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Materials, officially called in-game as OOPs (Out-of-Place Items) by the UMA News, are items that can be bought or acquired in order to make accessories for Layle to use in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.


First Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Nut 200 Medium Medium Low Low Low Goblin, Goblin Warrior
Screw on to bolts to attach things. Kind of fun to collect.
Moogle Doll 350 Low Medium Low Medium Low Killer Hound, Shadow Beast, Tonberry Amok
Limited edition! Commemorate the founding of the moogle mail service.
Cool Specs 980 Low Medium Medium Low Low Skeleton, Kyokotsu
Your eyes deserve the best! Functional and fabulous eyewear.
Bottle Cap 80 Medium Low Low Low Medium Goblin Warrior, Goblin Samurai
Useful little devices for keeping your drink in the bottle.
Leatherwork 360 Medium Low Low Medium Low Goblin Hunter, Killer Hound, Shadow Beast
Decorative leatherwork is made into shoes, wallets, bags or whips.

Second Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Metal Lighter 580 Low Low Low Medium Medium Tallow, Bomb, Claymore
Shiny lighters with cool designs. Don't play with fire!
Yo-Yo 680 Low Low Medium Low Medium Roller Bug, Helmet Head
Addictive little toy that goes up and down on the end of a string.
Four-Leaf Clover Low Low Medium High Low Bloomer
A symbol of good luck, but it's scary if you find TOO many.
Spice High Low Low Low Low Bloomer, Tonberry
Spices lend zest and color to your favorite dishes.
Tasty Tidbit Low Low Low Low High Sahagin, Sand Shark, Electric Jellyfish
Dainty little morsels of food. No harm in trying something once!

Third Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Tongue Low Low High Medium Low Ahriman, Trickface, Malboro, Hydra
Tongues, plain and simple. Not sure where they came from.
Prism High Low Low Low Medium Goblin Healer, Flan, Flan Princess, Ahriman
Multifaceted shape often made of glass. Break white light into rainbows.
Antique Low High Low Low Low Skeleton, Kyokotsu, Bloodbones, Gashadokuro
Precious objects from the past that never grow old.
Capsule Toy Low High Medium Low Low Trickface, Roller Bug, Helmet Head
The whole world, in little plastic eggs! Collect all 99!
Designer Dart Low Low High Low Medium Goblin Hunter, Cactuar, Tonberry Amok
Darts with cool designs. Switch flights and shafts for new looks.

Fourth Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Tableware Low High Low Low Medium Tonberry, Tonberry Queen
Coordinate dishes to create a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.
Tin Can Medium Medium Low Low High Sahagin
Usually packed with food, cans sometimes contain toys and tropical breezes.
Hand Strap Low Medium Low High Low Goblin Healer, Ahriman, Iron Giant
Handy strap for train passengers. No stealing from the train!
Train Model Low Low Low High Low Iron Giant
Models of the old Imperial Railway. Includes buildings and landscapes.
Stuffed Specimen Low Low High Medium Low Fenrir Wolf, Behemoth, Coeurl
Taxidermic masterpieces. So real they look alive!

Fifth Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Holy Relic Medium High Low Low Medium ?
Relics and remains of sacred significance. Beware of fakes!
Buried Treasure High High Low Low Medium Fenrir Wolf, Behemoth, Sand Shark, Claytaur
Mostly just shells and pottery shards, but gold is sometimes found, too.
Fine Blade Low Medium Low Medium High Goblin Samurai, Tonberry
Superb blades, finely wrought. Shining examples of the swordsmith's art.
Crown Low High Low Low Medium King Behemoth
Worn by leaders and rulers. Just so you know who's boss.
Ivory Object High Low Low Low Medium King Behemoth
Dice, chess pieces, and amulets carved from dentin.
Fireworks High Low Low Medium High Tallow, Claymore, King Behemoth
Beautiful fireworks you can hold in your hand or launch into the sky.

Sixth Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Tea Leaves High Medium Medium Low Medium Bloomer, Tonberry Queen
Fermented tea leaves. Pretty much wasted on Layle.
Commemorative Stamp Medium Low Low High Medium ?
Stamps issued to commemorate events-- some more disreputable than others.
Rainbow Wine Low Low High Medium High Flan Princess
Drink made from fermented grapes. Be careful not to age it too long.
Spinning Top Low Medium High High Low ?
Spinning top games have been played for thousands of years.
Ornamental Plant Medium High Low Low Medium ?
Decorative plants for the home or office. Herbs can also be used for flavoring stews.
Trading Card Low High Low High Low ?
Join the trading card craze and enjoy hours of collecting and trading fun.
Board Game Low Medium High Medium Medium ?
Board games from around the world. Fight battles on your tabletop!

Seventh Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Replica Gun High Medium High Low Low Omega Slave
Model guns that don't fire bullets. More valuable than the real thing!
License Medium Low Low Medium High Lost Emperor
Qualifications for all occasions. Is there REALLY a license to kill?
Artwork Low High Medium High High ?
Mementos and souvenirs. Treasure them like warm memories.
Monster Buffet Low Low High High Low Hydra
An enormous meal comprised of over a hundred food items.

Eighth Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Deadly Poison Medium High High High Low Lost Emperor
Nothing is immune to these poisons. Perfect for cockroaches.
Traffic Ticket High Medium Low Low Low ?
Summons issued for traffic violation. Read carefully before signing.

Ninth Category[]

Name Cost Attack Defense Focus Range Luck Dropped by
Action Figure High Low Low Low Low ?
Action figures in the original packaging! With 67 moveable parts!
Death Mask High High High High Low Tallow
Masks imprinted with the faces of the deceased. For those with, er, otherwordly tastes.