vine Attack Malboro


Ability Description Enemies
Hair Ball Smack Gremlin
Hammer Attack Ogre
Hammer Ground Slam Shock Wave Ogre
Harmful Brown Gas Spray Cave Worm
Headbutt Flan, Bat, Electric Jellyfish, Sonic Bat, Water Flan
Head Shake Dragon Zombie
Heavy Electric Discharge Iron Giant, Antlion
Heavy Weapon Bash Skeleton
High Energy Blast Zu
High Jump Ground Stomp Cave Worm
Horn Drill Blazer Beetle, Chimera


Ability Description Enemies
Ice Blast Inflicts Freeze. Gargoyle
Ice Breath Inflicts Freeze. Gigas, Chimera, Gigas Lord
Ice Shot Inflicts Freeze. Nightmare, Zu, Death Knight
Ice Spike Jab Inflicts Freeze. Sahagin, Sahagin Lord, Stone Sahagin, Sand Sahagin
Ice Tail Whip Inflicts Freeze. Behemoth


Ability Description Enemies
Jump Kick Cactuar


Ability Description Enemies
Knife Chop Tonberry Chef
Knife Stab Tonberry


Ability Description Enemies
Large Mace Slam Mace Wielding Orc
Left Arm Spike Lizardman King
Leg Stomp Shockwave Antlion
Light Kick Nightmare
Lunge Bite Dragon Zombie


Ability Description Enemies
Mace Bash Mace wielding Lizardman, Lizard Soldier, Lizard Warrior
Mace Pound Mace Wielding Goblin
Medium Sized Explosion Inflicts Burn. Lich
Meteor Strike Fire Bomb, Ice Bomb, Thunder Bomb, Lich
Multiple Fire Arrow Strike Inflicts Burn. Lizardman King
Multiple Ice Arrow Strike Inflicts Freeze. Lizardman King


Ability Description Enemies
Needle Storm Cactuar, Armstrong


Ability Description Enemies
Petrifying Beam Inflicts Petrify. Dragon Zombie
Petrifying Dust Attack Inflicts Petrify. Antlion
Petrifying Peck Inflicts Petrify. Cockatrice
Poison Inflicts Poison. Ochu, Sphere, Goblin King
Poison Gas Inflicts Poison. Hell Plant, Stone Plant, Cockatrice, Malboro, Armstrong
Poison Gas Slam Carrion Worm
Poison Liquid Sweep Inflicts Poison. Dragon Zombie
Poison Sting Inflicts Poison Scorpion, Rock Scorpion


Ability Description Enemies
Random Blue Beam Inflicts Slow. Ahriman, Ice Ahriman, Lava Ahriman
Rapid Arm Sweep Lizardman King
Rapid Long Arm Spin Golem
Rapid Spin Ochu
Red Fire Beam Inflicts Burn. Golem
Regular Cannon Barrage Armstrong
Rock Throw Goblin, Goblin Chieftain
Running Rugby Tackle Orc


Ability Description Enemies
Self-Destruct Orc King
Shield Bash Orc
Side to Side Sway Cave Worm
Single Arm Punch Death Knight
Slow Inflicts Slow Goblin Mage, Magic Plant, Orc Mage, Cockatrice, Wraith, Lizardman Mage, Lizard Wizard, Coeurl, Skeleton Mage, Tonberry Chef, Lamia, Shade, Sphere, Tonberry
Slow Bubble Inflicts Slow. Giant Crab, Cave Worm
Slowga Inflicts Slow on all opponents. Goblin King, Malboro
Slowness Gas Inflicts Slow. Armstrong, Golem
Snout Spin Bash Chimera
Spear Smash Orc Spearman
Spear Sweep Spear Goblin
Spear Throw Lizard Skirmisher (Green), Lizard Skirmisher (Black)
Staff Bash Goblin King
Staff Explosion Slam Orc King
Stop Lamia
Stopping Cannon Barrage Inflicts Paralyze. Armstrong
Supercharged Energy Blast Abbadon
Supercharged Knife Chop Tonberry Chef
Supercharged Knife Stab Tonberry
Super Electric Discharge Giant Crab
Supersonic Pulse Sonic Bat
Sword Bash Death Knight
Sword Ground Bash Iron Giant
Sword Slash Iron Giant
Sword Soulshot Iron Giant


Ability Description Enemies
Tackle Tiny Worm, Carrion Worm, Mimic
Tail Whip Mu, Snow Mu, Lava Mu
Taser Horn Behemoth
Thundaga Giant Crab
Thundara Coeurl, Giant Crab, Goblin King
Thunder Goblin Mage, Electric Jellyfish, Ahriman, Carrion Worm, Magic Plant, Orc Mage, Thunder Bomb, Lizardman Mage, Lizard Wizard, Coeurl, Skeleton Mage, Mimic, Cactuar
Thunder Shot Nightmare
Tongue Jab Gigan Toad


Ability Description Enemies
Weapon Bash Skeleton
Whisker Slam Coeurl
Wide and Thick Beam Dragon Zombie